• 10 Luxury Retreats for Accessible Travel

    Wheelchair accessible path leading to resort

    It is estimated that one billion people, or 15% of the world’s population, live with some form of disability. Accessibility is therefore a very important issue in the travel industry and one in the forefront of discussion as we pursue greater inclusion for all. The retreats below include accessible features and experiences to cater for the needs of the differently abled: ramps allow easy access to the pool or spa for wheelchair users; physiotherapeutic treatments can be performed by qualified staff to ease the symptoms of a variety of medical conditions; delicious, nutritious cuisine can be prepared within the parameters of even the most constraining diets. Every aspect of the wellness holiday experience is made as easy as possible for all people to be included.

  • 8 Amazing Ideas for an Accessible Wellness Retreat

    Accessible Wellness Retreat


    In the 21st Century, all tourists seek unique travel experiences, tailored to their needs. But are all travel operators providing sustainable, accessible, and inclusive destinations that allow people to enjoy their holidays without hindrance? There are 13.9 million people living with a disability in the UK. That’s 20% of the population – which means 1 in 5 customers are likely to have a long-term health condition that impacts their day-to-day lives. Championing wellness for everyone, we have extensively researched and put together our accessible travel offering to helptravellers make informed decisions about where to go when it comes to booking awellness holiday that caters for their unique needs. 

  • The Top 5 Activity Holidays for Adults with Learning Difficulties

    op 5 Activity Holidays for Adults with Learning Difficulties


    Activity holidays provide a great opportunity to try out something new in an idyllic environment. Stepping out of your comfort zone can initially be unsettling for anyone but can be especially daunting for those with learning difficulties. Which is why we’re proud to provide a range of accessible active holidays, which offer something for everyone looking to learn new skills, make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime whatever your personal requirements entail. Here are our top 5 activity holidays for adults with learning difficulties:

  • What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?

    What Do Travellers Think of Tailor-Made Travel Companies?


    Booking a holiday can appear intimidating, there are so many factors to consider; travel costs, accommodation, activities when there, the ease of travelling around destination and more – especially when you’re booking every element of your holiday by yourself. With this in mind we wanted to explore what travellers think of tailor-made travel companies like ourselves. 

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