• Give Mum a Mind and Body Break this Mother's Day

    Up the ante from the predictable box of chocolates this Mother’s Day and treat mum to the gift of wellness with our rejuvenating European BodyBreaks. Whether your mum is a yoga guru, fitness fanatic or spa enthusiast, she will love the opportunity to tailor-make her wellness break with a range of activities, group exercise classes and luxury spa treatments. From a Cretan getaway overlooking the Mediterranean, to the lush mountain region of Lake Garda in Italy, these healthy European escapes will be just the break Mum needs to revitalise her mummy mojo.

  • Gluten Free Foodie Holidays for Coeliac Awareness Week

    More than just a fad diet, eating gluten free is in fact vital to individuals suffering from a condition called coeliac disease. A lifelong autoimmune disease in which the small intestine reacts with hypersensitivity to gluten, this reaction leads to difficulty in digesting food. According to Coeliac.org.uk, this disease is affecting approximately 1 in 100 people with over 80% of this number remaining undiagnosed. With an increasing demand for nutrition friendly retreats offering gluten free cuisine we share our top 5 gluten free healthy foodie holidays, opening the doors even wider to a world of gastronomic globetrotters.

  • Gold List 2015 Winners

    Health and Fitness Travel congratulate all the winners of the tenth annual Luxury Travel Magazine Gold List Awards. The Gold List honours premier luxury travel experiences around the world, as selected by Australia's voters and we were delighted to see three healthy holidays receive well deserved awards.

  • Grand Park FX Mayr Clinic Detox Holiday

    Are you in need of a serious detox spa holiday? Leading Luxury Destination Spa, Grand Park Hotel Health & Spa, near Salzburg, is pleased to announce that it will be holding a specialist FX Mayr Clinic detox holiday from the 7th May to the 17th August 2013.  

  • Healing Through Aromatherapy

    Our sense of smell often plays a keen role in our well-being than most of us realise. It's a sense that we can thank for distinguishing flavour, discerning safety, and even for triggering memories. Through this sense, aromatherapy holds an avenue for healing and is a rejuvenating experience, perfect for a healing holiday. Have you ever smelt the aroma of lemon or mint and felt refreshed and invigorated? As simple as it seems, that is the gateway to the concept of aromatherapy.

  • Health and Fitness Travel on ITV Daybreak & Lorraine

    We're starting the year as we mean to go on and appearing on ITV1 everyday throughout this week, having sponsored a big prize giveaway on prime time morning TV shows Daybreak and Lorraine, to win a fabulous holiday in St Lucia. Running five times every day this week, one lucky viewer and three friends will walk away with a dream holiday to The BodyHoliday, LeSport in St Lucia provided by HealthandFitnessTravel.com.

  • Health and Healing at Grand Park Spa

    Liane WeberLiane Weber

    Dr Liane Weber is a General Physician and an internationally-trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor. She is one of the medical Consultants at Grand Park in Austria as well as at the nearby Gastein Healing Caves where she is renowned for her work with rheumatism. At Grand Park Dr Weber offers the popular "Retreat" therapy which combines Tuina massage and low-dose laser acupuncture to restore balance, improve energy and blood flow, strengthen the immune system and promote emotional wellbeing.


    Interview with a Chinese Medicine Doctor

    What inspired you to become a medical doctor and specialise in complementary medicine?

    As a teenager I worked in a hospital and I was really aware of the importance of the relationship between patients and nurses and doctors. It inspired me to think about how I wanted to work in my life. When I was studying to be a doctor, we did not have the option to study complementary medicine so it was not until later, and after my own personal experience with TCM, that I started to study and practise it.

    Since my teenage years I have suffered from acne. I went to so many doctors, took a lot of medication and nothing really helped. Finally I went to a homeopathic doctor who told me that my acne comes from a milk protein allergy. I was sceptic, but as I stopped eating dairy my acne went away without medication. That is what sparked my interest in complementary medicine. My goal is to combine the best of both western medicine and the Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat my patients in the best possible way.

    What are guests on your Retreat therapy programme looking for?

    My focus is rehabilitation so most of my patients come to me with chronic pain, joint and back problems. I also get a lot of patients for which western medicine has offered limited positive results. Thus I have people with asthmatic diseases, decreased immune system, burn-out and chronic fatigue syndrome. I also see guests that want to maintain or improve their health condition. I am a huge advocate for preventive health care so I enjoying working with the patients that come for regular treatment.

