Grilled Organic Vegetable Salad on Mashed Beetroot by Paradis Plage

Grilled Organic Vegetable Salad

For this beautifully arranged dish, the chefs at Paradis Plage were inspired by the consistently sunny, hot Moroccan weather that calls for fresh, light meals. Fresh, organic grilled vegetables, drizzled with virgin argan oil, are paired with crunchy lettuce and a colourful beetroot puree, making for the perfect delicate summer lunch or healthy side dish, bursting with nutrients and flavour.

Serves 10


300 g green pepper

300 g red pepper

300 g yellow  pepper

350 g aubergine

300 g courgette

1,2 kg artichokes

500 g arugula

500 g lolo rossa

600 g beetroot

150 g lemon

150 ml argan Oil

2 g salt

1,5 g Black Pepper

Fresh thyme


1. Steam the beet in water with salt. Peel it and mash it with a little drop of argan oil and lemon juice. 

2. Add salt and black pepper to taste and place it in the fridge to cool. 

3. Cut the vegetables into shanks and season them before grilling. Drizzle over some argan oil and fresh thyme.

4. Wash the salads and arugula, arrange all ingredients to your desire. 

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