Where To Go on Holiday According to Your Star Sign 

Where to go on holiday according to your star sign


Follow the stars in 2022 and let them guide you towards your dream wellness experience in a destination befitting of your horoscope. Whether you’re a fiery Aries or an unconventional Aquarius – we have just the health-enhancing wellness holiday for you! 


Follow the stars in 2022 and let them guide you towards your dream wellness experience in a destination befitting of your horoscope. Whether you’re a fiery Aries or an unconventional Aquarius – we have just the health-enhancing wellness holiday for you! 

Aries - The Adventurer

Morocco Discover Recover Tour with Health and Fitness Travel


Ruled by fire, Aries are always looking for their next thrill on an adventurous holiday. Keep the flame alive and satisfy your independence with our Discover Recover holidays, created exclusively by Health and Fitness Travel and designed to offer a unique opportunity to unite your perfect travel experience of wellness with culture for a life changing journey. Combine the benefits of exploring differing cultures whilst staying healthy and active in the great outdoors and choose from a variety of tailor-made excursions where your senses will be enlightened and enriched to give you a true taste of the destination.

Best Destinations for an Aries: Morocco Discover Recover, Bali Discover Recover, Costa Rica Discover Recover 


Taurus - The Lover of Luxury

Como Shambhala Estate pool


Taureans are extremely hardworking, so when it comes to their ideal holiday, it must involve a serious dose of pampering and relaxation. As an earth sign, they also love natural settings, and exploring sights at their own pace. Embarking on a luxury holiday where comfort and nature meet, ticks all the boxes for Taureans to fully enjoy their precious time away. This sign also likes to plan, so last minute trips are a no-no. Thankfully our Wellness Travel Specialists are on hand to plan your whole trip for you – all you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for in your ideal holiday. 

Best Destinations for a Taurus: Kamalaya (Thailand), BodyHoliday (St. Lucia), COMO Shambhala Estate (Bali) 


Gemini - The Best of Both Worlds

group hike at Aro Ha, New Zealand


Geminis are right in the middle of being social and being self-sufficient, so their dream vay-cay would have to include the best of both worlds. Naturally born with the gift of the gab, they will not have any trouble mingling on a group retreat, where socialising is all in a day’s work. Geminis will benefit from this type of holiday as much as the people around them because they are usually the life of the party. But don’t dismiss alone time just yet. Although packed with an exciting slate of activities, group retreats also allow for some quality time alone or with a partner, which Geminis are likely to appreciate.  

Best Destinations for Geminis: Aro Ha (New Zealand), Phuket Cleanse (Thailand), Lily of the Valley (France)


Cancer - The Beach Wanderer

Promenade at Shanti Maurice in Mauritius


The epitome of a water sign, Cancerians love to get lost in a beachside destination and fully explore the area and all it has to offer, as long as there is water involved. Connect to your water element and explore the coast by sailing in St Lucia or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters of Mauritius to truly experience our unique and beautiful ecosystem. If you want to feel a little more at home and at ease, there are plenty of seaside resorts to discover your inner self on a beach spa holiday.   

Best Destinations for Cancers: Shanti Maurice (Mauritius), BodyHoliday (St Lucia), Porto Elounda (Greece) 


Leo - The Lion-hearted

Woman receiving shirodhara treatment at Revivo Wellness Resort in Bali


Leos are naturally strong-hearted natural born leaders making Bali the perfect place for them to go and spread awareness, kindness, and the benefits of self-care, which is what Bali is all about! Bali is an artistic, exciting, inspiring place where they can connect to that inner animal spirit, let down their mane, and let their hearts roar! This beautiful island is well-known as a mecca for wellness and holistic holidays with many retreats and hotels offering a range of therapies, spiritual practices and wellness experiences against a stunning natural landscape. 

Best Destinations for Leos: Como Shambhala (Bali), Komune Resort (Bali), Revivo Wellness Resort (Bali) 


Virgo - The Eco Warrior

Woman sitting by the pool at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa


Besides being health conscious and nature loving, Virgos will love getting in a good workout as they hike through the foothills of The Himalayas or the majestic mountains of Sri Lanka. Also known as the protectors of the Earth, Virgos are natural eco-warriors and love to stay where there is a community aspect to the venue or sustainable project with an eco or green resort offering multiple activities. Choose a holiday with natural products in a natural and serene setting and off-set your carbon footprint with trekking through forests, woodland, and tundra.  

