The Fundamentals of Functional Training

The Fundamentals of Functional Training

Shining the spotlight on functional training, Daniel Blanco Galindo personal trainer at Marbella Club in Spain, shares the benefits of adapting our fitness schedule to our lifestyle needs.

Daniel Blanco Galindo Personal Trainer

Personal trainer at  Marbella Club, Daniel Blanco Galindo, discusses the benefits of functional training

Functional training is all about working the body to better cope with the activities of daily life. For example, if we find ourselves doing lots of heavy lifting in our jobs, then our exercise routine should focus on improving the muscles responsible for this type of action. However, if our job requires us to be fast paced for long periods of time, then we would be better off adapting our fitness sessions to enduring aerobic work. In this way, we have a clearer guidance of and motivation for staying healthy.

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Daniel shares his refreshing approach to fitness at Marbella Club

This way of approaching fitness provides a refreshing approach to the one size fits all fitness routine. However, there are still constraints upon our fitness schedule that are controlled by factors such as a lack of free time, stress, the search for visible targets and our ability to meet repetitive physical challenges, both in the short and medium term. These circumstances thus produce techniques which are best suited to meeting our needs:

  • Bodyweight exercise
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Running
  • Use of free weights, resistance tubes and/or suspension training
  • Flexibility exercises


Bodyweight Exercise Marbella Club

Enjoy Bodyweight Exercise at Marbella Club

Bodyweight Exercise

This is an easy way to exercise as the only thing we need is our body. It can be done anywhere and at any time. It gives scope for many different types of exercises, as well as how often you repeat them, all ensuring a variety of stimuli for doing variations. This factor also increases willingness to do the exercises, providing means of motivation and entertainment.

Its popularity has grown mainly for its efficiency and effectiveness in the time spent on it. High-Intensity Interval Training is a model which connects very effective methods of aerobic exercise with objectives such as weight loss. Recently, its effectiveness has been demonstrated on cardiovascular health and metabolism.

Improving our aerobic endurance will help us meet goals such as weight loss and better cardiovascular health. Running is easy and can be done in any open space. It creates a state of well-being and generates a certain euphoria, releasing hormones which improve stamina and self-esteem. It is therefore addictive and motivating.

Free Weights, Resistance Tubes and Suspension Training 
The equipment we use for this type of training also bears a close relationship with the factors mentioned above. These can help to improve muscle strength, build muscle, and work on all the body in general, allowing greater calorie intake. However, they are also very useful on the more precise level of working on the weaker points of the body.

Working on flexibility allows us to decrease the risk of injury, as well as helping to overcome stress and improving the sensation of well-being and mind-body balance.

The why of functional training 
If our training programme can be oriented or designed around the needs of our life, it is therefore going to be practical, useful, sustainable and easier to take on. In achieving this, we therefore implement the very principles of "functional" exercise. Here at Marbella Club, we are continually putting these proposals into practice to ensure a balanced and healthy exercise programme. Even if our goals for functional exercise are sports based (including preparation for it or dealing with a particular stress that stems from it), then this approach provides all the necessary ingredients to establish a healthy, rewarding outcome.

 Fitness Training Group Marbella Club

Functional training at Marbella Club  ensures a balanced and healthy exercise programme

Tips for putting it into practice: 
If this type of training seems interesting, keep in mind these 6 top tips

Warm up correctly- Make sure to include a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes of aerobic exercise (for example skipping, running, cross-training or rowing), as well as moving all the joints using wide movements.

Work on the core muscles- In your routine, include exercises to work on the abdomen and lower back, as well as the pelvis and hips

Add some resistance to movement- Use appropriate loads and the methods mentioned above (e.g. weights, bands, or TRX) which generate the need for greater effort or stability

Do circuit training- It is a good way of making your training session more effective and quicker. It also allows you to meet several goals using different exercise machines, alternating parts of the body and different capabilities. Furthermore, reducing recovery time increases aerobic fitness and cardiovascular health

Improve your cardio with intervals- With running or any other form of aerobic exercise, the best way to increase stamina is to lengthen the exercise times and reduce recovery time.

Find the appropriate environment- One of the best ways to ensure you stick to your training programme is to make sure you have the right environment to do it in. Make sure that where you train is nearby, pleasant, offers the possibility of working in the open air, and has professionals on hand to give you advice.

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Train on the beautiful beach in Spain


This is a guest blog post by Daniel Blanco Galindo, personal trainer at Marbella Club in Spain. If you would like to book a holiday at Marbella Club, enquire online here, talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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