5 of the Best Summer Weight Loss Holidays

If you are tired of trying to squeeze into those old pair of jeans but don’t have the time in your hectic daily life to workout as much as you’d like, a healthy summer holiday may be just what you’re looking for. Instead of another fly-and-flop holiday that takes you further away from your ideal weight, utilise that precious time on a healthy weight loss holiday to begin achieving your goals. The perfect time to exercise outdoors, kick-start your weight loss this summer in idyllic destinations worldwide, from Spain to Thailand.

Not just about achieving your perfect weight, but also maintaining it, learn to live a healthier lifestyle with expert guidance from medical doctors and wellness therapists as you transform your mind set and your body through a combination of healthy eating, group fitness classes and personal training sessions. Whether practicing yoga in India, Tai Chi in Malaysia, or boxing in Thailand, keep active during the day before allowing your body to recover with luxury spa treatments and refuel with healthy cuisine.

Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary Weight Management 

 group yoga at Absolute Sanctuary

Enjoy group yoga classes to lose weight at Absolute Sanctuary

Improve your lifestyle this summer on a healthy weight loss holiday in exotic Thailand. A dream destination for a spa holiday, enhance your weight-loss with cleansing spa treatments, including colon hydrotherapy sessions and a detoxifying seaweed wrap. Combine healthy cuisine with nutritional weight management supplements to kick-start your weight loss break and flush out any bad toxins with the juicing options available. Shape up with personalised fitness sessions and group fitness classes, from yoga to Thai boxing. Designed to help you learn to live a healthier lifestyle, increase self-awareness and manage self-conrtol through consultations with fitness and nutrition experts.

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Spain: SHA Intensive Weight Loss & Detox

 SHA Wellness Clinic Tai Chi

Discover the incredible effects of Tai Chi on your body at SHA

Take weight loss seriously this summer on a healthy holiday in the south of Spain is the perfect way to help increase your vitality and improve your well-being. Focusing on reducing sugar levels and lowering cholesterol through a carefully constructed gourmet diet plan and the guidance of professional consultations, SHA teaches you how to approach food healthily. Ideal for an intensive detox holiday, challenging personal training sessions will boost your metabolic rate whilst detoxifying spa treatments and hydro-colon therapy sessions will enhance your cleanse. Make the most of healthy cooking lectures and group classes, including yoga and Tai Chi, to help you reach your ideal weight.

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Malaysia: The Banjaran Weight Loss

 Healthy food at The Banjaran

Indulge in delicious, healthy foods at The Banjaran

Change the way you think and learn to lose weight on a healthy holiday in Malaysia. Enjoy luxurious gourmet dishes full of organic fruits and vegetables, and request tailor-made healthy diet plans to ensure you stay on track after your wellness holiday. Receive support from Chinese Medical and Ayurvedic doctors to guide you through your journey in the form of wellness consultations and luxury spa therapies. Work hard in the group fitness classes, ranging from boot camp to yoga, and combat problem areas in your own personalised training sessions.

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India: Shreyas Weight Management

 Yoga at Shreyas with musician

What a peaceful way to lose weight at Shreyas

Boost your health, fitness and self-esteem on this life-changing weight-loss holiday in India for a long-term transformation of your well-being. Great for an active holiday, witness dramatic changes to your body in 14 personal training sessions over the duration of your intensive weight loss retreat, and push yourself even further with additional jogging, power walking and swimming every day. The perfect destination for a yoga holiday, tone your body in numerous private yoga classes and learn how to integrate this practice into your daily life. After a busy day, heal your body with a choice of Ayurvedic spa treatments for a holistic approach to your well-being.

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The Philippines: The Farm Organic Weight Loss

 Personal training at The Farm

Reap the benefits of personal training at The Farm

Combine physical exercise with healthy eating for effective weight loss on this healthy retreat in the Philippines, a perfect destination for a singles holiday. Take advantage of the nutritional support available, in combination with award-winning raw vegan cuisine and detoxing juices that will help to speed up weight loss in a healthy and nutritious way. Ideal for a fitness holiday, discuss your goals in an assessment session with your personal trainer, and put what you learn into practise in the group fitness classes, including circuit training, ab-blaster and fitness rounds.

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