How to Lower Your Biological Age & Increase Longevity on Holiday

Increase Longevity on Holiday

In recent years there has been a growing focus on what our biological age, rather than our chronological age, can tell us about our bodies and overall health. Proving that age really is nothing but a number; someone with a chronological age of 35, leading an unhealthy lifestyle may have the health and body of someone in their early 40s. In contrast, someone of the same age with a healthy lifestyle could have the biological age of someone 5 years younger. Due to the way different habits can affect our bodies; our lifespan is determined in part by our telomeres, which hold our DNA together. Over time these shorten, eventually breaking down completely, but the rate at which this happens can be affected by our mental and physical lifestyles.


Stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can all result in a biological age years higher than our chronological one, making us look and feel older, whilst good habits can gift us with a healthy body and youthful glow. With wellness holidays offering everything from personal fitness training to healthy nutritional advice, discover the secret to increasing your longevity as you target your weaknesses on a tailor-made healthy holiday. Whether stopping the clock by learning to let go of stress or sweating your way to a more youthful you, we share how wellness holidays can transform your life and turn back the clock on your biological age.

De-stress to stop the clock

Woman meditating on the beach

Reconnect with your inner calm on a stress management holiday

Whether it is linked to work, family or money, we all get stressed and anxious. Unfortunately, in addition to sleepless nights and unwanted worry lines, stress can also increase our biological age dramatically by shortening the telomeres in our bodies. Reduce this effect by escaping on an educational stress management holiday where healthy lifestyle practices such as mediation and mindfulness will smooth away those frown lines.

Sweat your way to a youthful you

Man running on stairs in the Algarve

Bring a youthful glow to your skin with a fitness boost at Epic Sana

In addition to the myriad of other benefits that exercise brings, it can also take years off your biological age. As well as maintaining good cardiovascular health, boosting your metabolism and improving your memory, exercise also slows down our cells basic ageing process. Improving your skin tone with the post-exercise face flush, sweat your way to a more youthful you on a fitness holiday which will not only leave you feeling great, but will keep you younger for longer both inside and out.

Sleep to turn back time

honeymoon nap

Rediscover a good nights sleep on a sleep retreat

As well as being an enjoyable way to stay cosy in winter, spending an extra hour in bed can actually increase your lifespan. Our bodies need sleep to carry out vital cell repair, so we awake the next morning fresh and re-energised. Without the recommended 7-8 hours, our bodies are not able to complete this repair, meaning that over time the cells break down faster. Sleep also lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which is a significant barrier to achieving youthful longevity. If you struggle to fall asleep, learn to banish insomnia on a sleep retreat or try these 8 ways to sleep well and wake up with youthful energy.

Reduce ageing with healthy nutrition

raw pizza at Sianji Well-being Resort in Turkey

Discover the healthy ageing benefits of healthy eating at Sianji

Get a radiant complexion and look years younger than you are with a diet filled with the best foods for healthy ageing. Processed foods are filled with free radicals that will have your biological age soaring above your chronological one. Eliminating these foods on a detox holiday and replacing them with nutrient packed fruits, vegetables and fresh produce will cleanse and detox your body, lowering the risk of diabetes, heart problems and other ailments. With nutrition experts and educational cooking classes, learn about healthy nutrition on holiday to make changes to your diet which will reward you with a lasting feeling of youth and vitality.

Learn healthier habits to feel younger

Practicing yoga at SHA Wellness Clinic with an instructor

Learn healthier lifestyle habits at SHA

The first step towards biological longevity is swapping bad habits which damage your body for healthy habits that nourish it. It needn’t be all at once, make small and lasting changes and notice how your body begins to defy your chronological age. Discover healthier habits on a healthy learning holiday where wellness experts will introduce you to practical lifestyle changes and how to maintain what you’ve learnt long-term, for a healthier and more youthful you.

Laugh away the years

SwaSwara laughter yoga

Laugh away the years with laughter yoga at SwaSwara

There is a good reason that laughter is often known as nature’s best medicine. Prompting a flood of serotonin into the body, laughter can boost your mood, relieve pain and release tension. Releasing positive energy through a smile or laugh can not only have a healing effect, but can also make you look younger as it lights up your face and brings a glow to your skin. Discover the healing benefits of laughter yoga on a yoga retreat and feel the years disappear as you laugh away your stress and worries.


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