The Top 10 Affordable Wellness Retreats in Europe

The Top 10 Affordable Wellness Retreats in Europe


The cost-of-living crisis is putting a strain on everyone’s budgeting, with even butter costing an arm and a leg, holidays may be the last thing on your mind. However, is a wellness trip away to focus on your health and get a well-deserved break not what you need the most?! Everyone deserves a replenishing healthy holiday, hence why we have curated a list of the most affordable wellness retreats in Europe! Being in Europe they’re not too far to travel to, so no matter if you are looking for a long weekend with minimal time off work or a proper break, each of these are budget-friendly whilst also being easy to get to. 


Portugal: Galo Resort 

Madeira Coast

On the south-eastern coast of the beautiful island of Madeira, nestled away in the small village of Caniço de Baixo is Galo Resort. There are multiple opportunities to explore the island with tours and treks organised by the hotel. That’s if you can find time on top of all the exciting activities that are available to you! With a variety of programmes to choose from, pick the tailor-made holiday that suits your needs without breaking the bank! Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday, an Ayurvedic retreat, a sporty heart racing workout, or an opportunity to bring the family together, spending quality time under the dry Portuguese sun; you’re sure to find your idea of a perfect wellness holiday.  

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Turkey: Sianji Well-Being Resort 

Sianji Well-Being Resort pool

Feeling weighed down? Tired, sluggish and lethargic? Fed up with chugging coffees for energy, then consider a detox at the brilliant Sianji Well-Being Resort! Feel the benefits of a nutritionally enriched supplements, drinks and soups menu as you enter a deep cleanse in turkey. Raw Food Workshops and good life seminars will teach you how to continue a healthy lifestyle following their retreat. To ensure that you can continue feeling your best are utilised with the tools to continue to fuel and nourish your body with the ideal foods. Consultations with doctors, dietitians and a detox specialist will provide the reassurance that changes you make to your diet are personalised for your body and will help you to achieve the results you are seeking.  

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England: GI Jane Bootcamp 

GI Jane bootcamp

For those wanting a great challenge that is both mentally and physically demanding, GI Jane Bootcamp is the retreat to push yourself to your limits! This intense bootcamp will whip you into shape through a strict schedule filled up with a variety of exercises. From circuit training, iron man drills, running, boxing, netball, and assault courses, the switching between activities is sure to keep your excited and energised throughout the day. Test each of your muscle groups and after a long day, enjoy cold water muscle soaking and a massage before lights out! Integrate into this army style way of living with a fully immersive experience, a ‘fall in’ parade in the morning sets off the tone for the rest of your day! 

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Portugal: Retreat away 

Paddle boarding in Alvor

In the vibrant region of Alvor, invest in your yoga passions with an option of wonderful instructors to lead the retreats. Meet like-minded people that are just as enthusiastic about the art, stretch out your body and improve your knowledge about the practice. Branch out, enjoy the variety of forms yoga takes from Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Ashtanga yoga classes. Make the most of the coastal location with a Stand-Up Paddle boarding excursion that will challenge your core and provide a great excuse to enjoy the surrounding sceneries of the gorgeous bay. Start your day on the right foot with delicious fresh breakfasts served, following the trend of a Mediterranean diet and end it with a soothing spa treatment or socialising with other retreat-goers who will soon become friends. 

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Canary Islands: La Palma & Teneguia Princess Vital & Fitness 

Golf at La Palma

Looking for a wellness escape that boasts an extensive fitness centre, well-equipped spa and a variety of sporting activities to undertake? La Palma & Teneguia Princess Vital & Fitness offers it all within an affordable price range. Explore the many treatments that the spa has to offer, a wellness pool with massage jet circuit and a hydromassage, bio-sauna, Turkish baths; pamper and spoil yourself and loved ones! Bring out your competitive side with mini golf, and table tennis, find your inner zen with yoga classes and admire the stunning island of La Palma with cycling ventures. To excite your evening there is Disco Bar Fuencaliente, a lively bar with live shows, DJ’s and electrifying entertainment to make your nights as memorable as the days! 

