• Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Lizzie Bland

    Lizzie Bland is an ex-professional dancer and the Founder of female fitness company Lean Bean Fitness. She runs a hugely popular studio in Bondi Beach, hosts retreats throughout the year with Lean Bean Retreats, and also works on the recently launched online workout programme, Bean Online. Lizzie's aim is to really help women to get fitter, healthier but most importantly happier and will often be found in their Bondi Beach studio teaching classes, personal training sessions or working out (when not cafe hopping around Bondi of course!). The best bit? She'll usually be accompanied by her sidekicks Rafferty, her newborn baby boy and toy poodle Artie.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Lizzy Williamson

    Lizzy Williamson is a certified personal trainer, integrative nutrition health coach, presenter, keynote speaker, author and a mum-of-two. She has a website called Two Minutes Moves - where anyone can learn to love their body, keep ther sanity and live with vitality. Her workouts have been featured in various shows plus many other fabulous online publications, programs and blogs. 

    Find inspiration as we talk to Lizzy Williamson in our #StrongHealthyWomen interview.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Lorna Jane Clarkson

    Lorna Jane Clarkson is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lorna Jane and is credited as being the inventor of the cultural phenomenon that is Activewear. She is also a wellness guru, author, entrepreneur, the single most awarded Activewear designer and an eternal optimist. Her Active Living Philosophy inspires millions of women globally to love themselves, chase their dreams and live their happiest and healthiest life each and every day through the daily practice of Move Nourish Believe.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Lorraine Sarayeldin

    Sydney based mum, Lorraine Sarayeldin, is disrupting family meal time with her simple, delicious and nutritious, plant-based products that promote health and wellbeing for the whole family.

    Her brand is called PomPom Paddock and they specialise in Cauliflower Flour Mix.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Louise Edmonds

    Louise Edmonds is a leader in the men’s health and wellness space, providing personal styling from the inside out for men of all walks of life. She has had over 20 years’ experience in the media world working with companies in TV, Advertising, Music and Fashion, where her love of style emerged from her work in retail intelligence. This in turn placed her on the styling path with founding her website MenStylePower.com which for over 10 years has been providing content for men and writing for FashionBeans UK, Brands Exclusive, Sydney Morning Herald’s Executive Style, AskMen and CEO Magazine.
    Louise is also a TV producer and is the creator of Deus Lux, with PRAY FAST HEAL, a prayer and fasting kit that brings health and wellness to individuals through aromatic excellence in candles and organic tea.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Lyndall Mitchell

    Lyndall Mitchell is an accredited coach, speaker, author and consultant with over 20 years’ experience and expertise in the business and healthcare sectors. She is the Founder of the award-winning Aurora Spa Group and is a sought after commentator on business and wellness, recently featuring in the Australian Financial Review, the Today Show and the Sydney Morning Herald. Her Masterclass of Wellness, developed in 2015 with fellow coach Shannah Kennedy has toured Australia and given the opportunity for hundreds of executives to learn about wellness, mindfulness and stress reduction. Through her spas, coaching and speaking, Lyndall helps clients achieve their biggest, best and happiest lives.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Megan Hodge

    Megan Jayne is founder of www.meganjayne.com.au, a well-being and self improvement blog that aims to help Women around the world create a life of empowerment and lasting joy. Three years ago, Megan was a self-confessed workaholic who reached a point of overwhelming stress and burn-out when she decided to transform her life. Suffering with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, Megan made the decision to sell her 2 retail stores, sell her beachside home and give everything she had away, trading it in for a simple life on Bali, in hopes to self-heal and find inner peace.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Michaela Sparrow

    Michaela Sparrow is the founder of The Longevity Remedy. Michaela has had a passion & fascination for the science behind disease, health & ageing for the last 18 years.

    After watching family members die from heart disease, stroke and dementia and suffering from chronic illness (depression, anxiety & insulin resistance) herself and not finding the answers in mainstream medicine, she was inspired to learn everything she could about ageing & age related disease, this passion & obsession lead her to study naturopathic medicine and anti-ageing medicine concurrently.

    Michaela’s goal is to target the underlying cause illness & ageing, healing the body holistically and understanding how intricacy intertwined our whole body is.

    She created The Longevity Remedy to empower people to take a proactive approach to their health and show how everybody can help protect their body and live younger for longer. Anti-ageing & preventative medicine should be available to everyone.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Natasha Dragun

    Having spent close to a decade living in Asia, Natasha Dragun moved to Sydney in 2010, swapping the bright lights of Beijing and Jakarta for the beach vibes of Coogee. The former deputy editor of DestinAsian and managing editor of MiNDFOOD, Natasha writes about travel, food, beauty and wellness and is a regular contributor to publications across Australia and the world, from CNN and The Australian to Escape, Delicious, Voyeur, National Geographic Traveller and more.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Natasha Rabe

    Natasha Rabe is far from your typical personal trainer. The Canadian-born accountability coach is on a mission to help make exercise and good nutrition less intimidating and more accessible to every day Western Australians.

