5 Ways to Build Self-control

Lucy Miller

by Lucy Miller

A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

No matter what time of year it is there always seems to be nonstop temptations - from endless ice-creams to reasons to skip your usual workouts – it's wise to get a plan in place and make sure willpower wins over giving in. 

Yes, indulgences are necessary from time to time, but staying committed to a routine will help you reach your goals. It may be hard at first, but remember this; willpower is like a muscle - the more we use it, the stronger it gets, so once you get into the groove, you'll wonder how you lived any other way.

Go public

Tell everyone about that you are trying to lose weight or train for a race. The more people that know, the more inclined you will be to stick to your goals. It’s also nice when your family’s got your back, and when they do, they will certainly take pride in watching you reach your goals or helping to pick you  up when the going gets tough.

Set goals

If you're making healthy changes in your lifestyle, there's got to be something to keep you focused. Are you hoping to lose a few pounds? Want to get into your old favorite pair of jeans? Or do you just want to feel fitter and healthier? Set attainable goals both big and small, so that you feel more accomplished as you move through your routine.

Get your workouts in your diary

It's easy to fall into the trap of constantly putting off workouts when fun plans pop up. Having your workout schedule planned for the week ahead will help you stay motivated and excited to exercise while knowing when you can spend time with friends.

Pack it up

Planning ahead will help make healthy habits happen naturally. Before you go to bed, lay out your gym clothes for the next day  and pack a healthy lunch and snacks. Make everything as easy as possible to help start your day right.

Reward yourself

Good deeds shouldn't go unrewarded, so always reward yourself for your hard work. Set a target of going to the gym or working out 15 or more times in a month or running a certain amount of miles a week and if you do it, then promise yourself a new gadget or workout top. 


Lucy Miller

Lucy Miller is a fitness and nutrition advisor (www.lucymiller.me.uk), and Fitness Editor at Health & Fitness Magazine. She holds fitness qualifications from NASM Training and Premier Training International.
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