What is a Retreat?

Whether rejuvenating with a cleansing detox or rebalancing with yoga, going on a retreat is about escaping the strains of everyday life and taking the time to focus on yourself. Offering the opportunity to reflect and learn healthier lifestyle practices, retreats often centre around improving health and fitness. Under the guidance of wellness professionals, retreats aim to heal the part of you that is most in need, whether through reviving spa therapies, fitness sessions or wellness activities. Particularly popular amongst solo travellers, group retreats include a programme of group activities and classes, from beach bootcamp sessions to healthy cooking classes, where singles are able to meet like-minded individuals.
Wellness retreats are an ancient tradition

An ancient tradition

Whilst retreats are an essential remedy to modern living, the act of withdrawing on a retreat to find inner-peace is not a new one. Just like us today, for centuries men and women have shown the need to draw away in search of an improved sense of self. Jesus, for example, retreated to the desert for forty days to prepare himself and renew himself for his journey ahead. Similarly, Native Americans’ journeys to the spirit world were also essentially retreats; which they would embark upon to obtain spiritual healing and inner growth.
wellness retreats offer a break from reality

A break from reality

A retreat is essentially time away from our everyday lives, whether we need a break from work or the children, or are recovering from a break-up or a personal loss. Whatever you need time off from, a retreat offers an escape to regain yourself, regain control of your life, and discover things about yourself you never knew. Whether battling stress or self-doubt over your path in life, by removing yourself from your current situation, a retreat offers you the opportunity to change your outlook and how you deal with your struggles.
retreats are a place to seek comfort

A place to seek comfort

On a retreat, you confront the difficulties that you could no longer face back home, but you will not do it alone. Each retreat is unique and personal to you, with wellness professionals and fitness experts guiding you on your journey. Whether through guided meditation, group yoga classes, stress management consultations or life coaching; you will be given the tools you need to overcome your obstacles.
Retreats offer a variety of pursuits

A variety of pursuits

Banishing the misconception that retreats are purely a place of silence and stillness, many retreats now offer a wider variety of pursuits. From fitness retreats that offer workouts taught by Olympic athletes, to health retreats offering workshops and cooking classes to learn a healthier lifestyle, many retreats are far from quiet.

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