The Nutritional Benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet

Benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet


It seems that every other day there is a new fad diet that’s hit the market. Melanie Brown Waxman, a nutrition and health counsellor at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains just why a Macrobiotic diet can be so good for your health.


The nutrition at SHA is the ultimate healthy diet and one that is flexible, open, and delicious. It is based on the philosophy of macrobiotics that goes back 1000s of years. The word, Macrobiotic, comes from the Greek and means large or great life. Macrobiotics evolved from a healthy, rural, Japanese diet into a set of principles that can be applied to any diet anywhere in the world. It is a common-sense approach to living in harmony with nature. Through a greater awareness of our food, exercise and lifestyle, we can attain our optimum health and enjoy a long, full life.

Most of the foods used at SHA have also been eaten by the world’s most healthy and long standing cultures including China, Japan, India, Middle East and the Mediterranean. We use a dietary approach at SHA that can be adjusted to suit the individual, their age, culture, environment, activity, and lifestyle. Our cells are built on the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. It is therefore important to understand where our food comes from and how it will affect us in the long term.

Organic Garden

Fresh vegetables are grown at SHA Wellness Clinic

The ingredients at SHA are, for the most part, fresh. They come straight from the farm rather than highly processed in a factory. SHA offers wholesome, honest food, grains, beans, vegetables, sea vegetables, nuts, and seeds, plus various seasonings, herbs, sugar-free desserts and fish. Most of the foods are living, local, organic, and seasonal, which means they are full of energy, nutrition, and antioxidants. They help to keep us young and vital. Processed foods, on the other hand, quickly oxidise, contain little nutrition, and are full of chemicals, which can be easily stored as fat.

With the need to satisfy a perpetual hunger, comes the need to make everything more bespoke; the same body treatment for example must be adapted for each client as personalisation is key. Any successful spa must tailor each treatment to the client’s skin and body type, using carefully selected oils, infusions and techniques to suit. They’ll provide pathways for those with sensitive skin vs those with tight back muscles; clearly labelled benefits of why you need this because you are unique.

melanie waxman

Melanie Brown Waxman-Nutrition and Health Counselor at SHA Wellness Clinic

Today, many people live in wealth but eat poorly. Portions are getting larger. People are eating more and more processed foods, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and animal protein. We spend more time indoors and move less. This is a recipe for serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Change is needed sooner rather than later.

The nutrition at SHA excels in all methods of healthy eating. The meals are full of flavour, beautifully presented and offer a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles. The diet is high in fibre, minerals and vitamins, and low in saturated fats. It is also high in complex carbohydrates and vegetable protein. The meals are low on the glycemic index, and balanced in terms of sodium and potassium, and acid and alkaline

It is interesting that guests at SHA experience a notable increase in energy and yet have smaller portions of food and no meat, dairy or eggs. They don’t feel hungry either.

The benefits of eating these energising and nutritious foods are numerous. From increased energy, deeper sleep, looking younger to weight management. The diet keeps the immune system strong and helps to protect against illnesses and allergies. The foods improve circulation, strengthen the blood, keep the heart strong and cholesterol levels down. Grains and vegetables are ideal brain food and enhance creativity, clarity of thinking and concentration. Aches and pains, PMS and headaches disappear and the risk of more serious health issues is lowered.

A stay at SHA is a fascinating glimpse into the wonderful world of natural, healthy living and one that will stir the imagination and nourish the senses. Plenty of support is offered so the experience can be continued at home. Taking responsibility for ones’ health is empowering. It puts us in charge of our well-being, and sets us on a journey that is sure to delight on many levels – physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and creatively.

We look forward to seeing you at SHA.


This is a guest blog post by Melanie Brown Waxman, Nutrition and Health Counseller at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. If you would like to book a holiday at SHA Wellness Clinic, enquire online here, talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or click here to discuss tailor-making your perfect spa holiday.

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