Where to Go for Winter Wellness in 2022/2023

Woman sitting down and relaxing, looking at views on a Winter Wellness retreat


With winter soon approaching, you may be anxious of the impact that the disappearing sun and biting cold of the season to come can have on your health, particularly if you already find yourself prone to illness. Don’t let the winter blues get you down - trade freezing shivers for warming wellness as you absorb vitamin D on your luxury well-being escape. Put a fresh pep in your step with our immune-boosting retreats for some health advancement and winter sunshine! Let’s unveil where you should go for your perfect winter wellness retreat in 2022/2023: 



Rejuvenation & Immunity at Ananda in the Himalayas, India 

Pool view at Ananda in the Himalayas Winter Wellness retreatSoak up the sun by the pool at Ananda in the Himalayas


Discover your inner equilibrium as you embark on this revitalising immune-focused retreat. Take some time to fully immerse yourself in this holistic experience of Ayurveda therapies, emotional healing sessions and cleansing therapies shaped to your personal needs and evaluated via consultations with wellness experts. Unfortunately you can’t take the Himalayas home with you, however you certainly can equip yourself with some invaluable health knowledge from cooking demos, lectures and workshops that will aid you in helping your immune system remain on high power long after your stay. Other compliments of your stay include yoga and fitness classes, and daily use of their phenomenal hydrotherapy facilities, furnished with a Kneipp hydrotherapy foot bath and heated lap pool. This is immune-boosting done in style! 


Information and Booking: Ananda in the Himalayas 



Immune System Booster at Park Igls, Austria

Lady relaxing at Winter Wellness retreat at Park Igls, AustriaRelax on your immune-boosting retreat at Park Igls


Shine a light on your immune system with this immune-boosting retreat, located in the serenity of the Austrian Alps! With access to exclusive wellness facilities, lab tests and therapies, you are likely to return from your stay being more resilient to illness than before. Feed on a Modern Mayr diet plan, personalised to your needs and gain knowledge from lectures and presentations that will equip you with the knowledge that you need to maintain and elevate your new level of higher immunity. Experience workouts in nature, Nordic Walks, Qi Gong, aqua jogging and many more active sessions to reboot your body. Take your gym workouts to a new extent with panoramic views, followed by a swim in the pool, full body massage and a laze in the sauna! Complimentary mental and lifestyle management and guidance will give you the confidence that you will need for your continued journey of tending to your wellness both physical and mental. 


Information and Booking: Park Igls



Experience Winter Wellness with an Immunity Reset at Euphoria Retreat, Greece

Beautiful scenery on a Winter Wellness retreat at Euphora Retreat, GreeceBeautiful scenery at Euphoria Retreat


Home to transformational wellness retreats and a holistic spa, Euphoria definitely delivers the perfect winter wellness experience! With a focus on long-lasting healthy lifestyle improvement, this retreat offers you inclusions such as personalised nutritional therapy and guidance, personal training sessions and their bespoke Feel Alive Again massages. Physiological tests will be carried out to ensure that Euphoria meets your own personal needs so you leave feeling energised and confident in your body’s defensive abilities. Treatments of acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, mind detox and forest energy walks will stimulate you both internally and externally. Follow them up with a renewing salt room session or recuperate in the holistic spa equipped with a dream of amenities such as a Finnish sauna, hydrotherapy jets, a cold plunge pool and a steam bath. Receive professional health education by attending complimentary lectures, cooking classes, as well as access to pilates, Chi Gong and fitness classes. Leave feeling reinvigorated and ready to feel healthier and happier long after you depart. 


Information and Booking: Euphoria Retreat 



Immune System Booster at Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda, Italy

Stunning views of the sea and mountains in Italy at winter wellness retreat at Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di GardaMesmerising views of the sea and Italian mountains


Dive into elevating your immune system with this innovative spa retreat, beautifully nestled in the surroundings of Italian waters and mountains. Uniquely being Italy’s first eco-friendly spa destination, your entire stay will surely be a warming blend of a peaceful health experience. Start with a detoxing welcome ritual salt-water pool session, personalised consultations and therapies such as reflexology, phytotherapy and individualised dietary prescription. Melt with a variety of body massages - of which includes specific energy tuina massages. Immerse in therapeutic Energy walks in the majestic gardens, cellular repair treatments, Qi Gong. Loosen your body with Meridian stretching and overlook the glistening Lake Garda. Are you ready to experience this Italian immune boosting haven? 


Information and Booking: Lefay Resort and Spa Lago Di Garda 



Immunity and Resilience for Winter Wellness at Kamalaya, Thailand

Tempting pool views on winter wellness retreat at Kamalaya, ThailandSerene views at Kamalaya


Kick start your immune boost with this empowering health retreat! The tropical beauty of Thailand will be the enchanting surroundings throughout your stay as you fortify your mind and body with an Eastern approach towards building up internal strength. Touch base with professional wellness consultations at the beginning of your stay, and check-ups throughout. Uncover a refreshed feeling of wellness with mindfulness training, Bioresonance therapy and Chinese medicine practices. On top of Pranayama, Reiki and yoga sessions, you will have complimentary access to spa facilities of plunge pools, a steam cavern, as well as Fitness facilities - plus a paradisal private beach! Maximise your wellness with Kamalaya's offerings of herbal supplements and remedies and traditional Asian food soaks and massages. Experience a brand new lease of life and immune elevation with this luxurious health retreat! 


Information and Booking: Kamalaya 



Redefine your immune system’s capabilities with an energetic charge of wellness and rest. Vitamin D is vital for your immune system’s function, but is much more scarce in the winter months with little sun being around. Alignment, strength and resilience will be your new best friends in the face of illness, helping you to reclaim your health and put your flag on your well-being after your stay. Take the well-needed stride towards an immune-boosting retreat in the winter sun, your body will thank you for it. 


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