Our Top Picks for Singles Health Holidays

Our Top Picks for Singles Health Holidays

Now more than ever people of all ages are embracing the benefits that solo traveling has to offer. Everything from a heightened level of personal freedom to the greater opportunity to meet and engage with new people are advantages of singles holidays that cannot be understated. Single holidays present the perfect opportunity for individuals to prioritise their personal medical needs and improve their overall health. There is a very diverse range of luxury health retreats on offer to solo-travellers, many of which are specialised to improve specific areas of your health including weight and diet, sleep, immune system response, and ageing.

Without further ado, discover our top picks for singles health retreats below:


Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic

Woman lounging by the pool at SHA Wellness Clinic on a singles health holiday

 Relax by the pool at SHA Wellness Clinic

Maintaining your health isn’t always the easiest task, that is why health retreats that not only boost your health but also provide you with the necessary tools and insights to keep up healthy habits are so important. SHA Wellness Clinic takes you to the radiant Alicante on the Mediterranean coast of Spain to soak up the sun while you participate in their diverse range of health activities and clinical treatments.

Among the most interesting is their Rebalance and Anti-Smoking programme, which pairs lung and general health examinations with habitual mindfulness training to dissuade future smoking. Or participate in one of their multiple detox and gut health programmes, that utilises complex medical examinations, dietary couching and planning designed to provide you with a renewed level of energy and improve overall digestive health.

A consistency between all the programmes that SHA offer is their focus on improving your health in perpetuity, allowing you to move on from your luxury health retreat with better awareness of your health and wellness.

Information and Booking: SHA Wellness Clinic


Austria: The Mayr Clinic at Park Igls

 Group run session at Park Igls, an Austrian Health Retreat

 Group fitness activities at The Mayr Clinic at Park Igls

Straddling the alps, Austria’s Park Igls is the perfect destination for a hidden mountain European retreat for singles and groups alike. Located in Austria’s western state of Tyrol, just a stone’s throw from the centre of the state’s capital, Innsbruck, the Mayr Clinic at Park Igls offers a unique grouping of health and medical programmes to provide something for everybody regardless of your starting point.

Choose from a diverse range of luxury medical retreat, including the Immune System Booster programme that serves to increase natural immunity through treatments such as intravenous drip therapies with activated oxygen. Alternatively, improve your musculoskeletal health and reduce the effects of persistent pain by participating in the 7-day Mayr Physio retreat that includes a daily Kneipp treatment and a full body massage.

You may also benefit from their complimentary group lead exercise sessions that allow you to socialise with other like-minded individuals also seeking a luxury health experience.

Information and Booking: Park Igls


Thailand: RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat 

 Woman being helped into a hyperbaric chamber at RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat in Thailand

Hyperbaric chamber treatment at RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat

Thailand is well known for hosting some of most renowned health retreats and medical spas in the world, this is due in part to the peace and serenity that the landscape naturally provides, as well as the large population of well-educated wellness and health experts. RAKxa Medical and Wellness Retreat perfectly exemplifies all that Thailand has to offer in terms of holistic therapies whilst expertly combining them with medical treatments to achieve optimal outcomes.

Choose from a variety of programmes, such as their Immunity Booster retreat which leverages specialist consultations by doctors and a comprehensive blood test to deliver immunity supporting treatments that includes a blood ozone IV and Immune fight IV infusion. They also offer a Long Covid retreat. Designed to counter the prolonged effects of Covid-19, the Long Covid programme combines the previously mentioned doctor consultations with a slew of medical treatments including hyperbaric chamber sessions.

Take advantage of where you are to meet new people through their complimentary daily fitness and leisure activities at no extra cost. Or, if after a long day you prefer just to relax and unwind you can make use of the saunas, vitality pool, chill shower, and cool plunge pool. Topping of your night with a visit to the complimentary mini-bar before heading of to bed.

Information and Booking: RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat


Portugal: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel

 The pool area at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel

View from the pool at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel

The luscious coastline and climate of the Portuguese Algarve paired with the stunning boardwalks and restaurant culture provides the perfect backdrop for any singles retreat. The Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel provides a comprehensive list of holistic health treatment, medical consultation, and health spa programmes.

This includes their Weight Loss retreat, that utilises consultant guided examinations such as a biophysical and lifestyle evaluations to prescribe the further health treatments that you’ll undertake. With treatments such as cryotherapy and manual lymphatic damage being used in combination to foster healthy weight loss. This luxury resort can also help you fight the signs of aging through their Rejuvenation and Anti-aging retreat which uses treatments such as medical pressotherapy and nutritional consultations to combat the seen and unseen signs of aging.

You may also enjoy the complimentary services available on most of their retreats, such as access to saunas and heated detox relax pools. Where you can relax and unwind while looking over the fishing village of Alvor, Portugal.  

Information and Booking: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel


Italy: Preidlhof 

 Woman walking in the hills at Preidlhof

Hillside overlooking Preidlhof

The north-western region of Italy juxtaposes the rocky Alps Mountain range against the shallow luscious valleys of South Tyrol beautifully and creates the perfect environment to detoxify, regenerate, and heal. Preidlhof luxury wellness resort offers a retreat like no other, pairing stunning natural views with heavily specialised health programmes.

Choose from a range of treatments that including their menopause programme that provides care for those experiencing the symptoms of Menopause, with services that including multiple medical consultations, water massage, and acupuncture. Or improve your quality of sleep through the Sleep Better retreat, which utilise sleep observations assessments to provide insight into your sleeping habits. Providing a jumping off point to begin other treatments such as acupuncture and sleep massage.

Solo travellers may also benefit from a range of activities that can be enjoyed by singles and groups alike, such as their complimentary walking meditation sessions which allows you to take in all the radiance of the Italian alps and form connections with new people all whilst improving your fitness and clearing your mind.

Information and Booking: Preidlhof


There is an enormous amount of diversity that exists in the market for luxury single traveller health holidays, that cater to a wide variety of medical and health requirements. Solo holidays provide you with a much-needed respite from the routine of daily life, returning rested and revitalised. So why not take some time to yourself and enjoy one of the luxury health retreats that can be entirely tailored to your needs.


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