Where to Go on a Spanish Yoga Retreat

 Where to Go on a Spanish Yoga Retreat


Yoga has had the attention of people in the western world for generations, now more than ever people are embracing the benefits of yoga and are eager to integrate it into their lives. However, many people who otherwise would love to take up yoga view it as lofty discipline that is difficult to learn and access comfortably. A luxury yoga retreat can provide a fantastic introduction to the practise of yoga in a space that prioritises safety and comfort. Spain is just one of many European countries that offers a diverse range of luxury yoga retreats that are accessible and prioritise the comfort of all its participants.  

Let us take you on a tour of some of the best yoga retreats that are available to you in Spain.


Six Senses Ibiza

 Yoga by the Sea at Six Senses Ibiza

Located on the popular island of Ibiza, known for its active nightlife and party culture although less so for it’s calmer Northern side, the Discover Yoga retreat at Six Senses Ibiza gives you the opportunity to see this Spanish island from a different perspective. Enjoy its many relaxing beaches, calming crystal-clear ocean waters, and rejuvenating Mediterranean climate as you participate in spiritually recharging yoga sessions.

This retreat offers a luxury yoga experience unlike any you may have seen before – a retreat focused on the ancient practise of Hatha yoga. A discipline of yoga that date its origin back to the first century, being used to channel essential energies through the participant’s body enhancing your core strength, flexibility, and your balance. Six Senses offers a comfortable environment for you to reap all the benefits that Hatha yoga has to offer, achieving this through carefully guided yoga sessions and consultations. Designed to promote greater a much more peaceful and composed state of mind.


Information and Booking: Six Senses Ibiza


Shanti Som

Downward dog pose at Shanti Som

Yoga as a practice traces its origins back thousands of years to what is now modern-day India. In the latter half of the 20th century yoga was exported to the rest of the world, sparking a greater understanding of the spiritual, physical and detoxifying advantages that it could provide. It has been argued that as a product of its transnational appeal, yoga today has distanced itself from the tradition that is oh-so beneficial to its practitioners.

Shanti Som places this idea as the central focus of their yoga retreat, curating a luxury holiday that emphasises the traditional roots of the south Asian practise. Where you can enjoy daily group yoga classes each morning and afternoon surrounded by traditional south Asian iconography, art, and architecture, which contributes a sense of emotional and spiritual comfort as you progress on your journey into yoga. You may also benefit to the diverse range of other inclusions such as access to steam baths, saunas, and a swimming pool to keep yourself busy in between yoga sessions.


Information and Booking: Shanti Som


SHA Wellness Clinic

Personalised personal yoga sessions at SHA Wellness Clinic

There are many advantages to an exclusively yoga focused retreat, however there are also significant benefits to be derived from experiencing yoga as a component of a much broader wellness holiday. If you are looking to integrate yoga into your already existing exercise and wellness regime a retreat like this can help you gain perspective in order to balance yoga against other equally as beneficial elements.

SHA Wellness Clinic offers this exactly, hosting a litany of retreats that carefully pairs personalised private sessions of yoga with other wellness and health treatments such as massage, traditional Chinese medicine treatments, and personalised nutritional treatments. Creating the perfect environment for anyone inexperienced with yoga and naturally reluctant to commit to a solely yoga-oriented retreat – balancing yoga with other voluntary wellness inclusions such as hydrotherapy, Turkish bath, and sauna sessions makes your retreat personal to you and provides a comforting level of freedom.


Information and Booking: SHA Wellness Clinic


There are many destinations in Europe that offer luxury yoga experiences in environments that prioritise safety, comfort, and personal development. However, in our opinion Spain holds the title as being one of the best locations for a European yoga holiday. This may be considered a controversial take but consider this. Spain has a radiant Mediterranean climate, wonderful food culture, beautiful beaches, and an overall calming aesthetic. Coalescing into an environment that fosters a sense of peace and comfort, just perfect for a luxury yoga retreat. But the options available to you do not stop here, with Spain being such a large and diverse country there is still so much for you to discover as you progress on your journey into yoga.


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