How Healthy Nutrition can help to Prevent Heart Disease

How Healthy Nutrition can help to Prevent Heart Disease


With heart disease being in the top five of Britain’s most common causes of early deaths, it’s about time to act and start exploring how we can start preventing it. The reality is, it’s not actually that difficult and by making just a few small yet significant lifestyle changes, you can easily reduce the risk of heart disease. A healthy getaway on one of our healing holidays will help to kick-start the rejuvenation process of your mind and body. But for now, let’s focus on the easy changes that can be made to your diet.

Healthy nutrition can help to prevent heart disease in a number of different ways. You may know the foods you should be eating but it is important to make sure you have the right type of food because the difference can be crucial. Also, choosing the right healthy options and not just the easiest will improve your overall well-being. You can learn how to nourish a healthy heart with this nutritional advice and our top tips will show you how to banish heart disease from your future.

Snack on Fruit and Veg

Fruit and vegetables are great for lowering blood pressure, which makes it easier for the heart to keep pumping blood round the body. Eating with nutritional balance helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and a detox holiday is the perfect way to re-introduce healthy foods into your diet. Make fruit and vegetables a regular part of your diet, so take them to work as snacks and always keep the fruit bowl full in the kitchen.

Go for the right Grains

Wholegrains can help to prevent heart disease

Balance your nutrition to maintain a healthy heart on an anti-ageing holiday

Whole grains are high in fibre and play an important role in regulating blood pressure levels in the body. Heart disease can be prevented by the consumption of healthy grains over less nutritional high-fat grains. Learn more about how healthy eating on a nutrition friendly retreat where you can be inspired to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Portion Control

Take control of the size of your meals as managing the volume of food is just as effective as the type of food when attempting to eat healthily and prevent heart disease. Portion control means you have a lower chance of over-eating. A trip to a meditation retreat is a great way to learn the self-discipline required in the body and mind.

Plan Ahead

Discover how healthy nutrition planning can make a difference to you life at SHA Wellness Clinic

Discover the importance of planning meals ahead of time at SHA Weight Loss

The best way to remember how healthy nutrition can prevent heart disease and other health issues is by planning your meals ahead of time, consequently reducing stress. Consider trying a de-stressing holiday where you can focus on wellness through physical exercise and learn how to appreciate an active lifestyle.

Exercise is Important too

Fitness is a key part of balancing a healthy nutritional lifestyle. Prevention of heart disease through exercise helps to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels which considerably relaxes the pressure on the heart.  The health effects can be experienced for yourself on a fitness holiday where you can focus on wellness through physical exercise and learn how to appreciate an active lifestyle.


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