Paul Joseph - Health and Fitness Travel

by Paul Joseph

Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel

Welcome to the world of work; deadlines, meetings, emails and calls. I'm a very physically active person but with my busy schedule it is difficult at times to stick to healthy choices. I find it hard to keep to regular eating times when working long days and usually opt for something quick to eat at my desk. Sometimes I have skipped lunch altogether just so that I can finish a task that needs my full attention which is not good. This only slows down my concentration and productivity levels. Furthermore, my random eating habits do not help when I'm trying to maintain my healthy lifestyle.

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Lucy Miller

by Lucy Miller

A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

Slumped over you desk far too much? I know the feeling. Many of my clients come to me with rounded shoulders, tight hip flexors and repetitive strain in their wrists and forearms – who would have thought sitting at a desk all day could be so bad for you?

The good news is there are some pretty easy ways to fix these underlying problems and get them under control. 

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Maureen Cromey

by Maureen Cromey

An Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Expert

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  
- Confucius

Whether we have a job that we love or work out of necessity to keep the devil from the door, work can be a challenge to our health.  But unemployment can be worse. The lack of motivation, self-esteem, social chaos and poverty related to unemployment can be far more damaging then many workplace risks.

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Toby Maguire - A Taoist Master

by Toby Maguire

A Taoist Master

With the downturn in the economy and people working longer hours under more stressful conditions than before, it is easy to forget about our health and wellbeing and settle for a life of "just surviving".  But by taking a step back, re-assessing your priorities, planning your life and taking action, you can live the life you always dreamed of.  Here are three steps to take, in order to really experience a happy and healthy working environment.

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Sarah Brewer

by Dr. Sarah Brewer

A Nutritionist and Doctor

Do you drink enough fluids at work?

According to the Institute of Health and Productivity Management, a 1% decrease in your hydration level can lower the amount of work you produce by up to 20%. Why? Because good hydration helps to improve your concentration, reduces tiredness and boosts your work efficiency. 

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