    Tell us the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

    Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successfully treating people for over 5000 years. The approach is different to Western medicine in that it considers the whole body's condition and then recommends quite a complex treatment - from Tuina massage, acupuncture and herbs to exercise, moxibustion, cupping, nutrition and tips for lifestyle. TCM is especially good for improving chronic diseases and also in preventive medicine. I love that in ancient China people went to the doctor and paid him when they stayed healthy. If they got sick the doctor helped but did not get paid!

    Pool at Grand Park   Gardens at Grand Park

    The spa's indoor pool and the picture scenery surrounding Grand Park

    Another popular programme at Grand Park is the Healing Caves. What are the Gastein Healing Caves and who should visit them?

    When they first went looking for gold in the Radhausberg Mountain, the inhabitants of Gastein weren't to know that they would find something far more valuable: naturally occurring low levels of radon gas.  This 'Tauern Gold' as it is affectionately known, combined with the caves' perfect humidity and 37-41.5°c temperature, has been scientifically- proven to help restore homeostasis in the body and strengthen the immune system.  The gas, taken in through the skin and lungs, helps activate the body at a cellular level. Mild alpha radiation is released, stimulating self-healing of the body.

    Scientific research has shown the treatment to be particularly beneficial to patients with musculoskeletal and joint disorders, as well as respiratory and skin diseases. Even after a long day skiing in the Alps, the healing properties of the caves can help alleviate any aches and pains. Devotees of the Gastein Healing Caves report being able to live pain-free for over a year afterwards.  Many get their doctors to refer them under medical insurance for regular 'top-up' visits to the Heilstollen to enable them to be less drug- dependent.

    What is included in the Grand Park Healing Caves programme and what are the benefits?

    The programme includes a medical consultation from a doctor at the beginning and end of programme. Each Grand Park Healing Cavesprogramme is tailored to the individual and changes according to the concern -rheumatism diseases, arthritis or Ankylosing Spondylitis but there are 4 Gastein Cave or Heilstollen treatments and 2 radon thermal baths, 1 Tuina/Acupuncture treatment and a consultation about nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, physical treatments and exercise.


    Healing Caves at Grand Park

    The Gastein Healving Caves

    What advice and guidance do you give to your clients during their consultations?

    1. The most important thing is everybody should try to have a healthy, seasonal, organic diet and take regular exercise, according to your age and condition, every day. It is never too late to start


    1. A good night's sleep (for approx. 6-8 hours prevents you for diseases and burn-out)


    1. Self-development - for improving your physical and mental condition. "The Way" is the key of life. The world is full of such interesting things, why not discover it by yourselves. "For never before is the history of the world has the door of opportunity been flung so wide" (Orison Swett Marden, 1850-1924)


    1. Healthy emotional expression, natural self discipline as well self respect and patience are also the keys for inner happiness and success. If you think about the Bamboo, for the first four years it doesn't appear to grow at all, it just develops roots. In the fifth year it grows eighty feet. Many things in the life are like that. You might not see immediate benefit or change but if you keep trying and stay patient, eventually a tremendous success or harvest will result.


    1. Do not forget your humour every day. Anger or sadness decreases the power of your immune system


    For more information visit Grand Park.
  • Health and Well-being at The BodyHoliday

    Manoj KutteriDr. Manoj Kutteri

    Dr. Manoj Kutteri is the Wellness Centre Director at The BodyHoliday in St Lucia. He has worked in the spa and well-being sector for over a decade, and has been in the Caribbean for the last 10 years working with health and well-being teams in Grenada and St. Lucia.  He holds a Master's Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Degree in Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Yoga Therapies. Prior to his arrival in the Caribbean, Dr Kutteri practiced at both hospitals and wellness centres in his native India. He is also involved in developing regional standards for health and wellness within the Caribbean.


  • Healthy Holiday Offers for Summer & Autumn

    Escape on a healthy summer holiday or autumn break with our top travel offers in luxury destinations around the world. From single traveller discounts in Ibiza to family holiday savings in Crete, these healthy holiday discounts offer a variety of fitness classes, sports, wellness activities and spa therapies to enhance well-being.

  • Healthy Holidays for a Romantic Valentine's Day

    With Valentine's Day approaching, it's not too late to book a break away for a truly romantic and healthy getaway. We recommend our top five romantic and healthy holidays for couples this year.

  • Healthy Holidays over the New Year

    Start your New Year the right way by jetting off to an exotic destination on one of our healthy holidays. From a yoga, spa and surfing holiday in Morocco, to an activity and fitness holiday in the Caribbean; you’ll be able to keep active and boost your fitness levels on one of our tailor-made healthy holidays over the New Year, while your body reaps the rewards. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to improve your health, why not try a weight loss holiday in India or a detox holiday in Oman to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? All of our healthy holidays feature luxury spas complete with a range of therapeutic treatments and expert wellness therapists to ensure you’re able to relax and unwind on your New Year wellness getaway.

