How Much Do Wellness Retreats Cost?

How Much Do Wellness Retreats Cost?


Booking a holiday can be a daunting experience, with an endless list of crucial factors to consider and the price sprinting past the budget. There's a common misconception that wellness retreats are the reserve of the very wealthy, but in reality, there is a tailored retreat to suit all budgets from shoestring to ultra luxe. The cost of wellness retreats can vary dependent on a number of factors.  

At Health and Fitness Travel we believe everyone should be able to embark on a wellness retreat, no matter their budget and can tailor a holiday that perfectly suits you and your requirements! Keep reading to see our recommendations for catering a wellness holiday that suits your health and wellness goals as well as your bank account: 


Your Budget 

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To accommodate the perfect wellness holiday for you, let's discuss the budget.  

If saving money is most important for you on a wellness retreat then looking at more affordable options are the way to go. Having a lower budget doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have less to do – in fact you’ll be spoilt for choice of activity or holiday type that can include spa treatments, fitness, detox, triathlon and more. With a variety of group exercise classes, the doors are open to try out a new fitness direction!  

There are plenty of opportunities for mid-ranged retreats that might offer more specialised experiences and are even more personalised to you. Or if you are celebrating a particular event then there are opportunities to go on honeymoon holidays, pre-wedding holidays, wellness sabbaticals or simply opt for more luxurious resorts in far-flung destinations. 

Our most luxurious holidays for those that want to splash the cash offer some of the best care from the finest specialists around the world. Whichever direction you are looking to take your wellness retreat, luxury will follow you there. 



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The destination can play a large role in the cost of your wellness retreat. Undoubtedly, short-haul destinations are typically cheaper to visit, when you factor in the cost of the retreat as well as flights.  With a tighter budget, you can still have a fantastic retreat experience, whether that’s short-haul, domestic or even in some cases long-haul! 

One of our clients John discusses his experience: “‘Initially I had Italy in mind, I contacted Health and Fitness Travel and it turns out the resort in Italy was out of my budget. Rob took the time to ask me what exactly I was looking for and found me the best deal within my budget for a 7-day fitness retreat in Madeira. Once I got there, it was everything I wanted and more." 

A venture to the many serene sanctuaries in the Caribbean or Asia may require a larger budget than exploring a potential fitness getaway in Europe. But equally, there are many different retreats available in each destination we offer at various different price points. It’s also worth looking at what’s included board-wise, how much flights will cost and what you intend to do whilst you’re there when choosing a destination. 


How Long to Book For? 

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An essential element of planning any wellness holiday is considering how long you want to be away for. 

A shorter holiday of a few days does not limit the potential for wellness gains and memories made, but can also bring down the overall cost of your retreat. A wellness retreat condensed to a couple of days is a brilliant opportunity to either kick start your health journey or be a great reinforcement to encourage current healthy practices. Whether it’s an affordable 3-day yoga retreat in the charming town of Alamos in Portugal, discovering your ‘Zen space’ or a weekend away for an immune system boost on the coastal breeze of Algarve to re-energies your body; these short-haul getaways are perfect if you’re on a budget. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum there are also plenty of short but luxurious breaks! A luxurious resort in the vibrant region of Marbella, Marbella Club offers a 3-day programme to explore the heavenly gentle waters and join the range of heart-pumping group activities exploring the local area. 

If you’re debating on booking a week out, a 7-day retreat is one of the most popular options for a wellness holiday. There is an abundance of choices as to where you can take your wellness retreat to suit all budgets! Needing a week’s detox? Perhaps, try the SHA Wellness Clinic on the beautiful coast of Spain for a comprehensive and luxurious detox experience. Got a tighter budget? Then maybe a trip to serene sunny Thailand for the detox at Absolute Sanctuary is better suited at a third of the price. 

If you’ve had enough of being on sturdy land and need to live, breathe, and eat the sea, then maybe a boat trip could be best suited. A sailing tour around incredible places like Croatia, Greece, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Montenegro is a brilliant way to tour coasts, cities and islands at a reasonable price.  

There are also pricier, more luxurious options to delve into where longer active travels can be pursued such as exploring the Galapagos! Why not go all out on a round the world wellness adventure and visit up to 20 countries, with our 1 year Ultimate Worldwide Wellness Trip? 

However long you’d like to go away for, our hand-picked and tailored holidays ensure great value for money no matter the size of your budget. 



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There’s no better way to bag yourself a bargain than to make the most of a good deal! Discounts on a variety of retreats allow you to experience the full deal at a reduced price that suits your budget! With offers changing monthly, there is sure to be something that suits you. Healthy holidays focused on fitness, spas, and water sports; whether you want an active getaway or a moment to nourish and calm your body, there’s an offer to suit the occasion.  

With exclusive added extras you won’t find anywhere else, booking with Health and Fitness Travel is the logical option too. Our WellnessTravel Specialists are there to help you make the most of your healthy holiday, to keep updated on the latest offers and exclusive details via email, sign up here – you'll be the first to receive exclusive offers and will get a discount off your first booking with us as soon as you sign up! 


Investment in you 

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When looking at how much a retreat costs, you need to know what you want to prioritise and how you want to feel leaving your healthy retreat.  

Perhaps you have some built-up energy and need to let off some steam. GI Jane Bootcamps are vigorous woman-only retreats that are located in either Thailand or Kent, that will be sure to exhaust your every muscle! Similar in cost, there are also options to elongate or shorten your trip according to your budget and desires. 

But if you're feeling a bit weighed down by life, needing some extra pampering with a relaxing spa retreat, intrigued about the science behind your body and need an escape that accommodates all the above, then a visit to Osteopathy & Spa at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti may be more up your street! Specialised retreats can add to the cost of your retreat thanks to the expertise you’ll experience at the resort, so it’s worth considering what you’re looking for – especially if you have a specific goal for your wellness holiday. If you’re looking for a spa and fitness retreat on a budget, La Palma & Teneguia Princess Vital & Fitness in La Palma, Spain is a great option for example. 

If nourishing your body correctly is a top priority and you want to learn to do this with the best of the best than money is no object a luxury retreat would be best for you. With bespoke medical analysis, this the Gut Health Retreat at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat in the suburbs of Bangkok offers the VIP experience and is perfect for business travellers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more economical break, BodyBreak at Longevity Cegonha Country Club offers a fantastic 3-day fitness retreat in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve region for under a tenth of the price of RAKxa.  

How much does a wellness retreat cost? It really comes down to how much you would like to invest in improving your health and wellness. Retreats are truly an investment in yourself and are feasible for all budgets with the right advice. Whether you want a luxurious retreat with no expense spared or a shorter getaway that offers great value without breaking the bank, there is something for everybody.  


Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect Wellness Holiday. 

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