• Flexible Dieting

    The one diet this pharmacist recommends, here is what you need to know.

    By Holly Louise Fitness, Pharmacist and expert for Body Science

    We are constantly being told to “eat well” and stay away from “bad foods”, especially if we want to lose weight. However, experience has shown that when you place yourself into a restrictive diet which labels food as “good” or “bad” or even eliminates whole food groups, you become more susceptible to binge eating. This in turn creates feelings of guilt and generates negative emotions, resulting in a very unhealthy relationship with food and body image. In order to have a healthy relationship with food and with ourselves, we need to change this mentality and become aware of how our bodies actually respond to food.

  • Food for Thought: Nutrition Tips for Boosting Brain Health

    It comes as no surprise to anyone that what you eat will largely impact your quality of life. Far too often, however, the emphasis is placed on the purported physical benefits of good nutrition; rarely is focus drawn to the effect of our feeding habits on our cognition and emotional health. Whilst not at the forefront of popular magazines or media outlets, behind-the-scenes science is developing rapidly, and studies have shown that specific foods can provide a plethora of psychological benefits, including developments in brain health, function and mental well-being. Here, we shed light on a few potential brain-boosting bites and revolutionary healthy recipe ideas that might just give you the mental makeover you require.

  • Grilled Organic Vegetable Salad on Mashed Beetroot by Paradis Plage

    Grilled Organic Vegetable Salad

    For this beautifully arranged dish, the chefs at Paradis Plage were inspired by the consistently sunny, hot Moroccan weather that calls for fresh, light meals. Fresh, organic grilled vegetables, drizzled with virgin argan oil, are paired with crunchy lettuce and a colourful beetroot puree, making for the perfect delicate summer lunch or healthy side dish, bursting with nutrients and flavour.

  • Health and Healing at Grand Park Spa

    Liane WeberLiane Weber

    Dr Liane Weber is a General Physician and an internationally-trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. She is one of the medical Consultants at Grand Park in Austria as well as at the nearby Gastein Healing Caves where she is renowned for her work with rheumatism. At Grand Park Dr Weber offers the popular "Retreat" therapy which combines Tuina massage and low-dose laser acupuncture to restore balance, improve energy and blood flow, strengthen the immune system and promote emotional wellbeing.


  • Health Benefits of Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is an excellent method of getting both the strength endurance gains of a long gym session and the body toning of a run. Burning 800 calories in just 60 minutes and using an array of different punches and kicks, it is not only a fantastic form of intensive exercise but also a great way of having fun, especially if it's on one of our fitness holidays. Originally it was used in a competitive combative context but nowadays a kickboxing session doesn't necessarily teach you the skills to fight. So the question arises, what are the other benefits of kickboxing?

  • Healthy Aspirations

    Healthy Aspirations
    Health and Fitness Travel has launched and we believe that maintaining a healthy body by learning to incorporate a healthy lifestyle as part of our enjoyment away on holiday is essential. Swapping the 'fly and flop' traditional way of holidaying to one where you promote your health through learning an inspiring new activity or perhaps taking part in a recreational activity you really enjoy such as yoga is the healthy option. This can fill you with confidence and a sense of well-being, long after your holiday has ended. As many of you will know already the fantastic feeling you experience after exercise or a massage, we aspire our travellers to feel that great on holiday and even more healthy, fitter, inspired and energetic.
  • Healthy Holidays over the New Year

    Start your New Year the right way by jetting off to an exotic destination on one of our healthy holidays. From a yoga, spa and surfing holiday in Morocco, to an activity and fitness holiday in the Caribbean; you’ll be able to keep active and boost your fitness levels on one of our tailor-made healthy holidays over the New Year, while your body reaps the rewards. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to improve your health, why not try a weight loss holiday in India or a detox holiday in Oman to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? All of our healthy holidays feature luxury spas complete with a range of therapeutic treatments and expert wellness therapists to ensure you’re able to relax and unwind on your New Year wellness getaway.

  • Healthy Honeymoons™ Infographic

    Begin your happily ever after on one of our luxury Healthy Honeymoons™, from beach wellness to cultural & wellness honeymoons; and luxury spa to activity honeymoons. Take a look at our useful infographic for interesting facts and figures; inspiration for where to go, and exciting Healthy Honeymoon™ ideas. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your dream romantic escape.

  • How a Detox Retreat Can Reset Your Body

    How a Detox Retreat Can Reset Your Body


    Reset your body from head to toe on a detox retreat and start to feel clearer and more energized as a result. With a wide variety of benefits, experience a boost in your immune system and overall health. We pick up toxins from environmental factors as well as from the unhealthy food we eat. This can then explain classic symptoms like lethargy, mood swings and indigestion problems that all indicate you are in need of a detox. Discover how a detox holiday can re set your body and create a healthy foundation for you to build upon.

