• Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sage Greenwood

     Sage Greenwood is the Managing Director & part owner of WINK Models, as well as a co-founder of Golden Grind.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sally Halstead

    Sally Halstead is the Spa and Programme Manager of COMO Shambhala Estate.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sally Kellett

    Sally Kellett is a professional meditation teacher, certified sound meditation practitioner and founder of Mirosuna, a wellbeing hub and mindfulness studio created for busy professionals to truly recharge.

    After experiencing the real, tangible benefits of mindfulness herself without giving up hours of her day to meditate, along with studying mindfulness both in Australia and internationally, Sally now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives so they see the benefits long after they finish their meditation class.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor is a wellness specialist and public speaker who works with women to help them live lives free from stress and anxiety.

    After founding health and wellness studio Mind Body Beyond, Samantha truly understands how mind and body need to work together to overcome anxiety and believes with a passion that we all deserve to feel strong, whole and in charge of our lives.

    Samantha founded wellness organisation thenurtureproject.com in 2018, which helps women to beat stress and anxiety by developing the life skills of exercise, nutrition, meditation, self care and sleep.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Samantha Lippiatt

    Samantha Lippiatt is an entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first specialty wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel. Samantha has an unbridled enthusiasm for all things travel, health and fitness and is committed to providing healthy holidays options that not only enhance but change lives. In between travelling and when not in the office, Samantha can usually be found by the water, be that at the beach where she is learning to kite board or in the ocean enjoying scuba diving.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sandi Sieger

    Sandi Sieger started writing when she was six years old. She has the first journal she ever wrote in, which declared, ‘When I grow up I want to be a writer,’ and included sentiments such as, ‘If some kid ever beat me in a running race, I’d probably bash them up.’ Sandi is now the Editor-In-Chief of Onya Magazine, an online Australian lifestyle magazine she founded in 2009. She is the Melbourne Correspondent for Forbes Travel Guide, and has worked in social media content creation since 2010, servicing clients across the lifestyle, hospitality, travel and automotive space. When not writing, editing or Instagramming her adventures, Sandi can be found co-ordinating Camp Awakenings, a personal development program for Australian teenagers. Sandi was recently named one of Melbourne’s ‘Most Influential People’.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sarah Holloway

    Sarah began her working life as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. While she enjoyed several years building strong professional foundations, she found it increasingly challenging to reconcile the all-consuming corporate lifestyle with her personal passions for health, wellbeing, creativity and adventure. In pursuit of balance, Sarah and her partner started Matcha Maiden closing a gap they discovered in the health food market for matcha green tea powder. Matcha is now one of the world's premier health food trends and Matcha Maidenis leading the way with a growing community of over 1500 stockists including Anthropologie across the USA, Australian and US warehouses, and a very bright (green) future. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Shannah Kennedy

    Shannah Kennedy is a qualified and accredited life strategist, sought after business advisor, keynote speaker, facilitator and best-selling author. She has more than 10 years’ experience working in senior strategic sports marketing roles working on major events and projects with leading sports brands, Olympians and other elite athletes.


  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Shannon Rosie

    Shannon Rosie is a clinical nutritionist, gut health specialist and social butterfly. Her passion for finding that sweet spot between healthy and fun was the motivation for her first book, Conscious Cocktails. When not with clients you will find her hosting Health and Wellness Retreats.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Shea Morrison

    After a busy corporate career Shea Morrison swapped the city and joined her best friend Danielle on their dream journey, The Goodnight Co. Shea combines her experience and passion to tap into how silk pillowcases and silk eye masks, along with all other sleep products, can benefit us while we sleep. She knew we all want to wake up with hydrated, radiant looking skin, as well as smoother, frizz-free hair. Perfect right?

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Shelly Horton

    Shelly Horton's high school guidance counselor said she was too opinionated and talked too much so she should tone it down. Rather than take his advice she turned it into a job description. Her career highlights include 11 years reporting for ABC Radio and TV, eight years as a presenter on Channel Seven, six years as a journalist at Fairfax and five years as the South Pacific correspondent for Entertainment Tonight USA. Now Shelly’s opinion can be heard nationally a number of times each week with regular segments on Channel Nine’s TodayToday Extra, 3pm News and Weekend Today. She’s also the lifestyle presenter for 9Honey.com.au and recently co-hosted Talking Married a chat show dissecting Married At First Sight.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sophie Guidolin

