Where to Go for your Family Wellness Holiday in Summer 2023

Where to Go for your Family Wellness Holiday in Summer 2023

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family holiday isn’t always a straightforward as we think. Contrasting from booking a holiday for ourselves or for one other person, we have to think about what kind of itineraries would be ideal for every member of the family. On top of this, as families often tend to vary in age and gender, this can see some conflict of interest when it comes to geographical location as well as length and mode of transportation you choose to use. So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at 8 of top family holidays that are perfect to embark on this summer, and with all sorts of activities to enjoy and places to explore, there’s no better time than summer time to experience and bond with the family!  


Embrace Your Surroundings at Almar Jesolo, Italy  

Stretch group class at Almar Jesolo

One of my personal favourite places to read and write about is the beautiful Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa. You’ll find this resort on the north-eastern coast of Italy, surrounding itself with a plethora of beautiful local sights and attractions. What makes this such a desirable destination for families however, is the invigorating range of healthy family activities on offer. Let your kids’ imagination run wild as they learn something new in an engaging cooking class or even a creative art and painting workshop.   

A trip to northern Italy is often someone’s dream holiday destination, so why wait? Summer time is the perfect time of year to embrace your picturesque surroundings. Whether it be from exploring the beachfront or surrounding towns yourself or from experiencing a family boat tour through Venice Lagoon, there’s ample opportunity to make your dream holiday a reality!    

Booking and information: Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa  


Reach Your Healthy Potential at EPIC SANA, Portugal   


Now here’s a wellness holiday all you fitness fanatic families will absolutely love! Found among 8 hectares of pine forestry and gardens, overlooking the Algarve coastline is EPIC SANA, a peaceful sanctuary perfect for those looking to relax and unwind, keep fit or indulge in some great inclusive, healthy activities. This family fitness holiday isn’t just a great destination for adults to work towards their active goals, but being inclusive of any age means this can be an ideal chance for younger children to discover themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.   

Take some time to bond as a family on exciting excursions such as cycling and horse riding. Or, when it’s some alone time your craving, relax in the Syanna Wellness Centre whilst the kids get well looked after in one of my personal favourite features of the resort, The Little Stars Kid’s Club!  

Booking and information: EPIC SANA Algarve  


Find Your Fitness Groove at BodyHoliday, St Lucia   

Kayaking at BodyHoliday

I’m sure many of us have been tempted to take the family away on holiday in the past, some of us may already have... But many family itineraries can tend to be fairly limited and similar to one another in terms of activities and opportunities available. BodyHoliday in St Lucia is a very sought-after retreat, and for good reason! You and your family can learn and experience some great practical skills like lifeguard training and first aid. On top of this, there are a perfect mixture of land and water sports which are certain to keep you and the young ones entertained at all times!   

What makes BodyHoliday in St Lucia so special is their wide range of unique activities, designed perfectly around their picturesque settings. Surrounded by acres of unspoiled forestry, waterfalls and sandy beaches makes this destination an idyllic destination to enjoy scuba diving in the crystal blue sea or even mountain biking across the gorgeous landscapes.  

Booking and information: BodyHoliday St Lucia  


Create Life Long Family Memories at Pine Cliffs, Portugal  

 Outdoor activity at Pine Cliffs  

Sometimes finding a family holiday that appeals to every member of the family can be a difficult task, especially if you have children that are different ages and have different interests. During the summer months, the pleasant weather makes it much easier and more practical to enjoy our favourite sports and activities. Family TimeTogether™ at Pine Cliffs in Portugal is the answer to all those problems! Choose from a variety of healthy activities spanning from aquatic games, yoga or even a session in the Serenity Spa, perfect to enjoy your family's company on your wellness journey.  

Pine Cliffs is an ideal setting for a family beach and watersports holiday. Situated amidst the vibrant Algarve coastline, this luxurious hideaway is full of amazing surprises. Being right on the water front, there are plenty of hidden beaches to discover and glorious mountains to climb. Pine Cliffs recommend the summer season as the best season to visit, and for good reason!   

Booking and information: Pine Cliffs Resort  


Keep Active as a Group at Galo Resort, Madeira  

  Yoga class at Gala Resort  

Here’s another hidden gem for you, perfect to experience during the warm summer months, it’s Galo Resort situated in Madeira. Parents can often find it difficult to squeeze workouts or activities into their busy schedules throughout the year, especially if they’ve got kids to take care of on top of work and other commitments. On a healthy family holiday, you can incorporate your favourite fitness and wellness sessions into your day, making it so much easier to have that peace of mind knowing that you can reach for your highest fitness goals, while the kids do the same!   

Galo Resort is located on the south-eastern coast of Madeira, this area is famous for its azure blue waters, making it perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving or even surfing. Or if it’s more of a yoga retreat you’re looking for, indulge in a variety of group classes including body combat, Zumba or Pilates.  

Booking and information: Galo Resort  


Discover Your Healthy Passion at Paradis Plage, Morocco 

 Paradis Plage views  

For many people, a summer holiday is all about relaxing and doing next to nothing whilst away, which for a lot of us is definitely needed! However, taking the chance to keep fit, practice a sport or have some wellness treatment means that it’s so much easier to return home feeling re-charged, rejuvenated and content about what you have achieved on your travels. With Family TimeTogether at Paradis Plage, you and your family can choose from 4 healthy activities or spa treatments to enjoy together or just as adults.   

What’s so great about this family getaway at Paradis Plage, is that there is something for everyone. Get better at the sports you know and try out new ones! The whole family can learn a new sport together, challenge each other, show your competitive side and return home with new passions!  

Booking and information: Paradis Plage 


See Your Kids’ Imagination Bloom at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, Croatia   

Family in pool at Sun Gardens  

Here’s another great underrated destination for a summer wellness holiday. Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is located on the southernmost tip of Croatia and is home to a plethora of beautiful local towns, beaches and other hidden gems. This luxurious retreat can be the perfect destination for families of any age range. Is it a family sports holiday that tickles your fancy? Enjoy a great range of activities in the Sports Centre including 5-a-side football, basketball or even arts and crafts in the Kids Area for the younger ones.   

But a well-deserved summer break doesn’t have to be continuously physically demanding. Take some time to relax in the Sun Gardens Spa Center, where you can treat your mind and body to a session in the Coal & Salt Saunas, unwind with a holistic massage, or take a dip in the Lagoon Swimming Pool.  


Booking and information: Sun Gardens Dubrovnik  


Experience a Taste of Local Charm at Borgo Egnazia, Italy  

Night life at Borgo Egnazia  

Finally, here’s a retreat perfect to embark on during summer time. Borgo Egnazia is a castle-like resort located on the south-eastern coast of Italy and is surrounded by countless local charms such as the Savelletri fishing village and miles of stretching, stunning landscapes. Bonding with your family can never be easier with a great selection of Family TimeTogether™ activities and treatments that you can either enjoy together or just as adults.  

 What’s so unique about this wellness holiday is that there is no limit to what any member of the family can get involved in. Whether it be a family game workout, a family dance workshop or a bike experience among the olive groves, there’s so many amazing experiences for your family to take back home with them from this luxurious family holiday on the continent.  

Booking and information: Borgo Egnazia  


This summer I’m sure is one that every member of the family is going to be looking forward to. Family holidays with Health and Fitness Travel are great because there is always something to keep everyone entertained and on track to conquer and reach any and all healthy goals you may have as individuals, or together.  


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