• Best European Beach Spa Holidays

    Spa session at Forte Village


    The brutal winds and freezing chills of winter can make us feel sheltered and not like our usual, radiant selves. When most people think of abeach spa holiday, the Caribbean or other exotic, tropical destinations tend to come to mind when it turns out that some of the most fabulous retreats are on the beaches of Europe! Escape the cold and travelto the continent for some serious relaxation beside the sea! 

  • Samantha’s Review of Samahita

    Review of Samahita

    What is Samahita and who’s it for?


    Pool area at Samahita Retreat


    Samahita, which is Sanskrit for centered, has its origins in New York in the 1990s where founder Paul Dallaghan established Centered Yoga and was exploring all elements of yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, nutrition, alternative living and more. This journey continued through India and Thailand, where along co-founder Jutima Chombhubutr they established the early Samahita, well known simply as Yoga Thailand, in 2003.

  • The Best Beach Wellness Hotels in the Mediterranean

    The Best Beach Wellness Hotels in the Mediterranean

    Understand the true meaning of wellness holiday on any of our luxurious beach hotels in the Mediterranean. Experience a bespoke beach spa holiday with a combination of reviving treatments and an array of fun and exciting activities you can do by the ocean. Never-ending stretching coastlines, panoramic views of blue skies and seas and white sandy beaches will surely whisk your mind away from the stresses of everyday life. Dine on highly nutritional cuisine and embrace Mediterranean dishes as you reap the rewards of fresh and locally sourced food that’s as delicious as it looks!

  • Top 10 Luxury Destinations for Beach Spa Honeymoons

    The tranquil and idyllic nature of our beach destinations with the luxury spa factor is what makes them a forever favourite amongst newlyweds on our luxury healthy honeymoons. Set along stunning coastlines from the beaches of Thailand to the coves of Costa Rica, our idyllic beach spa destinations are home to some of the world’s best award-winning spa retreats.

  • Why Beach Holidays are Healthy for you

    Why Beach Holidays are Healthy for you

    If you’ve spent months in front of a computer screen, attached to your phone and surrounded by hustle and bustle of city life, a rejuvenating beach spa holiday could be exactly what you need for a healthier and happier you!

    The best part is, there are many health benefits of holidaying by the sea. Contrary to what some may think, beach holidays can be beneficial to your mental and physical well-being, with a variety of ways to enjoy your surroundings, from jogging in the sand to swimming in the sea.

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