What is the Difference Between a Health Retreat Versus a Wellness Hotel

The term ‘wellness hotel’ is not an entirely new concept, although there is still perhaps some confusion around what it is. More and more hotels these days are calling themselves wellness hotels, as this concept is becoming increasingly popular amongst clients. Generally, a wellness hotel is a luxury hotel that offers wellness facilities, such as a spa or fitness centre. A health retreat, however, offers a purposefully designed programme of therapies and activities, guided by leading health and fitness experts.

Quality vs. Quantity

The main difference between the two is that health retreats are intimate and personalised, focusing on your individual needs and goals. A wellness hotel is there to cater for a greater number, providing as much all-round wellness as possible. Guided by wellness experts, a health retreat aims to help individuals with tailored treatments. At a wellness hotel, the aim is to provide a healthy and happy experience to lots of customers with more generalised treatments.

Luxury accommodation

On a health retreat, the focus is your personal healing and renewal, and the accommodation will mirror that. Offering the most healing experience possible, a health retreat may see you retreating to your own secluded private villa, whilst a wellness hotel will typically confine you to a luxurious, but encompassed hotel room.

Healthy cuisine & personalised nutrition

On a health retreat, a personalised diet will be tailored to your personal goals and body’s needs, following professional consultations and evaluations. Ensuring that you are achieving the best result for your body, individual diet plans will vary, depending on your weight, stress-levels, emotional stability and so on. A wellness hotel will have multiple restaurants that serve a choice of meals from set dining menus, with small changes being made only for specific dietary requirements.

Professional wellness guidance

Whilst a wellness retreat offers the continued presence and guidance of wellness experts through a focused programme, a wellness hotel leaves you largely to your own devices and preferences. A much harder course to take if you are looking to achieve a particular health goal; whilst wellness hotel employees will of course help you where they can, the experience does not offer the same consistent guidance of a health retreat.
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