Bikini-Proof Your Body in 7 Days

Bikini-Proof Your Body in 7 Days


With every summer comes the sudden realisation that a winter spent gorging on comfort foods has its price. However, panicking and embarking on a crash diet can lead to future weight-gain and serious health issues. Here some leading health experts share some tips on how to look amazing in your bikini in 7 days without risking your health.


Monday: Beat the Bloat

Beat the bloat by eating slowly and stopping when you are full

Bloating is a common problem which causes discomfort and makes you look much bigger than you are. Dr Bolvari, head of medicine at the Mayr & more clinic says "people tend to eat too much, too quickly and too late which can cause your abdomen to swell.  My rule of thumb would be to eat slowly, ensuring you chew each mouthful carefully. Listen to your body and stop when you are full". A bloat-free middle can help you feel more confident to bare all on the beach.

Tuesday: Stay Hydrated

hydration is key to flushing out toxins and giving you glowing skin

Nutritionists encourages dieters to drink more water as they try to slim down. "If your body is dehydrated it will retain any water it does have causing you to look puffy".  More water will also help to flush out any toxins and give you a healthy summer-ready glow.

Wednesday: Meditate Away Excess Weight

Meditation, vdeanta and yoga are great for helping you maintain your body

Spa Manager at Ananda in the Himalayas, Luis Guisado, claims that the key to the body of our dreams is in our minds."Desire to consume or to overindulge needs to be managed and once this is achieved the rest falls into place. This can be accomplished through meditation, Vedanta and Yoga".

Thursday: Prep Your Skin for Sun

Hammams are a great way of preparing your skin for a holiday

Spa Manager at The Spa in Dolphin Square, Catherine de Villiers, says a Hammam treatment is the perfect way to prepare your skin for a tan. "Your body is doused with warm water and a Tellak will exfoliate your skin using a Kessa glove and cleanse with Savon Noir, a traditional cleansing soap made from crushed olives and olive oil, infused with Eucalyptus. This provides antibacterial and antiseptic properties ensuring an even deeper cleanse". Your skin will be smooth, soft and ready for a fake tan for extra bikini confidence.

Friday: Go Wild With Your Workout

Group fitness class

Founder of Wild Fitness, Tara Wood, grew up running and playing in the wilds of Kenya and believes in returning to our natural habits to achieve the optimum shape. "Exercise for our ancestors was usually high intensity and this makes a massive difference to the results you get: for leanness and a more powerful and resilient body. Hard exercise (with lots of rest in between) releases human growth hormone (building muscles and organs and breaking down fat cells) and also makes you fast, strong and with a greater range of movement".

Saturday: Eat Yourself Slim

Nutritionist giving a consultation at SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic recommends the macrobiotic diet, which includes limiting meat and dairy in favour of vegetables, whole grains and locally grown foods which suit the way our bodies are designed. Eating in accordance with our nature can help you to achieve a flat stomach without starving which can actually lead to weight gain.

Sunday: Hop from Hot to Cold

Saunas are great for detoxing and boosting your circulation

The tradition of saunas and cold baths runs deep in Nordic bathing culture.  "The ritual of alternating from sizzling sauna to icy plunge pool relaxes tired muscles, detoxes and boosts circulation" says Anna Bjurstam, CEO of Raison d'Etre. This is perfect for improving skin tone and removing toxins throughout your weight loss journey. 

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