  • Healthy Holidays over the New Year

    Start your New Year the right way by jetting off to an exotic destination on one of our healthy holidays. From a yoga, spa and surfing holiday in Morocco, to a detox holiday in Oman; you’ll be able to keep active and boost your fitness levels on one of our tailor-made healthy holidays over the New Year, while your body reaps the rewards. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking to improve your health, why not try a weight loss holiday in India or a detox holiday in Oman to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? All of our healthy holidays feature luxury spas complete with a range of therapeutic treatments and expert wellness therapists to ensure you’re able to relax and unwind on your New Year wellness getaway.

  • Healthy Honeymoons™ Infographic

    Begin your happily ever after on one of our luxury Healthy Honeymoons™, from beach wellness to cultural & wellness honeymoons; and luxury spa to activity honeymoons. Take a look at our useful infographic for interesting facts and figures; inspiration for where to go, and exciting Healthy Honeymoon™ ideas. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your dream romantic escape.

  • Healthy Vacation Destinations Celebrities Swear By

    When celebs are looking for a relaxing escape or to get into action hero shape, the crème de la crème of healthy vacation destinations are here to satisfy their well-being. If you’re dreaming of your next wellness getaway, why not score some inspiration from your favourite celebrities and icons, for an extra special holiday fit for the stars. From luxurious private islands to remote exotic beaches, these A-list worthy wellness retreats will make you feel like a VIP as you sample luxurious spa treatments, practice your asanas or soak in the captivating atmosphere.

  • Holiday Like a Celebrity

    Would you like to holiday like a celebrity? They are often seen relaxing in magnificent holiday destinations when they want to escape the pressures of their paparazzi fuelled life. We, too, require a quick getaway from our daily working life so that we can be transported into our own personal paradise. But in today's world, you can go on these breaks without a large bank account and enjoy your next health and fitness holiday.

  • Holidays for Couples with Different Hobbies

    Saving couples from the relationship aftermath of ‘opposites attract’, we share our top hobby holiday solutions for couples with different interests. With some hobbies making obsessives out of their followers, golfers want to golf and yogis want to yoga, but for the other half who doesn’t share the passion, these hobby holidays offer the solution for duos of all kinds, whether family or friends. Eliminating the need to leave the other half at home, planning a couples holiday no longer has to be an act of sacrificial compromise.

  • Holistic Living and Wellness with Stephanie Rault

    Stephanie RaultStephanie Rault

    Wellness Consultant at Absolute Sanctuary, Stephanie originally became a therapist to fulfill a passion in empowering others to improve their health and happiness  and inspire them to lead healthy lifestyles. With over 10 years of experience, she is able to work with her clients in a flexible, fun and caring way, creating a safe and supportive environment while exploring what really works for them. Stephanie not only conducts wellness consultations but also private sessions in clinical hypnotherapy, intuitive life coaching and smoking cessation programmes. 

  • How a Holiday Can Boost Your Immune System

    There is no doubt that taking a break from dull weather can be the perfect relief from stress and anxiety. But looking a little closer, the real benefits of going abroad lie under the surface, in your immune system. Keeping your physical health in check is hugely important, and booking yourself a holiday could give your body a much-needed health kick by ensuring you eat well, drink well and exercise, alongside providing you with natural therapies and treatments to boost both your immunity and your mental wellbeing.

  • How can I benefit from Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. It treats patients by inserting thin needles into acupuncture points in the skin and is based upon the same belief as reflexology; that energy, or Qi, flows through the body in channels, called meridians, and if disrupted can cause illness. When the needles are inserted into the appropriate points it is said that one's flow of energy starts to be brought back into balance and therefore relieves the patient of their illness. Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of health conditions but is also used as a more general healing method.

  • How Family Holidays Could Improve the Health and Well-Being of Children

    health and wellbeing of children on family holiday

    With worrying statistics that almost a third of children aged between 2 and 15 are overweight or obese1, and recent warnings that children are bingeing on social media like they would junk food2, it would appear there is a health pandemic amongst our youngest generation. To break the vicious cycle of unhealthy habits, we urge that families need to provide healthy experiences to promote positive well-being for their children. From encouraging exercise and good nutrition, to taking active and healthy family holidays, parents can take small steps towards creating the foundations for healthy behaviours that will last their children a lifetime.

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