Flying High: Aerial Yoga and its Amazing Benefits

Aerial Yoga and its Amazing Benefits

Surrender to the force of gravity and enjoy your yoga pose favourites!

If you like yoga and would like to book a yoga holiday, you might just love Aerial Yoga! This craze, also known as AntiGravity Yoga, has swept the globe, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele Bündchen and Kourtney Kardashian advocating it.

What is it?

If you have ever fantasised about becoming a part of Cirque Du Soleil, Ariel Yoga could be for you. The practice combines traditional yoga with aerial arts for a total body workout and is the practice of performing conventional yoga poses while suspended in a fabric hammock or swing.

Elaine from Uplift Active says. “It is such a great way to provide guests with a unique sensory experience!”

What Are the Benefits?

  • Greater Flexibility. While suspended, you have more freedom of movement and, with gravity’s help, you can push your body into new positions and deeper stretches than traditional yoga allows. 
  • Stronger Muscles. Because gravity is pulling against your body, your muscles are working harder than usual to keep you balanced.
  • Stress-Relief. Classes are low-intensity and zen-like allowing you to drop into your zone.
  • Spinal Decompression. Spinal realignment and decompression is one of the myriad of positive side effects that aerial yoga enthusiasts enjoy. We spend so many hours of our day hunched over a desk, computer or phone screen. All of this has a huge impact on your spine.


Top Tips

  • Aerial Yoga should be taught by a certified instructor
  • Wear fitted and comfortable clothing to aid flying
  • Remove jewellery to avoid catching or snagging on the hammock
  • Go barefoot
  • Get a good grip and avoid slathering with body oil beforehand!
  • Don’t attend class on an empty stomach – eat a light meal about one hour before
  • Avoid acidic liquids before class

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Find your own reason to fly on one of our yoga holidays:

Nestled at the foothills of the mystical Mount Taygetos, with its own private pine forest, this retreat in Greece exudes tranquillity and natural charm to keep you motivated and mentally balanced throughout your fitness break. The expansive garden has different areas dedicated to the five elements; water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Here is where you practice aerial yoga and meditation amongst the olive trees, all of which is personalised to suit experienced yoga gurus as well as enthusiastic beginners.

Yoga studio Euphoria
Yoga Studio at Euphoria. Image courtesy of Euphoria Retreat / Health and Fitness Travel

Originally a royal private residence on the sparkling Spanish Costa del Sol, this luxurious Mediterranean hideaway is situated within beautifully lush gardens overlooking the ocean, making it the perfect healing holiday. Experience the ancient art of Tibetan singing bowl rituals and guided meditation to draw your attention to the present or play with turning your world upside down in Aerial yoga and strengthen your practice further with a blend of yoga styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini and even Yogalates. Return home with a new understanding and value for the art of mindfulness.

Aerial yoga at Marbella
Image courtesy of Marbella Club / Health and Fitness Travel

Fly from a yoga swing overlooking Bali’s north-eastern coast of black sand and volcanic mountains, and feel the true serenity of a Balinese spa holiday. Experience a healing wellness journey with every spa treatment beginning with a The Segara Giri ritual, where your feet will be cleansed by the local volcanic sand to purify the self of negativity and encourage spirituality. Also embracing local Balinese culture; take part in Balinese dancing classes and creative workshops, including traditional wood carving.

Aerial yoga
Image courtesy of Spa Village / Health and Fitness Travel

With a wellness approach encompassing a mixture of luxurious, inspiring spa treatments and joyful activities to boost mood and energy, explore the stunning landscape of Southern Italy during by bike or boat, before you unwind with private yoga sessions in the spacious Iyengar yoga studio. Hang upside down under the guidance of the resident yoga guru and truly feel the multiple benefits of your yoga practice for the mind and body, equipping yourself with tools with which to take home.

Image courtesy of Borgo Egnazia / Health and Fitness Travel

Nestled among 47 hectares of beautiful gardens and white sandy beach, Sardinia’s luxurious Forte Village is where nature, fine dining, sport and wellness unite to create an unforgettable healthy holiday experience. With world class personal training and well-being activities including Aerial yoga, provides expert insight into how to reach your long-term wellness goals through fitness and nutrition. See the world through inverted eyes under professional guidance, and learn how this practice can increase your longevity and cardio performance.

Image courtesy of Forte Village / Health and Fitness Travel

Practice yoga on the beach overlooking the sands and sparking waters of the Atlantic coastline. If yoga is your passion and you have always been interested in learning or continuing your existing practice, then this yoga holiday will give you a good foundation. The beachfront yoga pavilion sets the scene for this healthy holiday with three scheduled daily group classes from sunrise to sunset yoga. Unwind with a traditional Moroccan hammam treatment and relaxing massage and enjoy a variety of group fitness classes and activities from mountain walks to beach circuit training.

Image courtesy of Paradis Plage / Health and Fitness Travel
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