• 5 Detox Spa Retreats Where You Can Bring the Kids

    detox spa retreats where you can bring the kids

    Look past the notion that your children might not fit into the zen-like atmosphere of a rejuvenating body cleanse and discover the hidden benefits of a detox spa retreat where you can bring the kids along too. Here, we share the best wellness holiday destinations where you can take some me-time to detox and unwind on a family holiday without the worries of childcare arrangements. With Kid’s Clubs offering an exciting range of action-packed activities to keep them fully entertained, stressed-out parents need no longer compromise their well-being.

  • 5 of the Best Mother and Baby Fitness Retreats

    5 of the Best Mother and Baby Fitness Retreats


    Bonding with your baby as a new mother is incredibly important, but so is feeling good about yourself. On a mother and babyfitness retreat, you can improve your health and wellbeing whilst staying close to your baby. Travelling with a baby is becoming easier than ever before, especially with manywellnessresorts adding their own kids club facilities and babysitting services. We have selected 5 of the best mother and babyfitness retreats, so you can work on your fitness goals whilst also spending precious time with your little one.

  • 5 of the Best New Year Breaks for Single travellers

    Best New Year Breaks for Single travellers

    The thought of beginning the New Year flying solo can be daunting, but why not revel in the opportunity of having no ties and do something that you really want to do on one of our healthy singles holiday. From a surfing break in Morocco to an anti-stress retreat in Spain, begin your next chapter as you mean to go on, feeling relaxed and re-energised. With a variety of group activities and fitness classes, combine meeting like-minded singles with enjoying some quality ‘me-time’ when you indulge with luxury spa treatments and therapies to enhance your well-being.

  • 5 of the Best Spa Holidays in Bali

    Spa Holidays in Bali

    Home to lush tropical forests and turquoise waters, Bali is undoubtedly one of the world’s most idyllic destinations to unwind on a wellness spa holiday. Relax and leave all your stresses behind you, as you begin a journey of self-discovery within the natural beauty of one of Indonesia’s most awe-inspiring countries. A place of natural beauty, there are a vast array of activities to boost your wellness further within Bali’s diverse tropical landscapes, such as volcano trekking, mountain biking and water-sports.

  • 5 Spa Holiday Treatments with the Wow Factor

    5 Spa Holiday Treatments with the Wow Factor

    With hundreds of spa treatments boasting a variety of health benefits, how do you know which is best suited to you? From traditional Ayurvedic healing to modern Western techniques, there are many different types of spas that offer you the chance to improve digestion, cleanse your pores and increase mental clarity. We have rounded up our top 5 luxury spa treatments with the “wow” factor so you can match holistic therapies to your personal wellness goals. Personalise your spa holiday with the best healing spa remedies on offer, from Shirodhara in India to Chi Nei Tsang in Thailand. Combat emotional imbalances, detox your body and feel refreshed with our favourite spa treatments at our best-selling and award-winning spa retreats.

  • 5 Winter Wellness Spa Breaks in Europe

    Winter Wellness Spa Breaks in Europe

    If you are looking to get away for a dose of winter wellness without the stress that comes with long haul flights, we are here to help with our top 5 winter wellness spa breaks in Europe. A far more convenient and better value option to travelling half way around the world in search of winter sun and exotic beaches, Europe still has plenty to offer. From yoga retreats in Spain’s stunning Andalucía region, to stress relief breaks in the tranquil forests of France, return home from your winter wellness break feeling completely rejuvenated.

  • 6 of the World's Best Detox Spas

    6 of the World's Best Detox Spas


    Rejuvenate your body with a spa break at one of the world’s best detox holidays featured here in our top pick of healthy holidays from Europe to Asia. We’ve gathered the ultimate spas that specialise in detoxing programmes to combat health hang ups and start feeling fresher from the inside out. Our spa holidays are ideal for those wanting to tackle weight management, skin problems or even deeply rooted health issues.

  • 6 Romantic Wellness Retreats for Valentines Day 2024


    With Valentines Day just around the corner, rediscover romance with the finest couples holidays to suit the preferences of any duo. Whether you're an adventurous, outgoing fitness couple or partners looking for a more holistic experience, we’ve amassed a variety of wellbeing breaks to rekindle that deep, intimate connection with your significant other. From setting out together to discover the vast landscapes and rich culture of Qatar, to exhilarating fitness breaks in the UK, or whisking your partner away to Italy for a romantic and revitalising mindfulness retreat, there is truly something to offer for every couple.  

  • 7 of the Most Luxurious and Relaxing Spa Retreats

    Most Luxurious and Relaxing Spa Retreats

    Looking for a much-needed luxury spa break from the pressures of your hectic lifestyle? Why not treat yourself to some well-deserved ‘me’ time, on a spa retreat where you can do nothing but relax, rebalance and refresh. Whether you crave the secluded serenity of the Himalayas or prefer the sun-soaked shores of the Algarve, relax like royalty in one of the most luxurious spa holidays in the world. 

  • 8 Age Defying Treatments and Therapies

    age-defying treatments

    Slow down the signs of ageing and give a healthy boost to your well-being. There are several causes that can speed up the aging process: the fast pace of modern living, unhealthy eating habits and stress. Counteract those causes with this list of age-defying treatments and discover the best anti-ageing holiday to try them in. These experiences will not only be relaxing, but also bring your natural glow back making you look and feel younger as you return.

