• 5 of the Best Yoga and Spa Retreats

    The crème de la crème for any yogi looking for an added touch of luxury relaxation, by combining the expert instruction of yoga retreats and the rejuvenating therapy of spa holidays, achieve optimal well-being with our best yoga and spa retreats. The perfect way to rebalance body, mind and soul, spa enthusiasts can relax even further by giving their mind some love and care too. With personalised yoga sessions and heavenly spa treatments to replenish in each day, our yoga and spa retreats will help you to feel renewed both on the inside and the outside. From Thailand to St. Lucia, discover our top picks for worldwide yoga and spa retreats, which offer the perfect platform for yoga and spa enthusiasts to unite their passions.

  • 5 of the Most Effective & Intensive Weight Loss Holidays

    Whether you are shedding the pounds with personal training sessions in Spain or are learning to cook healthier meals at a wellness retreat in India, with our 5 most effective and intensive weight loss holidays, you’ll have everything you need to kick-start your weight-loss regime.

  • 5 Reasons Men Should Practice Mindfulness on a Meditation Retreat

    5 Reasons Men Should Practice Mindfulness on a Meditation Retreat

    The art of mindfulness teaches your mind to let go of stress by focusing on the present and connecting with your present thoughts and emotions. Although the practice has never been deemed intrinsically male by nature, with many men battling stress on a daily basis, it is important for men to exercise mindfulness to achieve inner-balance and stability. You can learn the practice through mindfulness retreats however, there’s no limit to where you can be mindful. Give up a moment of your day, even for a few minutes and you’ll soon reap the benefits of mindfulness in no time. Take a look at our 5 reasons for men to practice mindfulness and learn to control your thoughts, so that they don’t control you.

  • 5 Relaxing Spa Holidays in the Mediterranean

    Relaxing Spa Holidays in the Mediterranean

    Need some time out to re-energise your body and soothe your mind? These five relaxing spa holidays in the Mediterranean will do just that and more, enhancing your health and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and replenished. Taking a break away from your hectic schedule will not only refocus your mind and ambition, but will offer a different light with which to approach work situations. Whether you go to Spain or Malta or Cyprus, the end result of boosting your well-being will be achieved at all of these five relaxing spa retreats. Soak up the Mediterranean atmosphere and inhale the fresh air as you enjoy the highly nutritious and delicious cuisine.

  • 5 Solo Friendly Group Fitness Retreats

    Give yourself the fitness overhaul you need this year on a group fitness retreat where you can work towards your goals alongside like-minded individuals. Whether you want to kick-start weight loss with daily bootcamp workouts or you’re looking to tone and strengthen your body with Pilates and kettlebell classes, achieve your fitness goals with the support of good company. 

  • 5 Spa Holiday Treatments with the Wow Factor

    5 Spa Holiday Treatments with the Wow Factor

    With hundreds of spa treatments boasting a variety of health benefits, how do you know which is best suited to you? From traditional Ayurvedic healing to modern Western techniques, there are many different types of spas that offer you the chance to improve digestion, cleanse your pores and increase mental clarity. We have rounded up our top 5 luxury spa treatments with the “wow” factor so you can match holistic therapies to your personal wellness goals. Personalise your spa holiday with the best healing spa remedies on offer, from Shirodhara in India to Chi Nei Tsang in Thailand. Combat emotional imbalances, detox your body and feel refreshed with our favourite spa treatments at our best-selling and award-winning spa retreats.

  • 5 Stress Management Holidays in Aid of National Stress Awareness Day

    During National Stress Awareness Day, health care professionals and experts join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of the modern day stress epidemic. But health care workers themselves, notably GPs with their busy workload, are at high risk of suffering from the effects of stress. Prospect Health, a leading health care recruitment company, recognises this and has teamed up with us to offer GPs and other medical staff an exclusive discount.

  • 5 Unforgettable Wellness Retreats Around the World

    5 Unforgettable Wellness Retreats Around the World


    Unplug from the daily grind and find the perfect escape for your much-needed R & R with these 5 wellness retreats around the world. Experience the benefits of a healing holiday whilst you surround yourself with beautiful mountains, stunning green landscapes or sandy beaches, and indulge in a variety of spa treatments and holistic activities. From a COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali to an eco-luxe hotel hidden in the lush green woodlands of southern France, these wellness retreats are guaranteed to rejuvenate and revivify your mind and body.

