The Best New Wellness Holidays for 2024


We’re very excited to announce 6 new wellness holidays for 2024, further adding to our extensive luxury health retreats. Offering well-being enthusiasts more choice than ever and catering to every kind of health and fitness aspiration, there’s now an even greater range of leading wellness retreats to benefit from all around the world. With a mystical 7 night wellness getaway to Greece from £640 to a visit at one of the world’s leading medical resorts in Mexico from £7,000, our latest selection of heathy holidays accommodate various budgets helping as many people to live healthier and happier lives into 2024 and beyond. 

So, whether it’s a refreshing winter wellness escape to the picturesque Dolomite mountains, or an eye-opening and enriching cultural adventure in the warm Qatari climate, there truly is a healthy holiday for you. But it runs deeper than that; from exclusive yoga retreats in Portugal to brand new world-class medical facilities in Costa Mujeres, these destinations will have created not just extra flavour, but truly life-changing moments for wellness travellers of all kinds. 


SHA Wellness Clinic, Mexico 


For a truly transformative wellness holiday, SHA Wellness Clinic of Costa Mujeres, Mexico, opens its doors for the first time in 2024. Just 8 miles from Cancun, the breath-taking natural beauty of the coast sets the stage for a transformative experience. SHA’s army of leading practitioners specialise in several areas of wellness, offering some of the best programmes including detox holidays, weight loss retreats and preventive ageing. Boasting some of the top wellness experts in the health space, with each utilising the most advanced facilities and scientific literature to optimise results for each and every guest, a stay here promises profound changes. 


More information: View SHA Wellness Clinic Mexico 



Retreat Away Matt & Saz Yoga Retreats, Portugal 


An adventure to the gorgeous Algarve in Portugal for a yoga holiday offers so much more than it may seem. Using yoga to promote a sense of community and togetherness, veteran practitioners Matt and Saz have masterfully integrated an all-too-often forgotten, yet vital part of the experience into their wellness journey, one that emphasises the importance of connection with those around you. 

The days on this luxury wellness retreat will fly by as you spend time perfecting your yoga practice, embarking on boat excursions, and relaxing in the spa together as your share laughs with your new yoga family. 


More information: View Retreat Away Matt & Saz Yoga Retreats 



My Arbor, Italy 


My Arbor is a unique treehouse resort that effortlessly blends in with the surrounding natural beauty of the stunning Dolomites, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of northern Italy. During winter months as the snow falls, there are few spectacles that compare. This fascinating architecture is home to one of Europe’s most prestigious wellness retreats.  

Whether you seek a wellness experience focused on mental, physical, or spiritual health, or a combination of all three, the seven wellness programmes available will allow you to do exactly that. From ayurveda holidays to life coaching retreats, or just simply indulging in utter bliss and luxury, you’ll find it all with a wellness escape here.  


More information: View My Arbor 



Chenot Palace Weggis, Switzerland 



Pioneers of the wellness space, Chenot Palace Weggis has spent the last five decades building upon their knowledge of health, medicine, and nutrition, resulting in the Chenot Method®. This game-changing approach expertly combines the best of Western and Chinese medicine with a revolutionary low-protein diet, allowing guests to indulge in delicious, nutritious food whilst feeling all the benefits of a fasted state. 

Commence this innovate seven-day journey to wellness with the detox, well-ageing, or rest and recovery programmes in this calm, picturesque Swiss setting - encompassed by an untouched lake and dramatic mountain ranges, this will be a luxury spa holiday to remember. 


More information: View Chenot Palace Weggis 



Mythical Coast Wellness Retreat, Greece 



Mythical Coast Wellness Retreat is nestled away on the enchanting island of Lesbos. Boasting immense beauty, charming hidden villages, and landmarks with great historical significance, this stretch of land has so many stories to tell and is perfect for the wellness traveller who loves a hint of mystery and discovery on their wellbeing retreats. 

During their stay, guests will find true value working with an expert nutritionist and learning about their bodies. From yoga, aerobics and scenic hikes during the day, to letting loose with blissful spa therapies and traditional Greek music and poetry throughout the evenings, this is set to be a luxury spa holiday for the ages. 


More information: View Mythical Coast Wellness Retreat 


Qatar Discover Recover, Qatar 



For the adventurers at heart, this voyage through Qatar’s rich and fascinating Middle Eastern culture offers memories for a lifetime to discover. From flying over the colourfully lit city of Doha to exploring its revealing museums with artifacts more than 1400 years old. Racing over the undulating sand dunes deep into vast desert, and setting sail once desert meets sea to explore the wildlife of the mangroves. 

When the adventure is over, visit Zulal Wellness Resort for a truly luxurious recovery on this healing holiday. Indulge in a fine array of traditional wellness therapies such as the signature Tadleek and Al Qadam, personalised to you. 


More information: View Qatar Discover Recover 


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