Tuna and Black-eyed Pea Bean Salad by Longevity Wellness

Tuna and Black-eyed Pea Bean Salad by Longevity Wellness

This gluten-free, pescatarian salad is packed full of all the goodness you need. Longevity Health & Wellness have concocted a light meal rich in proteins and healthy fats, a great post-workout meal to fuel your muscles for growth. A salad low in carbohydrates but big in flavour, this is also a wonderful option for a hot summer day, refreshing taste without the heaviness.




Mixed Leaves

Canned Tuna

Black-eyed Beans


Cooked Egg


Olive Oil





1. Cook the beans after soaking for 12 hours and leave to cool.

2. Alternatively, use canned beans if preferred (if so, wash and drain beans before use).

3. Bake an egg and let it cool before peeling and cutting into slices or quarters.

4. Chop the onion and parsley.

5. In a bowl, mix the tuna with chopped onion and beans. 

6. In the serving bowl, mix the leaves with the beans, tuna, and onions.

7. Garnish with boiled egg and chopped parsley.

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