Why Pilates is Good for Men

Why Pilates is Good for Men


Despite female enthusiasts dominating this form of exercise during its rise in the workout world, men have always held a leading role when looking back at the history of Pilates. Men should definitely take advantage of Pilates and the various health benefits of this fast-growing fitness trend, which helps to improve strength and flexibility with a workout that is just as challenging as weight training in the gym.

Pilates is great for men looking to improve their overall sporting performance with its simple yet focused movements. This fitness workout is an all-encompassing conditioning method and a Pilates holiday will be a perfect opportunity for men to experience a personalised programme dedicated to achieving their wellness goals.

The Gender Misconception

The concept of Pilates was originally developed by a man called Joseph Pilates, who used this method to train male army troops and prisoners, more than it was used for women or dancers. Historically men have also had greater involvement in teaching and promoting this form of exercise until its recent surge in popularity. All you have to do is look into the history of Pilates to realise this common misconception and understand why Pilates is not only good for men, but also created for men.

1. Develops Core Strength

Pilates training is good for men as it emphasizes moving and stabilizing the body’s core; it is particularly useful for strengthening the abdominal muscles and spine. Learn how to power your movement through core conditioning on a Pilates holiday, where men can build muscle and cardiovascular fitness at a luxury spa in an exotic destination.

38 degrees north handstand pilates

Practice Pilates on & off the water

2. Increased Flexibility

Pilates is useful for men as it maximises three dimensional movements to increase the overall range of motion in the body. Men will benefit from the Pilates technique of addressing flexibility, which can improve other workouts on a fitness holiday designed to suit you with a diverse range of exercise programmes available around the world.

3. Injury Prevention

Pilates is particularly good for men as it is one of the best methods of rehabilitating and reducing the risk of injuries. As Pilates develops neglected muscle groups, incorporating Pilates on our diverse Fusion Fitness holidays will help to rehabilitate, inspire and support more conscious movements. Men will find that Pilates works out muscles that are not usually utilised during normal weight training sessions.

Florblanca Pilates
Build core strength

4. Youthful Mind and Body

One of the many benefits of Pilates for men is the practice of re-connecting with the body and mind. The Pilates method is good for men as it sharpens the mind whilst strengthening the body. Why not re-connect on a de-stress holiday with Pilates movements that require you to focus your mind as you train your body.

5. The Pilates Challenge

Pilates is not a fitness regime to be underestimated as those who attempt this should be warned of its physical challenges. The exercises may be subtle but Pilates is good for men who are seeking testing alternatives to heavy weight training. We challenge you to learn Pilates on holiday and feel the range of health benefits as you transform your body.


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