Top 5 Detox Holidays


Feeling lethargic, sluggish, and in need of a detox to flush those winter blues out of your system?  Be inspired by some of the best detox holidays around the globe to get your new year off to a healthy start.

Life can be stressful and our bodies often suffer from slow metabolism, bad circulation, and a general imbalance of our systems as a result. Detoxing is a great way to increase energy levels, clear our skin, boost our immune system and improve overall health. Following fitness routines, rejuvenating treatments and the right foods will help rid our body of toxins in a healthy and controlled way. With a carefully considered programme that suits our body and mindset, a detox holiday can be the first step to a fresh outlook and change of lifestyle.

If you want to re-energise and awaken your senses, take a look at our top five detox destinations, designed to give you a constructive range of treatments and consultations that are tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Banish those winter blues and say hello to a new, healthier you! These holidays allow you to relax and enjoy your detox in beautiful surroundings.

1. Shanti Maurice Detox


The seven day detox programme at this stunning wellness resort is designed to treat your entire body. Personal consultations with a doctor and a fitness instructor prepare you for a week of detox wraps and scrubs, an aromatherapy massage, personalised facial, meditation and yoga sessions, and daily heath and fitness classes. The Shanti resort, spread over 35 acres of tropical gardens and white beaches on the Mauritian south coast, is a perfect location to enjoy your rejuvenation.

Information and booking: Detox at Shanti Maurice


2. SHA Detox


The world's first macrobiotic wellness resort focuses its detox programme on the removal of toxins by actively purifying the body, and educating guests on how to maintain their new healthy habits. Experiment with juice fasting, macrobiotic detox specific foods, acupuncture and lymphatic drainage after consulting with a doctor and nutritionist to ascertain your specific needs. Guests are supported post-stay with a personalised post treatment health plan and receive follow up email consultations for two months.

Information and booking: Detox & Optimal Weight at SHA Wellness Clinic


3. Ananda Detox


This secluded Himalayan retreat offers a serene space to free yourself from negative thoughts. Guests are shown how to control and improve their diet, speed up their metabolism, and revitalise their body and mind. The programme begins with wellness and culinary consultations, a fitness test and a body composition analysis. A range of detoxifying baths, massages, showers, salt scrubs, aroma cocoons and a personalised yoga session will follow. You are also invited to participate in scheduled wellness activities, such as meditation, cooking demonstrations, workshops and lectures.

Information and booking: Detox at Ananda in the Himalayas


4. Kamalaya Detox


Thailand's award-winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa Resort is the perfect location for cleansing and detoxing beginners. After an initial consultation, you will experience a range of low intensity holistic therapies such as massage, meditation, sauna, yoga, and Shakti fitness. Through these you will learn how to improve your health and increase your energy, leading to rejuvenation, personal growth and optimum wellbeing.

Information and booking: Introduction to Detox at Kamalaya


5. Longevity Essential Detox


This luxurious mountain resort overlooking the Algarve coastline offers seasonal detoxing by cleansing the organs and returning harmony to your system. Enjoy massages, wraps, deep skin cleansing and personal training sessions. Through highly personalised evaluations and consultations, guests can expect improved mental clarity, inner balance, a lessening of tension and a complete re-energisation of body and mind. Expert to experience improved health on all levels including internal balance and increased vitality.


Information and booking: Detox at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel


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