Vana Malsi Estate Spa and Wellness Retreat Opens in India

We would like to introduce our amazing new spa and wellness retreat in India, which redefines the wellness holiday experience. Set in the gorgeous Himalayas, the Vana, Malsi Estate that opened in January 2014, brings together an insightful sanctuary of peace with the very best of hospitality. What makes this stand out is their philosophy of creating an exceptional and individual treatment for each and every client that walks through their doors.  Specialists base daily spa treatments on your own personal wellness objectives combined with one’s physical strength, psychological disposition, digestive power and many others. Not only does this spread to the therapies you receive, but also to the food at the restaurants, that make meals built around your specific wellness programme.


Dining at Vana Malsi Estate

Veer Singh who believes in India’s science of life Ayurveda, masterminds this innovative concept. Driven by his vision he says ‘This focus, along with the beautiful design and aesthetic of the retreat, our attention to the finer details, our sincere team, not to mention our creative cuisine, is what makes us a truly unique place in the world’. Vana is one of very few wellness retreats in the world that uses ancient Indian alternative medicine Ayurveda in its purest form. The treatments include a Panchaka program, a therapeutic way of eliminating toxins from your body. Vana also takes inspiration from therapies from around the world with the philosophical and holistic Tibetan healing, a traditional Chinese healing doctor, fitness experts and nutritionists. Together they encapsulate a wellness journey that that will stay with you for a long time.  

While Vana wellness retreat may boast an impressive amount of therapies, the estate itself is an equally if not more breath-taking environment. In keeping with its name that means forest, the design has been created to co-exist with the natural settings of Dehradun with its mountains and forests. Devised by acclaimed Spanish studio ‘Esteva i Esteva Arquitectura’, all the rooms are breathable, open spaces with bamboo flooring and neutral colours allowing reflection and positivity. This ecological approach extends to the organic bed and bath linen, home-grown vegetables and orchards and its’ very own bottle plant. Do not fear though, as its ecological philosophy does not mean luxuries are skimped over.


Entrance to Vana Malsi Estate (left) Massage table (right)

66 rooms, 16 suites, and 4 villas make up the personal living spaces of Vana. They all have the finest decorations and colours by artist Siraj Saxena whose collections of art have featured in India’s finest galleries and around the world. Smart and spacious, the modern, understated design compliments the harmonious ambience of the health retreat. No expense is also spared on its two restaurants; a nutritious culinary experience is delivered specific to your programme. Using local and organic ingredients as much as possible, the chefs are skilled at crafting delights for all palettes and diets.

To top of the Vana health retreat experience, a rich land of culture can be explored in India, a country like no other. Visit the bustling capital of New Delhi, the jewel of India the ‘Taj Mahal’ and the enchanting lakes of Udaipur. All of this can be made possible with our exclusive India Discover Recover™ holiday; a truly rewarding experience could be yours with a memorable trip to India with a stay at the Vana, Malsi Estate, a place of true health and well-being.

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