Top 5 Fitness Spa Breaks in Europe

Top 5 Fitness Spa Breaks in Europe


As the heat rises and the winter layers of clothes lessen, every year summer prompts us to ditch the couch and lace up our trainers in pursuit of our best beach body. Instead of hurrying to your nearest Spinning class, why not book a spa holiday that will boost your health and fitness whilst offering relaxation too with 5 of the best spa breaks for summer fitness.

Combining body busting workouts with revitalising spa treatments, tone up in luxurious destinations from Greece to Spain on a healthy summer holiday. Once the sole retreat of pampering and relaxation, spa retreats are increasingly offering more fitness activities and workouts; from circuit training to Pilates Reformer, as an active complement to slimming spa treatments. Embark on a summer spa break that will return you home in better shape than when you left.

Madeira: Galo Ayurveda Relaxation

Galo Yoga Fitness

Rediscover full body well-being this summer on a healthy spa break in the southern coast of Madeira, a friendly destination for a singles holiday. With the advice of Ayurvedic Doctors and lifestyle consultants, tailor your daily spa treatments to suit your needs; whether working to encourage weight loss, cure insomnia or sooth lower back pain. Ideal for an Ayurveda spa holiday, combine detoxifying spa treatments with healthy cooking classes and daily Ayurvedic meals to cleanse and revitalise your body. Enhance your well-being journey with daily yoga and meditation sessions, together with a variety of fitness classes, from BodyPump to Zumba and spinning to Pilates.

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Portugal: Longevity Wellness Booster

Longevity massage

Whether you need a complete lifestyle makeover, or just crave a luxury spa break, escape to Portugal’s stunning Algarve coastline this summer and discover your best self at Portugal’s leading thalassotherapy and medical spa. With medical consultations and biophysical evaluations, the wellness experts at Longevity will analyse your current body condition, and get you quickly started on your personalised relaxation and well-being transformation. A great destination for a fitness holiday, between marine inspired spa treatments, shape up with a personal training session and enjoy a range of complimentary fitness and well-being activities including slim circuit, Pilates, healthy living workshops and much more.

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France: Lily of the Valley Wellness


Situated in the heart of the French Riviera, you’ll be amazed at how much your body can transform in such a small amount of time at this luxury spa retreat. Ideal for a healthy weight loss break, Lily of the Valley offers a range of alternative therapies to combat the toxifying elements of modern living. A dream destination for a summer detox holiday, feel the benefit of personalised private coaching and a choice of complimentary group classes. Strike that balance between wellness and enjoyment at Lily of the Valley.


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Portugal: Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa Wellness Booster


Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa is set in the stunning Algarve region of Portugal. Indulge in a well-being spa holiday this summer that draws from the best of its natural surroundings, ideal for a beach spa holiday. Release your skin’s natural glow through thalassotherapy and marine inspired spa treatments, utilising the therapeutic properties and natural minerals found in sea water, mud and seaweed. Renowned for its effects on stress relief, weight loss and muscle healing, this specialised spa holiday covers a range of wellbeing needs. Achieve a healthy body boost during your stay with a variety of group fitness classes, including, Pilates, Fitball and yoga.

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Spain: Shanti Som Healing Retreat

Embrace a healthier lifestyle this summer at Shanti Som’s in Southern Spain, an ideal destination for a healing holiday. Aimed at those on the edge of burnout and who need to revitalise tired bodies and minds; a garden of waterfalls, streams and fountains and a spectacular mountainous backdrop, provides the serenity you need to de-stress and reenergise your life. Give yourself the gift of holistic health with restorative Ayurveda spa treatments, re-connect with nature during daily stress releasing nature walks and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with daily yoga and meditation.

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