The Top 5 Luxury Spa Breaks for Men in Europe

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After a turbulent yearit’s safe to say we could all do with some much-needed relaxation - there is no better way to do that than unwinding and taking a moment to pause, reflect and renew. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your body and mind, quietly relax into tranquillity or strike a balance between spa and sports, we have compiled a go-to list for luxury spa breaks for men in Europe. 




Croatia: Sun Garden 


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The city used as the opulent King’s Landing in Game of Thrones is also home to Sun Garden, a stunning retreat that champions a natural healing approach, as their innovative spa is the first of its kind in Croatia. Using all-natural organic ingredients, Sun Gardens creates a holistic experience that provides you with a personal therapist to tailor programmes and facilities to your individual needs, expect thermal wraps, exfoliation sessions and of course a range of soothing massagesWith this, experience the aromatherapy steam room, lagoon swimming pool or coal and salt saunas whilst enjoying the crisp sea air looking over the Adriatic Coast. This Dubrovnik gemstone also has a fantastic family holiday programme, where your children receive professional care and fun whilst you can fully unwind with a pampering massage. 

Information and Booking: Sun Garden Spa 


Portugal: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel 

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On occasion, a short break simply isn’t enough to engage in a complete reboot of the body and mind. Sometimes you need to completely pause to thoroughly recuperate and return refreshed and renewedThe sabbatical New Life programme is a fully comprehensive and restorative medical break offering 21 days of pure mindfulness, detox, and medicinal consultation. Perched between Alvor Bay and the Monchique mountain range, you are provided with a bespoke lifestyle evaluation, genetic profiling, detox clay rituals, cryotherapy, craniosacral therapy, and this merely scratches the surface of this thorough and comprehensive sabbaticalIn between your tailored sessions, enjoy the infrared sauna, Epsom salt room, or Hammam Turkish bath to feel fully recharged. After the programme ends, your experience and wellness do not! You are provided with three months’ worth of detox supplements to maintain and preserve your improved immune system. 

Information and BookingLongevity Health and Wellness ‘New Life’ Sabbatical  



Scotland: Gleneagles 

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If you’re looking for a restorative retreat that combines spa elements with golfing, then look no further! Resting across the Scottish Ochil Hills, upon 850 acres of land, resides Gleneagles. This opulent Estate offers an immersive western and Shinto infused spa programme to replenish, revive and rest in the hot spring bath, steam room or sauna. However, the international interest for Gleneagles begins with their trio of golf courses used during the vastly successful 2014 Ryder Cup, subsequently earning the Scottish retreat ‘Golf Resort of the Year 2019. Alongside this, Gleneagles is home to two-star Michelin star restaurant; Andre Fairlie, as well as other exhilarating activities such as off-road driving, falconry, fishing and so much more. Not that you need any more reason to visit this ultimate golfing retreat, but Gleneagles is also within driving distance of Stirling Castle, Loch Tay, and Perth Racecourse, to soak up some of Scottish culture and heritage. 

Information and Booking: Gleneagles 


Spain: Sha Wellness Clinic 

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Based a stone’s throw away from Spain’s east coast, Sha Wellness Clinic has a phenomenal programme tailored specifically for men in their golden years. The clinic calculates metabolic levels, explores genetic factors, and creates a programme revolving around nutrition, fitness, and wellness to reduce negative impacts of the ageing process. This wellness trip provides lasting knowledge that means you can continue this newfound wellbeing long after your time with the spa. Provided with bespoke personal trainer sessions, divine massages, and extensive medical experiences, this is a full-body metamorphosis. 

Information and BookingHealthy Ageing Men at SHA Wellness Clinic 


Italy: Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti

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Set amongst the backdrop of rising mountains and crystal lakes, Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti offers a specific beauty spa programme for men. This wellness retreat aims to rebuild all aspects of the mindbody and even spirit. A fusion of treatments including a Senza Tempo Man Energy Face Treatment, Energy aroma-hydrotherapy and much more to leave you feeling and looking like a new man! Booking with Health & Fitness Travel also has added value as depending on which programme you pick you could be provided with a complimentary dip in the salt lake ‘La Luna Nel Lago’, early check-in and check-out, VIP arrival with fruit juices and a fresh fruit platter and even a complimentary treatment on top of the existing programme!   

Information and BookingBeauty For Men Programme 



This list covers all the bases when looking for a luxury spa retreat for the discerning gentleman. Whether looking to recharge in a quiet, yet stunning corner of the world, or to reinvigorate the body with a comprehensive medical programme or perhaps, an exciting journey filled with breath-taking activities, Health & Fitness Travel have the bespoke package just for you.  


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