The Life of a PR and Marketing Intern at a Travel Agency

Having taken three years out to travel before I went to university, completing an internship and gaining some experience in a ‘proper’ work environment prior to finishing my degree was high up on the to-do-list. The thing was (and this had always been my problem), what was I actually interested in? So, after a brief deliberation, I doubtfully took to Google… ‘health’ ‘fitness’ ‘travel’ ‘internship’. Low and behold, I came across this very page, and how pleased I am that I did!

Louisa internship

Louisa at Health and Fitness Travel HQ

From the outset, I was given responsibility. Whilst the brimming inbox of tasks felt daunting at first, being thrown into the metaphorical deep-end had a plethora of advantages, namely, the speed at which I learnt. It also strongly encouraged task management and an ability to prioritise. As a self-declared perfectionist, differentiating between assignments that require a lot of time and attention, and the tasks where efficiency is key, was a huge learning curve, and a skill that will bode well for me when entering my final year of study.

An aspect of the internship that I particularly enjoyed was the blog writing. Primarily used to developing research papers and scientific articles, discovering informal writing, and how language can be used so exquisitely to describe, set tone, and create atmosphere was an interesting change of pace. Having begun writing blogs on a few pre-decided themes, I took the opportunity to suggest a topic of my own, one that I felt would be both interesting and informative. Getting my idea accepted and published on the website affirmed that even as an intern you can make decisions that have lasting impact.

I would highly recommend the PR, Product and Marketing internship to anyone with an interest in wellness and travel, and whilst I have learned some fantastic skills, the greatest thing I will take home, is an understanding and clarity of the direction I wish to take when heading out into the real world for good!


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