  • 8 Best Spas for Weight Loss

    8 Best Spas for Weight Loss


    If you find yourself struggling to shift those extra pounds, take the time to re-assess and learn a healthier lifestyle in the lap of luxury with our 8 best spas for weight loss. Through a combination of indulgent spa treatments, fitness classes, nutrition and educational lectures, our healthy spa holidays will help you learn not only how to achieve, but how to maintain your ideal weight long-term.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Ayurveda Spa Holidays: 10 Things You Should Know

    A Beginner's Guide to Ayurveda Spa Holidays

    To fully experience the powerful healing benefits of an Ayurveda spa oliday, our beginner’s guide will inform you of the 10 things you should know before you embark on this holistic wellness journey. Discover the restoring effects of Ayurveda on your body and soul on a wellness holiday that will be tailored to your individual health goals and overall well-being. The key to re-balancing your body is understanding how Ayurveda principles work to achieve a calming, holistic awakening.

  • An Insight into Ayurvedic Spa Treatments and Their Benefits

    An Insight into Ayurvedic Spa Treatments and Their Benefits

    Promote your general health and well-being by creating a balance between your mind, body and spirit on an Ayurveda Spa Holiday. With a huge variety of medicinal oils to choose from, Ayurvedic specialists can choose the best treatment for each individual’s health and well-being needs in order to maximise the benefits of Ayurveda. Revive your senses and relieve yourself from daily stresses with soothing therapies and relax in total tranquillity.

  • Baby on board? Our top Mum-to-be spa wellness breaks

    Baby on board? Our top Mum-to-be spa wellness breaks

    Women are blessed with the awe-inspiring duty of endowing a new life unto the world. Often called “The Miracle of Life,” this phase of a women’s life is regarded as the most life-changing mile stone for good reason. Women go through changes ranging from physical, emotional, and spiritual while being keenly aware of what it means to give birth to their own little child, therefore, nothing is more important than ensuring their baby starts out happy and healthy. However, this concern for a healthy new-born can sometimes be all engrossing and an impediment to a healthy pregnancy as early research indicates the more stress the mother exhibits during development, the higher likelihood the baby will present anxiety and attention difficulties at birth. Luckily, we offer programmes to relax and prepare you for a healthy birth during the fragile stages of pregnancy. Here are our top mum-to-be spa wellness breaks.

  • Best European Beach Spa Holidays

    Spa session at Forte Village


    The brutal winds and freezing chills of winter can make us feel sheltered and not like our usual, radiant selves. When most people think of abeach spa holiday, the Caribbean or other exotic, tropical destinations tend to come to mind when it turns out that some of the most fabulous retreats are on the beaches of Europe! Escape the cold and travelto the continent for some serious relaxation beside the sea! 

  • Best Spa Holidays and Wellness Retreats for Couples

    Best Spa Holidays and Wellness Retreats for Couples


    Whether you and your partner are an adventure-driven couple, fitness fanatics, or if you prefer to unwind on a healthy getaway, we have you covered with our best spa holidays and wellness retreats for couples. Each destination boasts its own range of exciting wellness programmes specifically tailored to suit every need. If you are a couple who can work out from dawn till dusk, or if fitness is the furthest from your idea of fun, these wellness programmes have it all. Set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, from the serenity of the tropical Thai jungle, to the unspoilt island paradise of St Lucia, these couples spa holidays are guaranteed to rekindle your romance. Unwind in perfect harmony as you reconnect together on one of the best spa holidays and wellness retreats for couples.

  • Best Spa Holidays for Hen Weekends

    Best Spa Holidays for Hen Weekends

    As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, Covid-19 has turned up the heat for all the brides-to-be this year, and our best spa holidays for hen weekends might be just the thing you need to de-stress before the big day. A wholesome trip for the whole bridal party, why not spend your last moments of single-life indulging in spa treatments, relaxing classes, and sauna sessions with your nearest and dearest girlfriends?

  • Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Italy

    Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Italy


    Whether you’re in need of an indulgent massage amongst the snow-capped Dolomites or you’re looking for a happiness haven in Puglia’s untouched countryside, our best wellness spa retreats in Italy are the perfect escape for your mind, body, and soul. Taking the time to step back from obligations and responsibilities can have a positive long-term effect on your wellbeing, so why not relax and recuperate with energy massages, guided walks, and aromatherapy sessions surrounded by breath-taking mountains and beaches?

  • Best Wellness, Fitness and Spa Breaks in the UK

    best wellness fitness and spa breaks in the uk


    Save yourself the hassle of travelling overseas with a wellness, fitness and spa break in the comfort and safety of the UK. With the popularity of staycations increasing, more wellness, fitness and spa retreats are opening right on your doorstep and overseas travel is no longer a necessity to always need a well-earned break from home.

  • Best Women-Only Wellness Retreats for 2021

    Best Women-Only Wellness Retreats for 2021


    After the turmoil of 2020, this year should be focused on restorative wellness and healing. While it may not feel like we are out of the thick of it, there is a new source of hope in the vaccine and we can begin to see an end to the pandemic that has taken over our lives. As we face another lockdown, and cabin fever and restlessness intensify, many of us will feel the need to escape. In these uncertain and unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to be kind to ourselves, and what better way to restore your mental and physical wellbeing than on a women-only wellness retreat. Experience some much-needed tranquility as you work on your health goals surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals. Whether you are looking to improve your self-worth, fitness, or peace of mind, we have compiled a list of the best women-only wellness retreats for 2021. 

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