• Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Caroline Guillemain-Brunne

    Caroline, founder of Organise.Curate.Design. She has over fourteen years experience in the events industry, having managed a range of major internationally recognised events and exhibitions throughout Australia. She has rapidly become known as one of the most qualified and sought-after event managers in her field.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Carolyn King

    Carolyn King is the owner and founder of Empowered Happiness and has helped thousands release negative emotions and trauma assisting them to transition to a more fulfilled and happy life. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach which includes kinesiology, mBit and Mindfulness coaching, tapping, NLP, Reiki, creativity, oracle cards and meditation. She is a kinesiologist, mBit / Life / Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, Master Lightworker Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator and Angel Intuitive. She is also a corporate speaker, editor of a local magazine and international author of Empowered Happiness, Discovering Bliss Beyond Depression and has co-authored many other books.

    Carolyn King is on a mission to help people live a fulfilled life with real and lasting happiness and is especially passionate about helping those that have hit their rock bottom as she has personally overcome the lows and disconnectedness of depression and the anxieties and stresses associated with corporate burn out. She has studied many different healing modalities and continues to develop her skills, integrating them into her life, creating programs for her client with the intention of empowering more people.

    “Happiness Starts with a Smile and Empowerment Starts with a Choice.”

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Cassie Mendoza-Jones

    Cassie Mendoza-Jones is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good (Hay House), the creator of the Love What You Create Workshop, and a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Cate Lilja

    Cate is a nutritional, herbal, and complementary medicine scientist (B.AppSc. Naturopathic Studies) with 15 years experience in product innovation and development within the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and health food sectors at senior management level. She also specialises in researching scientifically validated alternatives to established synthetic interventions.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Chontel Duncan

    Fearless in the gym and in life, Chontel Duncan is a force to be reckoned with. Chontel firmly believes that taking small steps can change a life, especially when it comes to health and fitness. When she discovered the power of fitness, particularly its ability to bring people together and to empower people, Chontel became determined to share the message.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Dahlas Fletcher

    Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia’s most respected and successful Certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Trainers. Her combined experience as National Marketing Manager, a mother to 3 young children, and over 20 years experience working as Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer all inspired her to create Bodyfabulous.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Danielle Knight

    Danielle Knight left her HR career in the IT industry to set off on a new challenge to start a business by combining her organisation skills with her creative streak. Today, Danielle focuses on the daily operations, from production management and customer service to logistics and managing partnerships, keeping the business focused on the best ways to help change the way we fall asleep.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Deborah Hutton

    Media personality, Deborah Hutton, is one of Australia’s most respected and recognised public figures. Founder of the Balance by Deborah Hutton community, she’s also a distinguished television presenter, magazine editor, ambassador, spokesmodel and a supporter of several charities. Throughout her career and many years of hard work, Deborah has become a measure of good taste, style and professional achievement.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Donna Buchanan

    Donna is a yoga practitioner of almost 20 years and a yoga teacher of more than 10 years. She co-owns and directs The Yoga Vine, a CBD based Yoga studio in Perth. The past 2 decades have been dedicated to learning (and some unlearning) to be strong, stress free and supple in both body and soul through the practice of yoga and meditation. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Donna Thistlethwaite

    A natural storyteller, Donna Thistlethwaite is passionate about empowering others to thrive in life. She has demonstrated incredible courage, resilience and transformation to successfully move from darkness and fear to shining her light. After a breakdown in 2012, Donna rose up to receive ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ in 2016 and found her purpose in career coaching and speaking. As an entrepreneur and speaker, Donna shares her story to help others. She has featured in media internationally, including the beloved television series Australian Story.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Dr. Libby Weaver

    Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an author, a speaker and founder of the plant-based supplement range, Bio Blends.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Eleni Psillakis