Best Destinations for a Virgo: Ananda (Himalayas), Santani Wellness Resort (Sri Lanka), Euphoria Retreat (Greece)


Libra - The Romantic

Cycling at Borgo Egnazia in Italy


Ruled by Venus, the planet and Goddess of love and beauty, Libras enjoy elegant evenings filled with music, culture, art, and places which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and stomach. Libras are also inclined to the intelligent and beautiful, two words that well describe the artistic vibe of Venice or a more rural region of Italy such as nature loving Puglia. Combine luxury with wellness and getting lost in nature with bike rides, beaches and candle-lit spas all on a short flight away for a luxury spa holiday with a difference.  

Best Destinations for Libras: Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa (Italy), Borgo Egnazia (Italy), Croatia Discover Recover  


Scorpio - The Creative

Spa treatments at Kamalaya in Thailand


Water, the element of sensuality and creativity rules this sign, so it’s no wonder that Scorpios will align with a wellness holiday on the coast with an element of adventure and mystery. Intrigued by everything and always passionate, Scorpios will love getting away from it all on a transformational healing retreat to truly unwind and shed some of the intensity and stress which they sometimes struggle with. A longer life changing retreat is written in the stars, where you can embed and immerse in a supportive environment designed to offer maximum healing capabilities.  

Best Destinations for a Scorpio: Longevity Health & Wellness (Portugal), Kamalaya (Thailand), SHA Wellness (Spain)


Sagittarius - The Wanderer

Man receiving ayurvedic spa treatment at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia


You may have been everywhere, being the sign with itchy feet and a lust for wandering. Fuelled by an insatiable wanderlust, this sign is always on the move in their quest for higher learning. Drawn to philosophy, mysticism, and the studying of ancient cultures, Sagittarians will undoubtedly quench their thirst in Asia where one can experience ancient cultures, traditions and unusual wellness techniques such as moxibustion, Chi Nei Tsang or Reiki. This sign is a lover of freedom and travel, so a long-haul adventure is surely in alignment with your dream destination.  

Best Destinations for a Sagittarius: Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (Malaysia), Amatara (Thailand), Atmantan (India)


Capricorn - The Hard Worker

Woman receiving spa treatment at Sante Wellness Retreat


Looking to escape the rat race and fully unwind in a far-flung destination? Capricorns are fastidiously hard workers so when they get away, a trip to truly unwind and relax is exactly what they need. This Earth based sign recharges best when they are alone or in small groups, so choose a de-stress holiday where you can get away from it all. A true Capricorn loves to base a healthy holiday around a historically rich country as they love to learn and absorb facts about the local culture and community.

Best Destinations for Capricorns: Aro Ha (New Zealand), Santé Wellness Retreat (South Africa), Kempinski San Lawrenz (Malta) 


Aquarius - The Unconventional

Medical spa retreat at Vilalara Longevity in Portugal


A fan of the unconventional and technology, as well as having a keen desire for longevity, a medical spa retreat with a holistic wellness twist will curb your appetite and leave you feeling ready for anything. Embarking on an anti-ageing or recovery holiday in a beautiful setting is going to leave an Aquarius most satisfied. See the world from another perspective after checking in to a luxury resort with an array of outdoor and indoor activities to keep your insatiable personality entertained and relax in award-winning spas as you work on both your physical and mental wellness. 

Best Destinations for an Aquarius: Chiva Som Health Resort, Thailand, Longevity Vilalara (Portugal), Palacio Estoril (Portugal)


Pisces - The Sea Nymph

Man snorkelling at Six Senses Zighy Bay, Turkey


Ruled by Neptune, it is also one of the planets with most influence over your sign, thus being by the sea can feel soulful and allow you to truly relax. Embark on a water sports holiday where you can enjoy sunset boat rides, sailing and snorkelling or a destination which chimes with the theme of water. Sweeten your sea-loving soul and engage with thalassotherapy in dreamy spas to activate your inner healing, submerge into the mystery and find yourself. Pisceans tend to be curious, open-minded, and sensitive with a deep yearning for community and belonging which makes seaside retreats taken solo or as part of a group, the perfect holiday! 

Best Destinations for a Pisces: Zighy Bay (Oman), Galo Resort (Madeira), Amanpuri (Thailand) 

Continuing a time immoral tradition, stars continue to guide us. Whether you thrive as part of a group like a Pisces or love a bit of solo luxury as a Taurus, your perfect retreat awaits! Have you been inspired to take a wellness holiday that aligns with your star sign? 

Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us hereto discuss tailor-making your ideal star-aligned wellness holiday! 


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