    Bali: COMO Shambhala Estate

    Como Shambhala Estate in Bali


    Aptly situated 20 minutes away from the sacred Campuhan river in Ubud, Bali, COMO Shambhala Estate is a holistic sanctuary for well-being and transformation. This award-winning luxury is surrounded by lush tropical jungle, fantastic scenery, and River Ayung. It boasts luxury accommodation alongside a variety of wellness offerings such as holistic healing, spa, detox, and yoga. They also offer transformational programmes designed to address specific issues in your life be it rejuvenation, detox, or fitness. Leave with a new sense of self, armed with the skills and knowledge to continue your wellness journey long after your stay.

    More information: View COMO Shambhala Estate

    Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary

    Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand

    When it comes to all-inclusive wellness holidays, there’s nothing quite like Absolute Sanctuary. Located on the North-Eastern side of Koh Samui, also known as the island of healing, this wellness escape is the personification of health and restoration. Choose from a wide array of programs that offer different solutions including detox, weight and stress management, fitness, lifestyle change and more. For keen yogis or Pilates fans, this is the place for you. It caters to beginner and experts alike, boasting three fully-equipped yoga studios and a dedicated Pilates reformer studio. Absolute is a blend of luxury, relaxation, and health-giving activities perfect for the discerning wellness traveller.

    More information: Absolute Sanctuary

    Philippines: The Farm at San Benito

    Woman at the beach in the Phillipines


     Located on the foot of Mount Malarayat, secluded in the jungle, The Farm at San Benito is a slice of tropical heaven on earth. Indulge in a boutique spa holiday with daily yoga sessions and a whole gamut of treatments at the award-winning spa. Treat your taste buds and refuel with a nourishing vegan menu to complement your pursuit of overall health and wellness. The atmosphere is also eco-friendly where a lifestyle of sustainability is well observed and adapted in every aspect, sourcing products locally, minimising waste, and even enforcing strict diving etiquette to protect the nearby marine ecosystem.

    More information: The Farm at San Benito 

    France: Lily of the Valley

    Forest Bathing at Lily of the Valley in France


    Bathe in the crisp woodland air of southern France at Lily of the Valley where your well-being is at the front and center. The retreat espouses an approach of overall wellness, achieved through a combination of holistic spa treatments, clean eating, and the ambiance of an exceptionally beautiful natural environment. Take your oms outdoors as you practice yoga and meditation facing the Mediterranean coastline. Eat healthy bespoke meals, go on mountain hiking, and sleep well in your room with the backdrop of Gigaro hills. This secluded wellness haven will let you feel closer to nature whilst still enjoying the comforts of a luxurious wellness break.

    More information: Lily of the Valley

    Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic

    Healthy food at SHA Wellness Clinic


    Taking wellness to another level, SHA is a five-star medical spa destination that encompasses the best of Eastern and Western philosophies to promote optimal health. Set near the beach in L'Alfas del Pi, SHA is inherently blessed with a stunning vista conducive for any wellness pursuits you may have. A range of physical activities, lectures, cooking classes and spa therapies are on offer depending on your chosen program. SHA is also the world's first macrobiotic wellness resort, featuring a healthy cuisine designed to bring balance to your life. Outside the retreat, explore the nearby town of El Albir, which has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes to explore.

    More information:SHA Wellness Clinic


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  • 5 Ways to Wake Up Healthy

    Ways to Wake Up Healthy


    We all have those days—when we feel tired the moment we wake up and unable to resist crawling back to bed. Sometimes we feel mentally foggy or irritable, it’s no surprise that we go through a lull in the middle of the day when even a smidgen of energy seems impossible. Getting a quick natural energy fix can be really easy by switching up your daily routine or escaping on a sleep retreat to banish lethargy and rediscover a good night’s sleep. Wherever you are in the world, start your day right as we share five healthy ways to energise your morning!

  • 5 Winter Wellness Spa Breaks in Europe

    Winter Wellness Spa Breaks in Europe

    If you are looking to get away for a dose of winter wellness without the stress that comes with long haul flights, we are here to help with our top 5 winter wellness spa breaks in Europe. A far more convenient and better value option to travelling half way around the world in search of winter sun and exotic beaches, Europe still has plenty to offer. From yoga retreats in Spain’s stunning Andalucía region, to stress relief breaks in the tranquil forests of France, return home from your winter wellness break feeling completely rejuvenated.

  • 6 Amazing Locations for a Yoga Holiday

    Amazing Locations for a Yoga Holiday

    Yoga calms the mind and revitalises the body; nothing helps this more than a yoga retreat with a spectacular view and beautiful surroundings to melt your troubles away. Whether you want to practice yoga with a sea view or surround yourself with beautiful Tuscan countryside; discover a number of breath-taking locations around the world to enhance your practice on our relaxing and invigorating yoga holidays.

