The Best Detox Retreats to Visit in 2023

Swimming Pool at COMO Shambhala


Whether you’ve had a period of overindulgence (and who hasn’t over the last year and a bit?) or you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2023 and beyond – a detox retreat may be just what the doctor ordered!

From cleaning up our diets to even stopping smoking – many of us have the very best of intentions, but sometimes fall short of achieving our healthy living goals at home. This is where a tailored detox holiday differs – it’s an all-encompassing reset for your mind and body, a cleanse for your system and a lifestyle improvement. Between meditative exercises, balanced nutrition, and spa treatments from lymphatic drainage to hydrotherapy, you’re sure to feel lighter, brighter, and energised.

With this in mind, we have selected some exceptional detox retreats for you to visit as part of a healthy holiday in 2023. Set sail on your wellness journey to glow with health and be free from the toxins which inevitably build up in our bodies resulting in less energy, tired skin and lowered immune systems. From beautiful mountains and greenery in Italy to the soft sand and turquoise blue waters of Bali, there is no better place to start afresh than surrounded by nature, with experienced professional support which is combined in all our detox holidays. What more could motivate you?


Thailand: Comprehensive Detox Rejuvenation at Kamalaya

Kamalaya in Thailand is a fantastic place to visit for a detox retreat

Kamalaya’s detox retreat is a clever and research-based comprehensive option for those who want visible results in a holistic and life-nourishing setting. Combining herbal remedies and natural therapies from vital essence oil massages to lymphatic drainage, you will wash out all the unwanted toxins from your body and find your mind cleared to a state of soothing peace. Alongside your detoxifying meals, enjoy daily yoga classes or circuit training if you want to turn up the heat before unwinding in steam cavern or diving into a plunge pool. End your stay knowing you have enhanced your health on all levels with the perfect wellness holiday in Thailand.

Booking and Information: Kamalaya


St Lucia: Detox at Bodyholiday

A trip to the BodyHoliday in St Lucia is a great idea for a Caribbean detox getaway

Spas and detoxing go hand in hand, targeted treatments like body wraps cleanse and moisturise the skin, whilst soothing massages clear the mind – so why not embark on a luxurious spa holiday that will positively impact both body and soul?

BodyHoliday takes a 360-degree approach to detoxification by interlacing ancient Eastern and modern Western therapies ranging from infrared facilities to Ayurvedic massages. The all-inclusive wellness retreat promises a nutrition and lifestyle consultation, locally sourced cuisine, daily spa treatments and personal training. Explore the blue waters snorkelling or the picturesque Caribbean landscape hiking, you could even have a tennis lesson, try fencing, and enjoy live music. Return home detoxed, relaxed and with a new perspective on your health.

Booking and Information: Bodyholiday


Bali: Detox at COMO Shambhala Estate

Bali is a fantastic detox destination - as it COMO Shambhala estate

Purify your system in enchanting Indonesia at COMO Shambhala Estate, where a personalised detox holiday, set amongst the lush jungle canopies is guaranteed to make you feel renewed.  Spa holidays in Bali benefit hugely from the island’s ancient ties to wellness and Ayurveda that are incorporated into every aspect of your stay from treatments to meals and beyond.

Plunge into a positive and healing experience with a wellness consultation to ensure a bespoke stay, nutrient rich meals, and daily treatments from massages to hydrotherapy. Make the best of this dream-like setting with rice-field treks, rock climbing and daily Pilates classes. Let’s not forget your free body lotion and oil gift set and the services of a personal assistant – you’ll forget the definition of worry here!

Booking and Information: COMO Shambhala Estate


Italy: Detox at Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

The detoxifying mountain air at Lefay makes it perfect for a detox retreat in 2023

Lefay has taken a detox retreat to a different dimension, you will be inspired to level-up your healthy lifestyle and rediscover your joie de vivre on this healing holiday! Consultations from wellbeing experts and professionals guarantee the most personalised experience. Overlook the stunning Lake Garda with mountain views as the backdrop to a variety of signature detox treatments from mud wraps to facial cleansing rituals, alongside daily Qi Gong and meridian stretching classes. Lefay is dedicated to making you feel your very best through research and knowledge, from an intolerance test, to boosting your energy with specific reflexology treatments, to ensuring the longevity of your journey by teaching you how to continue cleansing your body at home.

Booking and Information: Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda


Spain: Intensive Optimal Weight & Detox at SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic is the standout option for 2023 detox retreat

Detoxification has long been used as part of weight-loss retreats to cleanse our systems of built-up toxins, fats and pollutants to unhinderedly and enthusiastically hit the reset button!

Moments from the wildly popular beaches of the Costa Blanca, is the SHA Wellness Clinic, a white-on-white retreat, focused on the best treatments driven by western medical advances. Step into the clean lean macrobiotic way of eating with personalised diets which are pivotal to detox, that in itself will do wonders for your body and liveliness. Combine this with lymphatic drainage, toxin-expelling massage and even cryotherapy sessions, alongside daily activities including walks and cooking classes. This life-changing experience will give you immediately visible results and place you perfectly to triumph your long-term goals with knowledge, motivation, and belief in yourself!

Booking and Information: SHA Wellness Clinic


A detox holiday will do wonders for your health, energy levels and brighten the glow of your skin. You can make a detox retreat what you like from a spa to a fitness infused holiday, dive as deep as you like from juicing to a gentle cleanse. Reveal in serene settings, expert advice at your fingertips, a clean body and refreshed mind to embark on a healthier chapter in your life where your happiness and wellbeing shines through.  

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