The Best Water Sports Holidays in Europe

The Best Water Sports Holidays in Europe


The best holidays are those that give you the opportunity to explore new and exciting environments and experience new activities that you otherwise may never have had the opportunity to enjoy. Europe is home to some of the best luxury water sports holidays and resorts in the world, from the heart of the Mediterranean to the south coast of England Europe has no shortage of beautiful natural coastline just waiting to be explored by adventure hungry travellers who aren’t afraid to get their hair wet.

Let us walk you through some of the best water sports themed holidays in Europe.


Diving at Galo Resort

Diving at Galo ResortDiving with diving propulsion vehicle at Galo Resort, Madeira

This beautiful world has no shortage of stunning natural landscapes and scenery, many of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders are to be found seemingly just out of reach underneath the crystal blue veil of the ocean – a luxury diving holiday is near enough the only way to experience the alien terrain and ecosphere that the ocean hosts.

Diving at Galo Resort gives you the opportunity to see the North Atlantic Portuguese archipelago of Madeira as it is just below its calm subtropical waters. Dive right in with multiple days of intense diving lessons which includes practice sessions in a pool before your 4 open water diving sessions designed to impart you with a high degree of practical experience and know-how for diving regardless of your experience upon arrival. Marvel at the beautiful marine world North Atlantic Ocean as you foster news skills that will be with you for life at Galo Resort, Madeira.

Information and Booking: Diving at Galo Resort


South Coast at Workout Away

Sunset stand up paddle boarding at Workout AwaySunset stand up paddle boarding at Workout Away

You don’t necessarily need to travel to far-flung destinations in order to enjoy a luxury water sports holiday, the UK and its enormous coastline has no shortage of stunning natural beauty and serene beaches that are guaranteed to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the UK and its natural landscape.

Workout Away – South Coast is the perfect holiday for anyone seeking a luxury short break that offers a combination of water sports activities with other energising fitness sessions all within the comfort and security of the UK. Look back at the village of Barton-on-Sea as you traverse the brisk waters of the Hampshire coastline during a stand-up paddle boarding session. At essence, water sports are fitness activities that can contribute an enormous positive to your levels of physical fitness and endurance. As such, Workout Away beautifully pairs paddle boarding with other equally as beneficial fitness activities including a Revive Yoga workout, coastal bike rides, core strength training, and multiple athletics workouts. 

Information and Booking: South Coast at Workout Away


Croatia Sailing Tour

Catamaran sailing boat off the coasts of CroatiaCatamaran sailing boat off the coasts of Croatia

Some of the most exclusive and radiant locations in the world are only accessible by boat – this may dissuade the majority of travellers, but for those intrepid travellers seeking an adventure holiday it’s the experience of a lifetime.

The Croatia Sailing Tour takes its guests on an adventure around the coast of Croatia to explore all the hidden beauty and stunning natural wonder that the Dalmatian coast has to offer. Enjoy 7 days of non-stop sailing, boarded on a yacht, as you traverse the Croatian coast making frequent respites at port-cities and at a few of the more than 1200 islands and islets scattered throughout the country’s waters to explore hidden beaches and ancient Roman ruins. See Croatia like you’ve never seen anywhere before, sink below the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea on guided snorkelling sessions or explore the peaceful island of Korčula by kayak as you take in all the hidden natural beauty that the everyday traveller will never experience.

Information and Booking: Sailing Tours - Croatia


Surf & Yoga at Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel

Surfing lessons with Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa HotelSurfing lessons with Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel

The history of Portugal has always been closely linked to the ocean, in the days removed from its involvement in the age of exploration Portugal doesn’t stray far from its sea-fairing roots. The culture of the country continues to be closely linked to the water, as can be seen in the food, leisure activities, and luxury resorts that the country is world renowned for today.

Palacio Estoril perfectly embodies how the Portuguese travel industry places the ocean at the centre of its appeal. Enjoy multiple surfing lessons in the municipality of Cascais, a region within the Lisbon district, and tours its crystal-clear waters. Or you may enjoy their many spa and wellness inclusions such as a full body and a head & shoulders Banyan tree massage, yoga, and Pilates classes. As well as many other complimentary water themed spa treatments including unlimited access to the dynamic pool, Hydro-Banyan Circuit, saunas, jacuzzi, and Turkish bath.

Information and Booking: Surf & Yoga at Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel


Family TimeTogether™ at Marbella Club

Stand up paddle boarding across Costa del Sol at Marbella Club Stand up paddle boarding across Costa del Sol at Marbella Club 

We all lead our own unique and complex lives with responsibilities that require our full attention, there are a tremendous amount of Family beach and water sports holidays serving to accommodate those who are responsible for small children and large families who otherwise might feel that most luxury water sports holidays are inaccessible to them.

The Family TimeTogether™ holiday at Marbella Club, in the radiant Costa del Sol in Spain, offers a fun and luxurious experience for the whole family including water sports activities such as a choice of between either Stand-up paddle boarding or Kayaking. As well as other family-oriented inclusions such as family yoga, a family hike, and horse riding. This resort also offers guaranteed baby-sitting services and an optional kids club, giving parents a respite to enjoy some of the complimentary inclusions on offer such as use of spa and gym facilities and access to daily fitness activities including Beach Training, Pilates, Aquafitness, Functional training, Acro Yoga, Hatha Yoga and many more!

Information and Booking: Family TimeTogether™ at Marbella Club


Fusion Fitness™ at Pine Cliffs Resort

Poolside area at Pine Cliffs ResortPoolside area at Pine Cliffs Resort

All water sports holidays are in essence fitness holidays with many activities that fall under the umbrella of water sports being proven to improve participants cardiovascular health and fitness, but not all fitness holidays can provide the sheer enjoyment and fun that is inherent to water sports holidays. Fusions Fitness™ at Pine Cliffs Resort offers an intense and highly regimented fitness holiday that seamlessly combines water sports activities with other traditional fitness sessions to comprise a well-rounded exercise holiday designed to leave you feeling energised in the long term. Take part in their cardio pathway, enjoy water-oriented exercises such as swimming, aqua Zumba, and their ‘pool challenge’ while you also engage with other fitness activities designed to improve cardiovascular fitness including Tabata, calorie burning workouts, and Body fit. To enjoy all the physical benefits of the water you will also be granted unlimited access to the indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, and jacuzzi.

Information and Booking: Fusion Fitness™ at Pine Cliffs Resort


Take the plunge and try something new with a luxury water sports holiday. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family, the diversity that exists within water sports and ocean theme holidays means that there is something for everyone, enjoy an exciting diving holiday and explore the depths of the ocean as a single traveller or take the family on an exciting paddle boarding and kayaking holiday in Spanish Mediterranean. Gaining new skills and make lasting memories with a luxury holiday experience unlike any other.


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