How to Give Yourself a Mental Makeover and Remap your Mind with Steve McKeown

 How to Give Yourself a Mental Makeover and Remap your Mind with Steve McKeown

Steve McKeown Master of Mind Improvement

Therapist, Psychoanalyst, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Motivational Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, architect of ‘Dichotherapy’ and the ‘F.I.T. Technique’, as well as being an international author, Steve McKeown is a true master of mind-improvement, fully understanding the way humans are conditioned to think. With an unrivalled mental toolkit, he expertly guides both groups and individuals on their own unique journeys to massively-improved ways of thinking, thus helping them to realise enormous positive change in their lives.

What is it about our modern lifestyle that sees so many of us with mental health issues?

We live in a very fast-paced, ever-evolving environment, where we simply aren't aware of what is taking place around us, leading to perception without awareness. This is highly detrimental to our health, both psychologically and physiologically. If we aren't managing our thoughts and feelings, our behaviours become driven by the external world around us and not by our conscious selves. This is a major contributor to mental health symptoms in the 21st century.

How can people learn to manage stress better?

If people spend less time focussing on their past and stop worrying about their future, they can make a large investment in 'now' by taking the time to feel, be less distracted by gadgets and gizmos, communicate, take more responsibility, and manage their thinking, stress levels will rapidly decline.

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How important is mental health for one’s overall well-being?

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and mental health is imperative for physical well-being. Unmanaged thoughts adversely affect our energy and physical health. The connection between our brain and immune system is proven; not managing your thinking and beliefs is detrimental to one’s health and well-being.

What should we be doing to improve our mental health?

We need to start taking responsibility by challenging our limiting belief structures and begin to manage our thoughts and beliefs; our cognition. Nobody ever taught us how to think. Most conventional therapies focus on symptoms and the management of how we cope with these. Personally, I think that’s already too late. It takes a 'thought' to create a 'feeling', and a feeling to create the behaviour, which over time, creates the symptom. It is far more important and effective to focus on preventative measures, rather than the cure.

What’s the motivation behind The Mental Makeover Retreat?

Having spent many years delicately mastering my skills as a therapist and coach at my practice in St Albans, I wanted the challenge of being able to deliver my Mental Makeover programme as a retreat.
I decided to design a retreat with Health and Fitness Travel that is unique and has never been available before; a retreat that will not only be extremely relaxing and fun, but will enable clients to regain control of their cognition, challenge their assumptions and rid them of those limitations that have held them back in their lives.

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How does it differ from traditional psychological therapies?

It’s clear that therapists often deal with the one in four people in today’s society that may have mild or even serious mental health issues - the typical ‘normal’ person I treat in my practice on a daily basis. However, the Mental Makeover programme goes a huge stride further: it is designed to help people like you; those of you who are likely to have a balanced outlook (sometimes not!) and a great life of achievement, but know that you can delve deeper and achieve so much more.

Being away from the distractions and stresses of normal daily life that can sometimes cause restraints, makes a retreat like this the perfect environment for real change.

How does it work?

This unique psychological programme works by combining state-of-the-art tools to improve your personal and professional performance, and achieve your full potential. Clients will be introduced to the F.I.T. Technique, a psychological technique devised by myself, which aims to challenge negative thoughts and processes, in addition to a variety of other psychological techniques, hypnotherapy and meditation.

Why is Macdonald Monchique such a special place for the Mental Makeover Retreat?

Macdonald Monchique Resort and Spa is beautifully secluded amid lush green woodlands and towering mountains in the western Algarve. This ever-sunny destination offers breath-taking panoramic coastal and alpine views away from busy built up tourist areas and is near stunning beaches and the beautiful old village of Monchique. The Mountain of Monchique is the region's favourite mountain for hiking in nature.

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What can I expect on the Mental Makeover Retreat?

This exclusive retreat will include private consultations with myself, in addition to group sessions covering a variety of psychological techniques, NLP and hypnotherapy.

Group sessions will cover topics such as Anxiety and StressCognition and the Inner Voice, and Psychological Effects and Our Immune System, in order to help attendees, understand their psychological issues, and equip them with a toolbox full of skills and techniques to ensure lasting results.

Retreat participants will also have full access to Macdonald Monchique’s luxury spa facilities, delicious organic cuisine and a wide range of holistic therapies and fitness activities, to enjoy in their free time.


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