  • How a Healthy Diet Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

    How a Healthy Diet Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

    Shining the spotlight on the role of the digestive system in weight management, Amanda Holmes, visiting food expert at Marbella Club in Spain, shares the benefits of adapting our diet to help with weight loss.

  • How a Wellness Holiday Could Help to Prevent or Reverse Heart Disease

    How a Wellness Holiday Could Help to Prevent or Reverse Heart Disease

    Experience a life-changing wellness holiday that could help to enhance heart health by inspiring long-lasting lifestyle changes. Enjoy personalised healthy cooking classes alongside personalised exercise and diet programmes that can be easily adopted in your everyday life after you return home. Discover the most suitable methods to boost your fitness on holiday and become motivated to enhance your well-being in a luxury destination. Learn to address bad habits so that you can identify the root of your health concerns. This will benefit sufferers of chronic illnesses like heart disease and could also act as a preventative measure towards other health problems.

  • How Healthy Nutrition can help to Prevent Heart Disease

    How Healthy Nutrition can help to Prevent Heart Disease


    With heart disease being in the top five of Britain’s most common causes of early deaths, it’s about time to act and start exploring how we can start preventing it. The reality is, it’s not actually that difficult and by making just a few small yet significant lifestyle changes, you can easily reduce the risk of heart disease. A healthy getaway on one of our healing holidays will help to kick-start the rejuvenation process of your mind and body. But for now, let’s focus on the easy changes that can be made to your diet.

  • How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

    How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

    Healthy nutrition is key to cancer prevention. Some foods, such as processed and preserved foods can increase your chances of obtaining the disease, however there are many healthy alternatives that can aid in fighting off cancer and can even build a strong immune system that can reduce your chances of becoming ill. Many types of cancer can all be caused by unhealthy diets so it is essential that healthy nutrition plays a main role in your daily routine. Protect and strengthen your body from any health issues and feel the difference with higher energy levels as an added bonus from nutritional nourishment.

  • How the Weather Affects Our Health and Well-being

    Australia is widely known for its unpredictable weather, where you can experience all four seasons in one day. Occasionally, the weather redeems itself with sudden bursts of sunshine and high temperatures, which never fails to lift the nation’s spirits as we rush to be outside and enjoy the sun. But what is it about the sun that makes us happier? 

  • How to Boost Your Energy

    Everyone's familiar with low energy levels which can cause us to feel fatigued, mentally foggy or irritable. It's no surprise that we all tend to go through that lull in the middle of the day where regaining even a smidgen of energy seems impossible. Getting a quick energy fix can be really simple by making a few changes to your daily routine. We share five ways to increase your energy and recommend five of our best energy boosting holidays.

  • How to Change Your Lifestyle: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Everyone loves a triumphant story. We all root for the character in movies having a tough time, repeatedly failing, only to achieve ultimate success before the credits run. But what if that story could be yours? We show you how to achieve your fairy tale ending by transforming your body and mind through lifestyle changes you can start today to secure the tomorrow of your dreams.

  • How to Choose a Medical Spa?

    How to Choose a Medical Spa?

    Medical spas or “medi spas” as they have become known, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Offering a one-stop destination for health and cosmetic treatments, medical spas help target any number of specific health issues on a rejuvenating spa holiday. Medical doctors oversee the spa, whilst other health professionals, such as physiotherapists and osteopaths, carry out daily treatments and therapies to help you on your wellness journey. Medical spas focus on aesthetic enhancement and wellness, and address issues ranging from specific skin issues and healthy ageing to permanent hair removal and help quitting smoking, all in a professional and safe environment.

  • How to Cultivate and Maintain a Healthy Emotional Balance

    Emotional Balance with Karina Stewart

    Emotional balance is a vital ingredient for personal well-being and the health of our relationships, including the essential one we have with ourselves. Karina Stewart, master of traditional Chinese medicine and co-founder ofKamalaya in Thailand, shares with us how to cultivate and maintain a healthy emotional balance.

  • How to increase your lifespan; 15 minutes of daily exercise

    Today's news about lazy lifestyles and couch potatoes highlights the importance of how an active and healthy lifestyle is crucial for our longevity. The new report in The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests a sedentary lifestyle is as bad for your health as smoking and obesity because of the dangers posed by inactivity and unhealthy eating.

  • How to Increase Your Longevity

    Dr. Manuela FiginiDr Manuela Figini - Longevity Wellness Resort

    Dr. Manuela Figini is a highly accomplished Medical Doctor at Longevity Wellness Resort in Portugal, with an extensive knowledge in Aesthetic, preventive and ageing management. She has an impressive medical background of 40 years' experience and is the Clinical Director of the Longevity Medical Spa practice, where she is responsible for all the medical aspects of each programme and discipline, covering areas such as acupuncture, ozone therapy and aesthetic medicine. She taught pathology at the College of Nursing, was the resident doctor at Vila Real Hospital, and studied Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery. She also holds qualifications in Acupuncture, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti- Ageing Medicine and Ozone Therapy