• Adam’s Review of Obsidian Wellness Centre, Spain

    What is Obsidian Wellness Centre and who’s it for?

    Obsidian Wellness Centre is an affordable detox holiday in Spain for those looking to lose weight and kick-start a healthy regime, also suitable for pre and post cancer patients, those with specific health issues through the benefits of juice fasting. It’s also a great retreat for relaxation and to take part in exercise classes and detox through juicing.

  • Adam’s Review of Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

    Phuket Cleanse and Who it’s for?

    After opening its doors in 2012, Phuket Cleanse has very quickly become the go-to place for an all-encompassing fitness and detox holiday. Unlike other detox retreats, Phuket Cleanse has a strong focus on complementing a raw food or juice detox with fitness and organic supplements. Designed to be structured, everything is laid out for you so you can do as many of the activities as possible. With a strong social dimension and health-oriented guests, it’s a fun and friendly atmosphere. Guests are aged between 25 to 55, and have either health issues to address or are looking to kick-start or enhance their well-being, whilst catering for everyone whether you are fit or unfit.

  • Annabel Croft Tennis Holiday

    Enjoy the perfect tennis holiday week at Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, hosted by former British No.1 Annabel Croft.

  • Aphrodite Hills; A Spa & Sport Village

    Cyprus is an increasingly popular destination to visit for an all-round health and fitness experience and one that also caters for families. The award-winning Aphrodite Hills has established itself as a leader in active and wellness holidays with a stunning spa, golf course, and tennis academy, with the name originally named after the goddess, Aphrodite. Located just a short 15 minute transfer from Paphos airport and set just off the coast, it provides stunning spectacles on the coastline. 

  • Are you old before your time?

    There is no denying the ticking of our biological clock, but why feel old before your time? The stress of modern day life as well as the usual factors, age, weight and diet can often make you look and feel years beyond your alleged age. 

  • Barre vs Yoga vs Pilates: Which Is Right for You?

    by Aleenta BARRE

    Congratulations on your decision to make yourself a priority and commit to a regular workout routine. The addition of physical fitness into your life requires hard work, but yields great rewards. Now, which for of fitness should you choose? With the vast choice of fitness workout options available today, it can be overwhelming to know which one is right for you.

  • Beat The Heat On Your Summer Fitness Holiday

    Looking forward to your summer fitness retreat but not sure how you will handle the heat? Read on to find out how your body can be in its optimal state ready to take on the next workout and avoid muscle ache. Whether you are going on a beach bootcamp holiday or a fitness adventure, exercising in the summer heat comes with added challenges for your body. Whilst improving your fitness and ability to exercise, sweating also increases, causing you to dehydrate faster. You therefore need to make sure your body gets the rest and recovery it requires after an intensive workout to function at its optimal level again. Rest and recovery after a workout are two different things; while rest is defined by sleep and time not exercising, recovery refers to actually taking action to repair your body. Take note as we share our five top tips for your body’s recovery in the heat:

  • Belly-busting Health Retreats in Aid of Men’s Health Week

    Raising awareness of the physical and mental health problems impacting the men in our lives, Men’s Health Week (12-18th June) is getting to the gut of the problem this year and focusing on the number one health concern for men; belly fat. While a trim tum is certainly more pleasing on the eye, aesthetics aside, a high amount of belly fat leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, colorectal cancer and premature death.

  • Best Mumcation Retreat Ideas

    Experts are urging mums to take a break and go on what they now call a Mumcation, a kid-free holiday spent solo or with friends or other mums who are in dire need of me time. Taking a healthy retreat from your kids can have some serious benefits for your overall well-being. Whatever your idea of wellness is, from a spa-filled holiday in Bali to a fitness boosting retreat in Thailand, these Mumcation retreats offer the right combination of pamper time and activities to make your time away with the kids all worth the trip. Whether an outdoor aficionado or spa connoisseur, you can find everything you need to cultivate calm and channel a more balanced motherhood mindset.

  • Best Valentines Getaways for Fitness Lovers

    ‘Couples who sweat together, stay together’

    Lusting for more from your romantic getaway this Valentine’s? We share the best fitness retreats for health-conscious lovebirds. Exercise is a feel-good way to spend time together so give your relationship a healthy boost this Valentine’s Day. Studies have shown that exercising together with your partner increases feelings of love and overall satisfaction with your relationship.

    So, whether you and your better half want to break a sweat on a boot camp holiday in Marbella or venture the great outdoors hiking in Morocco, there’s something for every duo to enjoy on a couple’s healthy holiday . Beat stress and unwind, whist meeting your fitness goals on one of these couple’s fitness retreats this Valentine’s.

