• Where To Go on Your January Detox Holiday

    Although an exciting time for most, the Christmas period can often leave us feeling physically and emotionally drained and in need of re-energising ourselves. Fortunately, the beginning of a brand new year offers the perfect opportunity for a new healthy lifestyle change, and a detox holiday is an ideal way to get started. A January detox break on one of our luxury spa holidays is certain to make you feel profoundly better, inside and out.

  • Why Choose a Fitness Holiday?

    If you need a helping hand swapping the couch for a healthier lifestyle, a fitness holiday is a great way to kick-start positive lifestyle changes. Along with fantastic memories, return home from one of our fitness holidays with the knowledge and information you need to create long-term changes to your diet and workout routine. From working out in the great outdoors to keeping motivated with group fitness classes, we share why you should choose a fitness retreat.

  • Why it’s Smart to Spend Your Tax Return on Healthy Holidays

    So, that glorious tax refund is finally in your hands. Congratulations! Tempting as it may seem, splurging frivolously on something random may not be the best option there is. There are many smart ways to spend your refund money—pay off a debt, invest, start a business or save it for the rainy days; the choice is yours really. But never has it been a better time to do something just for you. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but science validates that spending your time and money on experiences (not things) can indeed make you happier. According to Kumar and Thomas Gilovich, professors of psychology, “People are more inclined to talk about their experiences than about their material purchases, and they derive more happiness from doing so”. Traveling on an off the beaten track adventure or on a relaxing luxury break either by yourself or with the people you love trumps over any purchase you make in a shopping centre any day. "Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods," says Gilovich. 

  • Why Learning Holidays are Great for Single Travellers

    Whether you are looking to socialise or are searching for some peace and quiet, enjoy the best of both worlds as you gain a new life skill on a singles learning holiday. Here, we look at why healthy learning holidays are a great option for single travellers looking to get more out of their next healthy holiday than a mind-numbing, body-bloating week spent vegetating on the beach. On a learning holiday you are guaranteed to return home with not only memories, but a new experience and skill that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

  • Why Pilates is Good for Men

    Why Pilates is Good for Men


    Despite female enthusiasts dominating this form of exercise during its rise in the workout world, men have always held a leading role when looking back at the history of Pilates. Men should definitely take advantage of Pilates and the various health benefits of this fast-growing fitness trend, which helps to improve strength and flexibility with a workout that is just as challenging as weight training in the gym.

  • Why You Should Go on a Bootcamp Holiday Abroad

    Why You Should Go on a Bootcamp Holiday Abroad


    If you’re looking for a fitness-oriented luxury retreats that incorporates principles of both military style discipline and high intensity exercise you need look no further – a bootcamp holiday can offer all this and more. To put it plainly, bootcamp holidays are a type of retreat that utilises group activities and high intensity exercise to make a substantial contribution to the health of its participants in relatively short space of time and aid them in developing healthy habits. Did you know that as little as 150 minutes of physical exercise per week can lower your risk of major illness, including coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, stroke, and cancer by as much as 30%? There are many options available for groups and individuals to participate in these fitness enhancing retreats at a diverse range of locations around the globe.

    Let us walk you through the benefits of a bootcamp holiday abroad below:

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