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UK: Workout Away 

Workout away on south coast surfing

If you’re looking for an exciting short trip away that’s close to home, then take a short drive to the south coast on the stunning Barton-on-Sea and stay at the luxurious Cliff house. A scheduled day with a range of activities and meals included in the overall price – this holiday will be an exciting break without an eye-watering amount of money spent! Take coastal bike rides along the bay, admire the gorgeous views, work up an appetite with HIIT Athletic workouts and at end of the day refuel with a delicious three-course dinner at the Cliff House! Make the most of being by the sea with beach circuit training and stand-up paddle boarding – there are endless opportunities to explore on this affordable wellness holiday! 

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Cyprus: Casale Panayiotis 

Casale panayiotis dining

This is your moment to feel like royalty, in an award-winning mountain spa retreat, historically renowned for being a location often visited by kings, queens and pilgrims; all seeking the healing qualities of the natural sulphur-spring-waters! Traditional Cypriot features adorn the interiors of the rooms and suites, leaving you feeling truly immersed in the rich culture of the ancient mountain village of Kalopanayiotis. Experience the village with Loutraki Steak & Grill, providing sensational food after your wellness day with a Cypriot twist! Benefit from the experienced professionals at the spa, with over 26 incredible treatments to choose from, and the Myrianthousa Spa using the healing qualities of the lush natural surroundings including the sulphur-spring waters in the valley; feeling transformed and refreshed following your Cypriot spa retreat. 

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Croatia: Sun Gardens Dubrovnik 

Kids kicking in the pool

If you are looking for a budget-friendly holiday that is the full package – activities galore, a wide range of dining options, spa treatments to satisfy your every need and opportunities to dive into the culture of the local area – Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is for you! Situated on the southernmost tip of Croatia, just an 11km shuttle bus from the historic Old Town, a World Heritage Site, and on the coast of the illuminating Adriatic Sea; you can make the most of both land and sea. The restaurants and bars operate seasonally to ensure that you get the freshest food, that is optimal for that time of year! With the energy of this delicious, nutritional food, take on all the sporting activities that this brilliant resort has to offer, from 5-a-side football, wall-climbing, squash, badminton, tennis; the opportunities are endless!  

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Greece: Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort 

Island of crete

Ready to get a little tan going? Want to get a fresh holiday glow – this healthy Mediterranean getaway on the vibrant island of Crete is sure to leave you returning home with a refreshed smile and a golden complexion! Their Six Sense Spa offers a range of holistic therapies and being home to award-winning facilities, you can trust that they will provide the ultimate service, so that you can truly unwind on your holiday. Indulge in a Shiatsu massage, discover the brilliant benefits of foot acupressure for yourself and find peace within yourself with chakra balancing. Water sports, scuba diving, yachting, golf, games facilities - with the variety of activities available, don’t be afraid to try something new and possibly find a new hobby! 

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England: Glass House Detox and Wellness Retreat 

Picture of English countryside

Wanting to live the fantasy of a getaway in rural English, countryside where you can breathe the fresh Essex air, admire the gorgeous scenery and take a breather away from the rushed fast-paced atmosphere of urban life.? The Glass House has a lavish spa where you can even have a lava shell massage, colonic hydrotherapy, and dermalux light therapy facial. They offer treatments that will empower you and leave you feeling confident from the inside out! Their rejuvenating treatments are there to encourage guests to benefit from healthy treatments and make the most the natural surroundings to be a wonderful, soothing atmosphere for the mind! Embrace a wellness holiday in the United Kingdom and you won’t be disappointed! 

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Investing in your own wellness and those of your loved ones, should not be a treat for the few, there are plenty of retreats that ensure that you can work on your wellness ambitions without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Take that break that you so deserve and escape on a European healthy holiday, returning home feeling fully refreshed and encouraged to continue a wellness lifestyle!  


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