Inside RAKxa’s New Authentic Eastern Retreats with Dusadee Tancharoen

RAKxa’s New Authentic Eastern Retreats


Today we’re going to be delving into one of RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat’s newest programme collections, Authentic Eastern. You might be thinking to yourself, how are these new programmes different to the ones already on offer from RAKxa? Well, with helpful insights from the resort Managing Director Dusadee Tancharoen, all of your important questions will be answered! So, keep reading for some great information surrounding these new programmes and to find out if they may be perfect for you to embark on during your special wellness journey! 


1. You’ve recently introduced a new range of ‘Authentic Eastern’ programmes. Can you describe what they are and which areas of wellness they adhere to for people that don’t know? 


Our new Authentic Eastern programmes have been created to help those in the post-pandemic era that wish to kick-start their wellness journey in a gentle yet comprehensive way. It is aimed at those who want to travel but to do so with care, those who want to boost immunity and know themselves a little better. These new programmes not only strengthens immunity and reduces inflammation but also help guests to relieve both mental and physical stress on the body. They focus primarily on holistic treatments, tailored for each individual guest, with added on medical treatments if appropriate for particular needs.


2. Following on from this, how are these programmes unique compared to the programmes you already offer? 

RAKxa's regular programmes include specific medical lab test for guests who want deeper diagnostic results about their current state of health - from blood levels to DNA tests. The RAKxa Authentic Eastern Programmes focus on traditional healing methods, while still having medical doctors' input and optional medical treatments to complement the holistic journey. Mandatory lab tests that other packages require are removed however, guests will still receive consultations and initial diagnostic check-up from our medical doctors, physiotherapists and wellness experts. Guests are also encouraged to bring their own medical test results that they may have to consult with the doctors here. Guests will still experience scientific wellness treatments at RAKxa, which the doctor will personalise for them during their stay.


3. What kind of experience/ability level are RAKxa’s ‘Authentic Eastern’ programmes tailored for? Are there any fitness or health requirements needed? 


These packages are designed to ease guests gently into their wellness journey. There are no strict medical tests and rules of what you can and can’t do - unless the guests request such a programme. The Authentic Eastern Programme is filled with treatments that work from head to toe to relax and de-stress guests, to focus completely on them and how to make them feel the best version of themselves. No fitness levels are required and guests can be wellness gurus or completely new to health retreats, this holistic approach with our healing experts will help guide each guest on their own personal journey. 


sound bathing at RAKxa Wellness and Medical Retreat


4. Running as exclusively personalised programmes, how do RAKxa incorporate personalisation into their itineraries and how might these be treated differently from person to person? 


Each and every programme at RAKxa is a personalised journey. We tailor every itinerary around the guests current physical and mental state of health to ensure they reach their wellness goals. Whether they are here to lose weight, de-stress, look younger, boost immunity – or all the above. Not one itinerary is the same as the next as the treatments are selected to match the needs of our guests. We may have a couple arrive together on a detox programme – but once the doctors and wellness team have unveiled their needs through our diagnostic consultations, which treatments we use to detox will vary between the two. 


5. What makes RAKxa’s “authentic and traditional experiences” unique compared to other wellness treatments and practices on offer? 

The RAKxa concept is unique in that it is a personalised journey from beginning to end. There are many holistic retreats out there, especially in Thailand, but none compare with our thorough medical and holistic team that come together in unison to create such a hyper-personalised journey. Our team are experts in their field, from MD medical doctors to traditional medicine gurus. Their wealth of knowledge combined sets us apart from the rest - along with the setting in a beautiful enclave of nature, paired with renowned Thai hospitality. 


6. Priding themselves on being immunity boosting programmes, what kind of people/conditions would you recommend ‘Authentic Eastern’ programmes to?

The beauty of RAKxa programmes is that they can be for anyone and everyone. No matter what the ailment or need, whether someone needs post-operative care or just a digital detox for a while, we cater for all. On the RAKxa Authentic Eastern programme, we also have advanced medical treatments that are perfect for rebalancing and immunity boosting such as the Immune Myer IV, Hyperbaric Chamber sessions and blood ozone treatment – all of which we recommend for those who wish to travel, those who are concerned about their level of exposure to others and feel the need to strengthen their immunity to prepare them for the path ahead. 


So, anyone who previously had any queries or doubts regarding these new programmes, we hope this has provided you with some clarity! RAKxa’s new Authentic Eastern programmes pride themselves on providing you with hands-on, personalised treatments which can help people who may be suffering from a particular medical issue or even someone who wishes to educate themselves and experience a traditional, unique approach towards mental and physical well-being. 

Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss booking a wellness holiday at RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat! 

Dusadee Tancharoen, Managing Director of RAKxa Wellness and Medical Resort

Dusadee Tancharoen

Managing Director of RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat


Dusadee Tancharoen is the Founder and Managing Director of RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat, whose job it is to ensure the efficient running of the resort as well as to ensure that all guests receive a thorough, personalised wellness experience throughout their stay.  

Previously working in real eastate, Tancharoen had moved into the medical and leisure industry, with the goal of putting Thailand on the medical wellness map for everyone from any walk of life to indulge in and benefit from.