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There is no better opportunity to travel the planet’s most illustrious destinations, connecting with nature, people and yourself without sacrificing comfort or luxury. Idyllic Colombian islands, black sand Icelandic beaches and the majesty of Patagonia’s pure white mountains and icy blue lakes will be the setting to your journey. Enrich your being as you wander the planet. Invigorating your mind and body with yoga, meditation and exploratory activities in the serene, healing nature enveloping. Drink in the unbounded energy exuded by the people of the world, learning from their culture and feed your body with a different nutrition as you experience foods made with love and respect for the earth it came from. Return home with a reinforced energy and new-found excitement for the precious experiences the natural world will offer. If only you reach out and take them.

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8 NIGHTS FROM USD2,210 pp Other durations available
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Accommodation Overview

Spending four nights in Cartagena, you will enjoy the luxury of a colonial styled hotel situated within the city, giving a great opportunity to venture out and explore the vibrantly painted streets. The accommodation also has free WiFi and a swimming pool to take advantage of during the restful moments. The Tayrona National Park hotel is situated right on the beach front, for enjoying the warm Caribbean sun after discovering the secrets of the national park. The resort has its own spa and yoga classes to relax and reconnect to your spirit in real luxury, enveloped by nature.

Centrally located to easily move around the capital city Reykjavik, the hotel has a bar, free WiFi, lounge and games room for you to choose between an urban adventure or time for quiet rest. In Hverageroi you will return from exploring the mystical country to a resort complete with a restaurant, bar, WiFi, golf course, swimming pool, hot tub and geothermal sauna, heated by the innate heat of the earth below the Icelandic town.

Spending time in five locations across Nepal will give travelers the opportunity to really experience its culture and the different influences on its architecture from Japanese to local Nepalese Newari designs. The Kathmandu hotel is proud of its ecofriendly operations and is very accommodating to those looking for space and quiet for relaxation, meditation and reading. Staying in the monastery of Pharping will allow a unique opportunity to absorb the lifestyle and practices of the monks. Whilst the Pokara hotel is positioned with views over vast wild and farmlands, with amazing hiking trails leading from the front door and an infinity pool for you to choose to jump into the adventure or sit back and enjoy the views in luxury.

Flying into Buenos Aires you will be greeted by luxury, as the hotel provides a spa, heated pool, jacuzzi, gym and sauna allowing you to work on your fitness goals and relax before venturing out to Patagonia. Being in the heart of the city, you can also step out and be swept away with the energy of the buzzing Argentinian culture. In Patagonia, just a wood cabin lodge will separate you from the excitement and vast wonders of the national park. Set right on the lake you will have incredible views from the heated outdoor pool, whilst the hotel also has gym facilities, an indoor pool, sauna, health club, restaurant and art gallery, will be waiting for your return from your wilderness exploration.

In Cusco, you will stay in a locally run hotel, with a bar, restaurant and meditation room for you to recuperate in your way of choosing after wondering the streets of this colonial Peruvian city. The sacred valley retreat is modern yet adorned with Peruvian décor with a bar and free WiFi, whilst the Agaus Calientes hotel - at the foot of the path to Machu Picchu – is also modern fused with traditional design, offering a bar, restaurant and the possibility of mountain views from some rooms.

Each of the three accommodations – Ubud, Pemuteran and Sanur – are traditional Balinese resorts, locally owned and run with a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, spa and free WiFi. Highlights include the fitness and yoga facilities of the Ubud hotel, whilst your stay in Pemuteran and Sanur will be right alongside the idyllic golden Indonesian coastline, overlooking the sparkling waters encompassing the mystical Indonesian islands.

Costa Rica
The luxury hotels of Costa Rica are situated outside of the cities to be surrounded by the beautiful tropical nature and its innate healing powers. Most of these resorts offer bars, restaurants and swimming pools. Highlights include the La Fortuna hotel, with stunning views of the Arenal volcano, fresh and hot spring pools and a luxury spa. The ecofriendly Playa Carrillo is situated right on the beach and has an incredible yoga pavilion and the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano National Park accommodation promises incredible views, hot spring pools, volcanic mud and natural steam rooms.

Staying close to the culture and roots of this spiritual country the accommodation options are locally run and designed with true India as inspiration. A step down from the usual level of luxury offered, these hotels are still very clean and comfortable, with some offering swimming pools, WiFi, and spa facilities. The most exciting opportunity comes from the Ashram stay in which you will experience a unique way of life, spend time with the local people and gain the opportunity to connect with your spirituality and true self.

Each of the luxury Italian resorts are incredibly well located. Sit back and relax in the sun on the roof garden of the luxury Rome hotel, overlooking the awe-inspiring Roman city and architectural wonders such as St. Peters and the Vatican and enjoy one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. Enjoy the picturesque scenery of Tuscany from Chianciano Terme or wonder into the historical town and relax in the healing thermal baths. Finally, find calm in the traditionally furnished hotel in Lucca, connecting with nature in the private gardens surrounded by rolling hills.

This trip offers a diverse range of accommodation options, each with their own exciting features. Located on the Chao Phraya river, the Bangkok hotel has a spa including a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and swimming pool on the riverbank. In Chiang Mai you will be staying in a cute Boutique resort with a swimming pool and massage facilities, whilst the Pai hotel will be situated out of the hippy town center in the gorgeous mountains with its own hot spring. Finally, moving over to the famous Thai islands, the Koh Samui retreat will be located on the waters edge, offering water sports, a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and kayak hire to explore Thailand by sea.


Wellness Approach

Wellness Approach: Travel connects us — to our planet, to its people, and to ourselves. Wellness travel was created to recharge the body and nourish the mind, these new Wellness tours offer the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences, helping you return home feeling even better than when you left.


On every Wellness tour, your journey starts with an intention setting ceremony upon your arrival. As you enjoy a slower paced itinerary, recentre yourself with yoga practices and optional meditation sessions led by expert instructors ready to teach all levels of abilities.


Every Wellness tour lets you connect with your physical side through fun, adventurous activities in picturesque natural settings. Possibilities range from nature hikes to stand up paddleboarding to cycling trips across the countryside.


On our Wellness tours, food is more than a meal — it’s a moment to be savoured among friends. Our food options are prepared with healthy, local ingredients that cater to different diets, so you can enjoy every bite not to mention every morsel of deep conversation.

Upgraded Service

Feel rejuvenated at the end of each day, and every hour within it, thanks to the upgraded accommodations, elevated service, and private transport available on every tour. Day in and day out, you can ensure both body and mind get equal amounts of rest.

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  • Maria

    Visited January 2020

    Amazing trip! Really chill and relaxed. Excellent crew, really friendly and supportive. We had a fantastic time up there.