    Eleni Psillakis is a health educator with 30-years experience in education and the fitness industry. In 2016 she was awarded ‘Filex 2016 Inspiration Award Winner’ for her efforts in raising awareness of eating disorders as serious mental illnesses, and her workshop ‘Supporting Clients at Risk of Eating Disorders’ has been approved by Fitness Australia for CEC’s (professional development credits) for exercise professionals. Eleni herself has overcome anorexia and clinical depression and is passionate about bringing an understanding of the connection between addictive behaviours and the underlying thought patterns.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Elise Catchlove

    Elise Catchlove is the founder and driving force behind meditation school, By Catchlove. Formerly in the fast paced fashion industry, Elise learned the importance of putting your health and wellbeing first, and that mental health and calmness were just as important as the psychical. Fast forward a few years, countless hours of meditation and training and a newborn baby, Elise launched Queensland’s first Vedic Mediation school, By Catchlove in 2018. Elise’s ability to work with a range of people from the corporate sector to creative industries, new parents to students has seen a life-changing transformation in countless people living in the modern world. To find out more about Elise, visit her website at www.bycatchlove.com and follower her on Instagram at @bycatchlove.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Emilly Hadrill

    Emilly began Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions in 2007, when noticing a gap in the market for high quality hair extensions applied professionally to create a natural look. Having found that there were many salons 'having a go' but none specialising in the field, Emilly worked hard to achieve a specialist market and perfected the art of extension application and maintenance focusing primarily on the safe, gentle method of the micro bead extensions.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Emily Sarkies

    Emily Sarkies is a Senior Naturopath for Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand.  Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she embraced an opportunity to work in this wonderfully unique setting over two years ago, bringing with it profound professional growth, insight and perspective towards being well. She is grateful to be working alongside a diverse team of practitioners, wholistic modalities and patients from around the world. A qualified yoga teacher, Emily also incorporates yoga philosophy - meditation and mindfulness techniques to benefit her own self-care and balance (within). Practicing now for nearly a decade, with further studies in Functional Medicine, her Naturopathy care brings all of this experience together to share with her patients and ultimately work towards a more positive association with our individual health journeys.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Emily Schofield

    Emily Schofield is a personal trainer at Ultimate Performance, the world's leading personal training company. Emily works with clients at U.P.'s private personal training facility in Los Angeles California. She is originally from Sydney, where she completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Estelle Williams

    Estelle created Smart Healthy Women Magazine to inspire smart women everywhere to live more joyful, loving lives filled with meaning and purpose, by offering strategies and tips direct from experts in diverse areas of concern to women such as health, fitness, food choices, mindfulness, well-being, relationships, career, money and family. The experts who share their wisdom in the magazine all have a desire to help and support as many women in our world as they are physically able to.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Fiona Noonan

    Fiona is a certified Yoga Teacher and Health Coach that is dedicated to clean living. Through overcoming her own health and body challenges she found a new level health and happiness, and in her forty’s she is feeling better than ever! Her love of health and wellbeing has led her to wanting to share with others the tools and essential ingredients that can deliver amazing results. She is now passionate about helping bring people back to their full health potential through focusing on clean eating, physical activity, self-care and the removal of toxins and toxic habits. 

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Hannah McQuilkan

    Hannah McQuilkan is a fun loving, inspiration filled entrepreneur, from starting NZ's first Airbnb Property Management Company to becoming a Clown Doctor and Forest Therapy Guide, Hannah McQuilkan's career path is anything but ordinary. She is a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Aromatherapist and Certified Forest Bathing Guide with 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry. She currently juggles a small investment portfolio with her love of nature connection.

  • Strong, Healthy Women Interview Series: Hannah O'Donnell

    Hannah O’Donnell is the Founder and Managing Director of Straight Up PR, a health, fitness and lifestyle agency known for its impactful campaigns and straight up approach to PR and Talent Management.

    With her infectious energy, strong industry knowledge and unique business attributes, Hannah established Straight Up PR in 2013 after following her intuition and creating an agency that filled a gap in the market.

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