  • 6 Days of Yoga and Pilates Bliss

    Overlooking the beautiful Monchique hills and coastline, I knew Longevity Wellness Resort in Portugal would be the perfect setting for us to hold our own yoga & Pilates retreat with renowned health expert and Fitness TV Presenter Angie Newson. The exclusive five night retreat started on 5th September at this luxurious health and wellness retreat with a full itinerary of daily yoga and Pilates classes and other added activities which included; Cardio box, Aqua fit, power hiking, sunset walks, cookery lessons, wellness workshops and more.

  • 6 Mountain Yoga Retreats

    Mountain Yoga Retreats


    If you are in search of a tranquil setting for a re-energising yoga retreat in a far flung destination, then look no further than our exclusive selection of yogi holidays concealed within picturesque mountain regions across the globe. From the secluded beach setting of Oman’s Musandam Peninsula secluded by a rocky mountain terrain, to the tranquil calmness of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, each mountain yoga retreat seeks to connect your inner well-being with its stunning mountainous surroundings. Open your mind and body to the beautiful scenery as you enhance your practice during highly personalised yoga sessions and the group classes on offer at these unique mountain yoga retreats.

  • 6 of the Best Mountain Holidays for Single Travellers

    Whether you want to get away for a short relaxing spa break or step out of your comfort zone on an exciting trekking adventure, these mountain holidays will surely deliver. From the majestic Himalayas to New Zealand’s Southern Alps and the Red Mountains of Utah, these healthy breaks are handpicked to provide the best in mountain escapes, with each providing diverse and thrilling experiences for the solo wanderer. Offering open-air activities all year round, connect with like-minded single travellers on an active mountain break. Reconnect with nature and make new friends as you soak up the Vitamin D and revel in the great outdoors surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. 

  • 6 Tips For Relaxing And Unwinding on Holiday

    Tips For Relaxing And Unwinding on Holiday

    Whether you simply want to take a healthy break or feel severely burnt out, escaping your daily life for a while will work wonders for your well-being. Enjoy the beautiful sunset during a romantic evening spent in the mountains or fall asleep to the calming sounds of the purling ocean waves and find out what works best for you to unwind and de-stress.

    While holidays are meant to be an escape from your stressful life, they can easily turn into an exhausting journey if you don’t consider a few points. So let us help you ease into it as we share our six best tips to make the most of your relaxing getaway.

  • 7 Life-changing Singles Holidays

    Embarking on a singles holiday offers the perfect chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life whilst meeting like-minded individuals. From Thailand and India to Croatia and Cyprus, there are a host of idyllic locations for you to spend your solo travels. Meet fellow travellers as you take part in a range fun-filled activities including hiking, water-sports and climbing to get those fitness levels soaring. Unwind at the end of the day with one of many luxurious spa treatments, from Ayurvedic therapy in Thailand to salt scrubs in Croatia. So, get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget as we share our top seven life-changing singles holidays.

  • 7 of the Most Luxurious and Relaxing Spa Retreats

    Most Luxurious and Relaxing Spa Retreats

    Looking for a much-needed luxury spa break from the pressures of your hectic lifestyle? Why not treat yourself to some well-deserved ‘me’ time, on a spa retreat where you can do nothing but relax, rebalance and refresh. Whether you crave the secluded serenity of the Himalayas or prefer the sun-soaked shores of the Algarve, relax like royalty in one of the most luxurious spa holidays in the world. 

  • 8 Best Detox Retreats for 2014

    The Christmas period is full of fun and festivities, but it's also a time of over-indulgence, with a diet based mainly on sugary and fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol, leaving us in need of re-energisation. The New Year provides a perfect time to bring in a new you and a healthier lifestyle, which can be kick-started by a luxury detox holiday. After the festive period, our body's natural detox system can struggle to deal with the harmful substances in your body, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

  • 8 Best Spas for Weight Loss

    8 Best Spas for Weight Loss


    If you find yourself struggling to shift those extra pounds, take the time to re-assess and learn a healthier lifestyle in the lap of luxury with our 8 best spas for weight loss. Through a combination of indulgent spa treatments, fitness classes, nutrition and educational lectures, our healthy spa holidays will help you learn not only how to achieve, but how to maintain your ideal weight long-term.

  • 8 Destinations for Grown-up Kids to Take their Parents

    Taking your parents to a magnificent retreat to the most beautiful places our world has to offer, will strengthen the family-bond and can be a great way to thank them for all they may have done for you. Not all parents are the same, however there are ones who love nature and animals, there are sporty ones and there are ones who just want to have a relaxing time, not worrying about anything at all. So here are some suggestions for family retreats for every type of parents, from active and adventurous moms and dads to culture and luxury loving parents, we’ve got you covered:

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