• 5 Healing Spa Retreats to Help with Cancer Recovery

    5 Healing Spa Retreats to Help with Cancer Recovery

    The road to recovery from cancer has never been a clear-cut path and often demands a lot of time to cope with the aftermath from cancer treatments. For individuals going through this journey, a rejuvenating post-cancer recovery retreat may be the wellness solution you need to help restore your energy and revive your spirit. With the importance of patients getting the support they need to get their lives back after fighting the illness, wellness plays a fundamental role in cancer recovery. For recovering cancer patients, our 5 rejuvenating spa and well-being centres offer personalised wellness programmes, to ease you into facing life after cancer.

  • 5 Superfoods to Fight Cancer

    5 Superfoods to Fight Cancer


    Eating a healthy balanced diet at a post-cancer recovery retreat won’t only keep you at your ideal optimal weight, but it can also help you fight or recover from cancer. Many raw fruits and vegetables actually contain nutrients that attack cancer cells, whilst others block inflammation that promotes cancer growth. It is therefore important to adopt a healthy diet to ensure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and to help prevent the growth of cancer cells. Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle on a nutrition friendly holiday where you can indulge in nutritious flavoursome meals and discover that healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Our nutrition retreats can also help to improve your understanding of the importance of a healthy diet, and help you to make a lifestyle change. To start you on this journey, here, we share our top 5 superfoods to help fight cancer.

  • How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

    How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

    Healthy nutrition is key to cancer prevention. Some foods, such as processed and preserved foods can increase your chances of obtaining the disease, however there are many healthy alternatives that can aid in fighting off cancer and can even build a strong immune system that can reduce your chances of becoming ill. Many types of cancer can all be caused by unhealthy diets so it is essential that healthy nutrition plays a main role in your daily routine. Protect and strengthen your body from any health issues and feel the difference with higher energy levels as an added bonus from nutritional nourishment.

  • Immune-Boosting Wellness Retreats for Cancer Recovery

    Immune-Boosting Wellness Retreats for Cancer Recovery


    Recent research by The University of Rochester Medical Centre in the USA has revealed that cancer patients who practice yoga benefit from reduced levels of inflammation which is often associated with primary and secondary cancer development. The study shows that regular yoga practice could help to stop the spread of cancer and prevent it from returning. From India to Portugal, there are a number of well-established resorts combining wellness and medical therapies alongside yoga to help those recovering from cancer to enhance their body's natural defences following often-depleting cancer treatments.

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