  • Bikini-Proof Your Body in 7 Days

    Bikini-Proof Your Body in 7 Days


    With every summer comes the sudden realisation that a winter spent gorging on comfort foods has its price. However, panicking and embarking on a crash diet can lead to future weight-gain and serious health issues. Here some leading health experts share some tips on how to look amazing in your bikini in 7 days without risking your health.

  • Bikini-Proof Your Body in 7 Days

    With every summer comes the sudden realisation that a winter spent gorging on comfort foods has its price. However, panicking and embarking on a crash diet can lead to future weight-gain and serious health issues. Here some leading health experts share some tips on how to look amazing in your bikini in 7 days without risking your health.

  • British Pursuit of Health Holidays Increases

    The days of fly and flop holidays seems to be out the window as 94% of people now seek holidays to pursue health and fitness. The Body Holiday *survey commissioned by Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made active and wellness holidays worldwide found that 85% of Brits are now willing to try a health and fitness holiday to improve their body and mind.

  • Brooke Siler; Interview with a Pilates Guru

    Brooke Siler - Pilates ExpertBrooke Siler

    Brooke Siler is the Pilates guru named one of the top pursued trainers by Vogue magazine, author of the New York Times bestselling book 'The Pilates Body' and owner of the celeb haven, re: AB Pilates studio in New York. Brooke is a certified Pilates instructor who is one of the few to have trained under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates' Protégée Romana Kryzanowska. Brooke's re: AB Pilates studio has become the Pilates destination for a multitude of stars including Zooey Deschanel, Liv Tyler, Lauren Hutton and Rachel Weisz. As the founder of the re: AB Pilates Teacher Certification program, Brooke now trains the next generation of Pilates instructors.

  • Buccament Bay: A Week in Paradise

    Buccament Bay is becoming the most talked about place in the Caribbean, a luxury five star resort with outstanding facilities which I got to experience myself. The new resort on the little island of St Vincent has exceptional facilities for the active traveller; these include a Liverpool FC Soccer School, a Pat Cash Tennis Academy, a performing arts centre with classes led by West End professionals, fitness centre and a spa. Scenes from one of my favourite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean were shot nearby.

  • Celebrate Wimbledon with a Tennis Coaching Holiday

    Tennis Coaching Holiday

    Whether you're a keen tennis player or just taking up the sport, our tennis holidays are a great match for you. Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, takes place between 24th June and 7th July and sees the best tennis players competing to win the Championships. Wimbledon hosts an incredible tournament for all fans to get involved, whether you want to watch the action from 'Henman Hill', indulge with afternoon tea as you enjoy the atmosphere or even work on your own tennis skills at the local tennis courts.

  • Claudia & Rebecca's Review of GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent

    Review of GI Jane Bootcamp in Kent

    GI Jane Bootcamp is the perfect destination for women looking to achieve their personal best when it comes to fitness. The military style exercise regime is incredibly rigorous, full of fun and the healthy meals are meticulously prepared and portioned to help your body to achieve its maximum performance.

  • Create Some Headspace on our New Mindful Triathlon Holidays

    Searching for a mindful makeover in a dream destination? Look no further as whatever your wellness whim, create some headspace and combine mindful living with a fitness practice for the ultimate mind and body experience. From oriental palm-fringed retreats in Thailand and secluded jungle stays in Sri Lanka to beachside tropical escapes in the Caribbean and luxury hotels fit-for-royalty in Spain, our new collection of Mindful Triathlon Holidays is available in 15 stunning locations around the world, offering an ideal wellness escape for the health-conscious traveller.

  • Crunches vs. Planks: The Best Exercise for Core Strength

    The Best Exercise for Core Strength

    With the ongoing surge for the illusive flat abs and toned tum, Elier Castillo, Fitness Expert at Longevity in Portugal, shares with us the best exercise for strengthening your core.

  • Dangers of Inactivity: Kick-start Your Active Lifestyle

    Dangers of Inactivity: Kick-start Your Active Lifestyle

    According to a new report published today by the respected medical journal Lancet, a lack of exercise can cause more deaths than smoking. The report said that physical inactivity in approximately one third of adults causes around 5.3 million premature deaths a year, which is more than the 5.1 million deaths that smoking causes. This comes as quite a wake-up call to those leading sedentary lifestyles and proves how important an active and healthy lifestyle is to increase your longevity.

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