• A Closer Look at Cleansing and Detoxing with Phuket Cleanse

    Two words that are evolving rapidly in the English language are ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’. Twenty years ago, a detox would have been used to describe the process of ridding the body of addictive substances (i.e. alcohol, heroin, prescription medications). While it still encompasses that today, it also has another meaning that is gaining ground. A detox is now seen to rid the body of multiple toxins, such as those brought in by pollutants and bad lifestyle habits. To achieve this, there is the positively promoted colon hydrotherapy or concoctions to ingest to help flush the digestive system. As detox establishments sprout up all over the globe, the number of people who are sceptical of such facilities are increasing.

  • Interview with Damien Rider

    Damien RiderDamien Rider

    Damien Rider, founder of PACA (Paddle Against Child Abuse), stands firm by his calling to change lives and let disadvantaged children know that there are good people to help them. Also carrying the title of Men's Health Man for 2015, he furthers his mission by extending his reach and serving as a role model for kids everywhere. Together with his organisation, he envisions to build a beach safe house to start rebuilding the lives of broken souls by way of ocean sports communities, fitness and work ethics. Damien has broken world records paddling non stop from one coast to another, fighting off sharks and battling monster swells to help make his vision come to life.


  • Raymond's Review of Phuket Cleanse

    Review of Phuket Cleanse

    What is Phuket Cleanse and who’s it for?

    Phuket Cleanse is an all-encompassing active holiday that covers everything from fitness, nutrition to mindfulness, and mental wellness. It follows a dynamic cleanse and food-as-medicine philosophy, promoting the power of movement and clean eating as a means to detoxify the body. The retreat can be tailored for each individual’s goals and guests can choose to be as active and physical or as relaxed and meditative as they want. A wide range of activities are at your disposal, from hiking, Muay Thai, HIIT, strength training, to different yoga and meditation styles, stand up paddle boarding, cooking classes and more. Rest and recovery are also an integral part of the program, incorporating various practices such as hot and cold immersion therapy (alternating ice baths and sauna), breath work, and massage.

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