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Maybe you’re looking for a weight loss holiday, a fitness holiday, a spa holiday, or perhaps you want all three at once? Look no further, as here at Health and Fitness Travel, we think this is a totally acceptable holiday request – in fact, it’s what we specialise in! There’s great importance in letting your body rest and recover from any exercise, so why not throw in a massage (and maybe a facial whilst you’re at it too). So whether you’re looking to simply indulge in foot rubs or expand using the principles of Ayurveda, we’ve got the ideal healthy holiday for you. Below is our top pick of wellness spas that dedicate themselves to the knowledge of well-being so you’ll always be in good hands.

Best Spa for Detox Weight Loss – Spain: Intensive Detox & Weight Loss at Vilalara

Vilalara Resort

To experience the full potential of the latest in wellness science, Vilalara are holding the torch. An initial consultation will determine your personal optimum nutrition plan for detox and weight loss, and the rest of your time will be spent benefitting from a wide range of powerful therapies. The key features of this revolutionary approach to detox are found in its high-tech treatments for weight loss; the synergising effects of biopsychical examinations, ozonetherapies, PAMPI LaserMed sessions, personal training and personalised Thalassa therapies will ensure a truly transformative experience. You’ll also be gently guided in lifestyle wellness meetings to help detox the mind and alleviate stress on this luxury holiday.

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Best Spa for Weight Loss – Spain: SHA Weight Loss

Cooking at SHA

SHA Wellness Clinic is a luxury spa destination that offers a combination of traditional eastern medicine combined with contemporary modern clinicians. As such, guests can experience a range of methods to help shed the pounds. You’ll be able to explore fitness classes, yoga sessions, acupuncture appointments and deep tissue massages to knead your body into a beautiful new you. This luxury wellness retreat also offers guests cryotherapy, ozone therapy and hydro-colon therapy, all included within the package. Alongside this you’ll also benefit from a nutrition plan and numerous private consultations to keep you on track during your wellness journey.

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SHA Wellness Clinic

Best Spa for Sports Fitness – Italy: Lefay Sports & Posture

Tai Chi at Lefay

Nestled amongst the strength of mountains and the serenity of a lake, this sports fitness programme takes influence from its surroundings. Throughout your spa holiday, your body will be evaluated and immersed in a transformative approach to fitness so you leave a healthier, happier you. Physiotherapy with a spotlight on reflexology play a big part in this programme; as do personal training sessions to maximise weight loss on a fitness holiday. This approach sculpts the body and helps prevent any future injuries caused by the ill-practice of fitness techniques. Guests also undergo classes in Qi Gong to help balance internal energies and rejuvenate internally.

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Best Spa for Personal Training Fitness – Thailand: Kamalaya Fusion Fitness

Yoga at Kamalaya

Our exclusive Fusion Fitness programme is our trademark fitness approach, and here in Thailand is one of the best places to experience it! Your stay will begin with a personal wellness consultation, a body bio-impedance analysis and a fitness evaluation. Guests can choose from a selection of approaches to their well-being – whether cardio, strength and sport, mind and body or renewal. Each branch allows guests to run the route that’s ideal for their needs and will leave you feeling revitalised for the journey home. This is certainly the most versatile and dynamic path to transforming your health on a spa holiday.

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Best Spa for Holistic Pampering – India: Ananda Rejuvenation

Ayurvedic massage at Kamalaya

Taking place just outside Rishikesh, and framed by the majestic Himalayas, this luxury wellness retreat is ideal for those looking to de-stress on holiday.  Trusted Ayurvedic techniques are utilized to bring about a new balance and harmony in guests from all paths of life. Abhyanga, Choornaswedana and Udwarthana help to balance the doshas, whilst an appropriate nutrition plan is also prescribed to detox and nourish the body. Importantly, the programme features detailed yoga and pranayama classes alongside complimentary access to the daily group schedules. Indeed, this is truly in depth Ayurvedic spa experience to leave guests feeling entirely rejuvenated.

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Ananda in the Himalayas

Best Spa for Anti-Ageing Pampering – Spain: Marbella Club Beauty

Marbella club facial

Set on the “Golden Mile” of Marbella, this luxury spa retreat centre teaches you how to increase longevity using the power of an anti-ageing holiday. Guests are treated to numerous spa treatments ranging from facials to leg massages to leave the entire being looking and feeling younger. Specialised daily Thalasso centre sessions as well as underwater massages help utilize the power of the ocean and leave anyone feeling like Neptune reborn. Guests also gain complimentary access to the daily group fitness schedule allowing you to sweat your way into youth or blissfully unwind with a yoga class.

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Marbella Club


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