• The Best Alcohol-Free Wellness Retreats

    The Best Alcohol-Free Wellness Retreats


    The exact definition of wellness can be different for each individual, with their distinctive goals and perceptions on life. However, to generalise, there are three key concepts involved. The physical wellness of the body, the emotional wellness of the mind, and the spiritual wellness of the soul. No matter what your wellness goal is, there is something for everyone in our following selection of wellness holiday favourites that are absolutely alcohol-free.

  • The Effects of Alcohol on Wellness

    The Effects of Alcohol on Wellness


    Many of us drink alcohol to relax and socialise. Alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you drink in moderation and combine it with regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, drinking alcohol excessively or when it can be considered harmful is proven to have many adverse effects on your mental and physical health. Drinking a large amount over a long period of time can cause you to develop a higher tolerance to alcohol, where you may no longer experience the short-term side effects that you might have otherwise. Ultimately, alcohol can present many adverse effects on the body. Here we will discuss these health implications and how this can impact you now, and in the further future. 

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    We all have very different relationships with alcohol, some won’t touch it, some have it on special occasions, some drink multiple days a week and some sadly have a detrimental relationship with it. Regardless of your specific attitude toward alcohol, you will surely be aware that in moderation alcohol is okay, but any form of regularity or excess can have serious health consequences, affecting your weight, skin, and as it is a depressant, your mental health too. 

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