    To start with she says the number on the scales is far less important than your frame of mind. She acknowledges a slim, toned physique is high on the wish list of many people who walk through the door of boutique fitness gym, Body ‘MBrace. But she believes positive mental health is the greatest benefit that can be delivered from exercise and healthy eating. The trick is to be accountable to yourself.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Natasha Zervaas

    Natasha Zervaas is the Founder of Green Secrets Holistic Health Clinic and is a degree qualified Naturopath, Health and Mindset Coach specialising in Adrenal Fatigue (stress and anxiety), Thyroid, hormone and digestive disorders. Natasha has obtained an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine and Nutrition and is a professional member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association. Natasha is a Master Herbalist, accomplished Speaker and Author writing numerous health articles for the Australian Natural Therapy Pages, Wellness for Women, That Clean Life and Toxin Free Tribe. Natasha recently published Intrepid Women - her first book detailing her personal healing journey from Adrenal Fatigue, as well as educating the reader on stress reduction techniques, positive lifestyle and mindset principles. She is also the creator of Nourish – whole body tonic organic herbal tea, and is passionate about supporting burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed women shift their mindset and change their lives through her transformational 3 week Immersion and 12 week Energy Reboot Coaching Programs.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Nina Sabey

    Nina Sabey, founder of Sabey Wellness and Yoga, Pilates Mat, Reformer and Meditation Teacher. 

    Nina and her team produce both entertaining and satisfying Wellness Events & Retreats for individuals and corporates. Combining their wealth of knowledge and experience in the Wellness industry they work to support individuals and groups reach their true potential.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Olivia Ruello

    Olivia Ruello is the CEO of Australia’s largest and most influential women’s network, Business Chicks Australia — and is moved and motivated by remarkable women, every single day. She started her career in industrial relations, moved into senior roles in the HR and recruitment industries and by the time she was 24 years old, was General Manager of a well-respected recruitment firm.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Peta Gillian

    Peta Gillian is the founder of Strong Healthy Women and helps women 50+ remain active, healthy and mobile throughout their lives. She’s been featured in Prevention Magazine, a regular on the Fit N Fifty Plus Podcast Show, Guest Blogger and a Finalist in the Australian Fitness Industry Awards. After a health issue in her 40’s she developed strategies and created the Strong & Healthy Wellness programs that transformed her life and thousands of other women.  Peta’s now on a mission to give back to the community and help women “believe they can, no matter what their age” through her Ageless Confidence Events.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Prue Houston

    After her own weight loss transformation, losing over 30 kilos, mum of three Prue Houston has since dedicated herself to the world of women’s health and fitness.  With a lengthy fitness rap sheet under her belt that includes everything from a competing as an All Star Cheerleader, CrossFit Athlete, Olympic Weightlifter and soon-to-be competitive Strong Woman to opening her own boutique women’s gym and studying as a nutritionist.  But there were plenty of tough times along the way, which included burning out in her PT career and    having to close her beloved gym in 2015. What started as a cathartic confessional, Prue’s blog Finding My Fit was about her rising from the ashes, having her third baby, turning 40, and reopening Pretty Fit, on her terms. But more recently, the Finding My Fit blog has taken an exciting turn that has Prue road testing and showcasing all the ways that YOU can Find Your Fit. Prue has struck a chord with readers by bringing her fitness experiences to the forefront with her likable banter and wonderfully honest reviews.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Rachel Simpson

    Rachel is a women’s health educator and founder of Mana Women’s Wellness. She’s a physiotherapist at heart but she’s furthered her studies to become a recognised nutrition and health coach and a trained teacher in natural fertility because when it comes to working with a healthcare professional, she believes in a holistic approach. She offers private online consultations for women at all stages of life and empowers the women she works with to achieve long-term positive change.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Rachel Stanley

    Rachel Stanley grew up in Barbados, riding big waves at a national level, before relocating to Sheffield University for a degree in economics. Away from the water, she switched to triathlons before injury put her on the bench. “I was gutted. Telling an athlete they can’t move? That’s devastating physically and mentally."

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Renae Leith-Manos

    Renae Leith-Manos is a Sydney-based writer and mum who travels the world writing about her adventures, life, wellness, fashion, food and luxury.  She worked in the Custom Media division of ACP Magazines for several years conceptualising editorial strategies for clients, which has led her to diversify into marketing, editorial and online strategies for Australian and global businesses. She founded BondiBeauty.com.au, one of Australia’s leading resources for women’s wellness as well as her travel and lifestyle blog, Renae’s World.

    Find inspiration as we talk about her self-care routine and the things that motivate her in our Strong Healthy Woman interview with Renae Leith-Manos:

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Rosie McKay

    Rosie McKay is an renowned Sydney-based stylist in the areas of fashion, celebrity and personal styling. She is also an experienced copywriter.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Roxy Jacenko

    Roxy Jacenko wears many hats—aside from being one of Australia’s leading PR mavens, she’s also an entrepreneur, author, brand ambassador and a mum of two. She’s the founder and director of Sydney-based public relations company, Sweaty Betty PR and talent management firm, Ministry of Talent. She’s also known for her appearance in the Celebrity Apprentice and is now DU’IT’s first ever brand ambassador.  

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