    Sophie Guidolin is an Australian born author, with her 7 published recipe books being loved to death in tens of thousands of households. She is the queen of multitasking, thrives on organised chaos and creates nourishing goodness from her family kitchen in the NSW coast. Along with being a mother-of-four, Sophie is a nutritionist, recipe creator, personal trainer, fitness model, professional IFBB bikini athlete and writer, and relishes in the craziness of it all! She still gets butterflies from her husband, Nathan and savours every quiet second they can squeeze in with their four kids, including their twin girls. Sophie lives for the days spent in the kitchen cooking, but when she is not, she is never far from her children, usually at the beach or nestled with a book somewhere sunny. Sophie is also the OG of THE BOD, a global movement of men and women changing their lives for the better through nutrition and exercise.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Sophie Van Den Akker

    Sophie Van Den Akker is a Melbourne based model and the co-founder of activewear label, Vault Active. Sophie is known for her vibrant and infectious energy, which has lead to her modelling career spanning over 10 year and, seeing her work across the world including in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Bali and Munich. With life-long friend Kate Benden, the pair founded Vault Active to instil confidence in women from the young to mothers and to the wise ones.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tahli Watts

    With an extensive experience in the health and wellness space, Tahli took on multiple roles and business ventures in the field.  In early 2016 she founded Golden Grind along with her husband, Renwick and sister, Sage. She is currently the Managing Director of Golden Grind, studying a Masters in Nutritional Medicine (Via ACNEM) and also working on her latest business Be Bliss Baby.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tammi Kirkness

    Tammi Kirkness is a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach who specialises in working with women who are overwhelmed, over-it and at risk of burn out. For those who are ready to uplevel their lives, she works holistically to help them find peace and the best possible balance. She can be found at VisionScope Coaching.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tanya Carlson

    Tanya Carlson is an accomplished Financial Adviser and founder of Amplify Wealth Management.  Recently featuring in the Sydney Morning Herald, she helps busy individuals and business owners create their dream life through simple, healthy financial habits that build their wealth and empower them to make smart decisions with their money.  Tanya is also renowned for her work in divorce and separation and is a board member with Collaborative Professionals NSW and Southern Sydney Collaborative Professionals. Seeking expert financial guidance during separation provides clarity, confidence for the future and often a better financial outcome.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tara Geraghty

    Tara Geraghty has spent over 20+ years in leadership development. She holds a degree in theatre and has a background in improvisation.  It was those three unlikely skill sets which she drew upon in 2009 when her 3-year-old daughter was diagnosed with high risk stage 4 neuroblastoma.  She choose to face cancer with fun, and to support her daughter in a non-traditional way.  Tara now shares those powerful tools, tips, and secrets to help parents navigate the scary world that is childhood cancer. Tara is the Author of  Making Cancer Fun: A Parents Guide, I’m a Miracle Kid workbook, From Living to Being, The Rock Star Calendar and the creator the The Grateful Connection Course.  She is a contributing author on Every Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running your Own Business, a regular contributor to Conquer Magazine: The Patient’s Voice, and can be heard on podcasts worldwide. She lives in NJ with her miracle kid Emily Grace and their chiwneenie.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Teah Baker

    Teah Baker is a women’s health and wellbeing Naturopath (BHSc) and the founder of Tiny House Herbals. Her areas of clinical focus include hormonal imbalance, digestive issues and anxiety, as well as preconception, pregnancy and postnatal support. She is passionate about helping women to heal and achieve their health goals.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tracey Dimech

    Tracey Dimech is a Spirit Alignment Mentor who has been able to communicate with Spirits for as long as she can remember. With a combination of her undeniable connection to the afterlife, psychic abilities, personal experiences, old soul vibe and passion to serve others on the deepest, authentic level, Tracey guides people through and into alignment with their Spirit.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Tristan Fahey

    Tristan Fahey is Owner/Founder of Rubifresh Skincare and Rubifresh Wellness. With a background in the science of food, nutrition and skincare, fitness leading and mentoring/coaching, Tristan brings her 30+yrs experience to the world of health, wellness and natural beauty. Tristan is passionate about shifting the conversation from beauty to health, and uses her businesses to focus on aspects of skin health and ageing that help women live well, age gracefully and love the skin they’re in. She is a fitness nut, a mother and a passionate advocate for health, wellness, and the power of the human spirit to change the world for good.

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