The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World

The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World


In the wonderful world of luxury travel and tourism you come across some interesting holidays that combine seemingly disparate niches to form holidays of questionable appeal. However, the overlap between golfing and spa holidays certainly doesn’t fit into this category, combining all the benefits of a golfing retreat and a spa retreat allows a respite for you to indulge yourself and relax in between long sessions honing your skills on the course making you a more formidable golfing opponent ready to give your golfing buddies a run for their money.

If this sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck because there are some many luxury resorts in the world that fit the description perfectly, let us walk you through a few of our top spa and sports retreats picks for golfers. 



Portugal: Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel

 18-hole championship golf course at Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel

Fancy a five-star golfing retreat on an 18-hole championship golf course that features state of the art facilities and equipment? If so Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel might be the best place for you, enjoy a professional golfing experience including multiple rounds of golf, group fitness classes, and complimentary access to state-of-the-art gym facilities and personal trainers. These expert level golfing facilities and activities are paired beautifully with a collection of luxury spa and wellness amenities, giving you a respite in between your golfing days to recover with a deep tissue massage and foot release sessions. As a bonus you will also have the opportunity to fill your free time with a series of complimentary fitness and wellness inclusions on their HydroBanyan circuit, which included access to saunas, Turkish baths, jacuzzi, and a hydromassage.

Information and Booking: Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel



Portugal: Galo Resort, Madeira

Outdoor pool leading to private beach at Galo Resort, Madeira

Anyone who knows anything about golf can tell you that it is a sport that requires a high degree of focus and careful thought. As such, a calming and peaceful environment lend itself very well to the game of golf and is a fundamental for any luxury golf retreat. Galo Resort, on the blissful Portuguese island paradise of Madeira, offers a 7-day exclusive golf holiday in a serene environment that is perfect for budding golfers, weekend warriors, and professionals alike. Enjoy 7 expertly lead private golfing lessons designed to foster new skills and improve individual areas of weakness culminating in making you a more formidable golfer. In between these intense sessions of golfing, you will be given the chance to relax and recharge in their complimentary wellness area, private beach, and outdoor pool to aid you in your recovery as you prepare for the next day of golf.

Information and Booking: Galo Resort, Madeira



USA, Florida: Saddlebrook Resort

Pool and golf course at Saddlebrook Resort

There is no location in the world that is as ubiquitous with golf as Florida, hosting more than 1100 golf courses and with more than 48 million rounds being played each year the Florida golf scene is renowned with Pro-golfers and hobbyists alike. Situated on the radiant Gulf of Mexico in the countryside of Tampa Bay, Saddlebrook Resort perfectly encapsulates everything that is to be appreciated about golf in Florida. Let the warm sub-tropical Floridian climate rejuvenate you as you engage in a golfing holiday centred around training and improving your fundamentals. Achieving this through daily golfing lessons, as well as complimentary attendance to group classes such as CX-Worx, Bodybalance, Bodycombat, Zumba, cycling, Pilates, and many more! While also offering other fitness and wellness activities such as their tennis academy, cycling, Swedish massage and complimentary use of steam rooms and saunas.

Information and Booking: Saddlebrook Resort



Portugal: Conrad Algarve

Estate and luxury swimming pool at Conrad Algarve

The hallmark of any great spa and sports resorts is being able to make you feel comfortable while you work up a sweat and have fun with your chosen sport. Golf is a unique sport in that it requires a good deal of space to play the game comfortably, Conrad Algarve provides the perfect environment for a luxury golf retreat – prioritising comfort and allowing you to focus on the game. Situated on an enormous 50 hectares estate that boasts multiple 18-hole golf courses, Conrad Algarve and their stunning Golf holiday offers a game of golf for every full day of your stay as well as other inclusions such as professional golf assistance to provide support as you improve your skills with the game. In between games you may also wish to make use of there luxury spa and wellness facilities which includes complimentary access to their spa and thermal areas, to help you relax after a long day on the course.

Information and Booking: Conrad Algarve



Spain: Marbella Club

Scenic hillside overlooking the professional 18-hole golf course at Marbella Club

The best sports and fitness holidays come prepared with professionally guided tuition lead by experts in the area you wish to improve your skills in. Marbella Club offers a personalised focus in both their golfing sessions and their spa treatments designed to develop your technique, improve general fitness, and wellness as you take your game to the next level. At Marbella club you will have the opportunity to engage with multiple private golfing lessons that are intimately tailored to your golfing skills as they are on arrival regardless of your starting point. This same ethos is carried over to their spa inclusions, you will be treated to an array of massage therapies including an intense sports massage, a Golfers tonic massage, and a personalised massage tailored to your body. You may also benefit from their range of complimentary fitness inclusions such as Beach Training, Pilates, Aquafitness, and Acro Yoga.

Information and Booking: Marbella Club


Combining all the physical activity and competitive fun of a golf retreat with the relaxation and wellness advantages of a spa holiday just makes sense. With resorts around the world offering their own diverse takes on how to best enjoy this type of holiday experience, there is something for everyone whether you’d prefer long days of uninterrupted professional level golf and access to a private beach in Portugal or a series of expertly lead golfing classes and a Swedish massage in Tampa Bay. With there being so many luxury golf and spa resorts in the world, the only thing left for you to do is pick the right one for you and dive right in.


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