10 Ways to Stay Healthy on Holiday

Leaving behind the era of guilt inducing fly-and-flop holidays, more of us are now adopting the view that taking time off for your holiday shouldn't have to mean taking time off from your healthy lifestyle and throwing away months of hard work at the gym on one gluttonous getaway. With one in three people wanting to ‘tone up’ on holiday and nearly one quarter looking to lose weight , Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in healthy holidays worldwide, make this mission easier as they share their 10 ways to stay healthy on holiday. Swapping tanning for training, return home happier and healthier, with benefits that will long out last your holiday tan.


1. Travel healthy


Give yourself the best start and arrive at your destination in peak condition by travelling healthy. Being confined to the cramped conditions and recirculated air of an aeroplane can have a detrimental effect on our bodies and immune system. Swap boozy beverages for water to stay hydrated and keep your circulation flowing with some simple yoga stretches.


2. Be workout wear prepared


Be workout wear prepared


It may seem obvious, but this is rule number one, so that you can’t use the fact that you don’t have your trainers as an excuse not to exercise. If suitcase space is an issue, just pack a couple of workout wear options made of lightweight breathable materials that can cope with the heat and can be easily hand washed for re-wear during your trip.


3. Active exploration


Adventure beyond the hotel pool and explore your new surroundings whilst giving a healthy boost to your fitness. Whether you’d rather take in the sites on a leisurely jog or go the distance on a bike ride, ask the concierge for the most picturesque route and discover the beautiful scenery whilst upping your heart rate.


4. Swim for success


Swim for success


A full body workout and great cardiovascular exercise, swimming is a refreshing way to keep active whilst staying cool and is full of health benefits, from muscle toning to reducing stress. Raise the pace from your leisurely bobbing sessions and get your heart pumping by fitting in a few swift lengths in the pool or ocean before breakfast when there are less people around.


5. Catch up on sleep


Constantly trying to shake the feeling of being over tired? Holidays are an important time to catch up on lost sleep and allow our bodies time to recover and recharge. Keep in mind that in hot conditions, sleep may be disrupted whilst your body adjusts to the new climate, so avoid the temptation to stay up late every night of your holiday.


6. Eat the right diet for the right holiday


Eat the right diet for the right holiday


When leaving behind your usual routine, think about fuelling your body with the right nutrition for your trip and not just reverting to the holiday mind-set of overindulgence. If you’re going on a multi activity holiday you’ll need a diet of slow energy releasing carbohydrates to keep up your strength, if you’re relaxing on a spa break, watch your portion sizes and swap foods high in sugar and fat for more fresh fruit and vegetables.


7. Get some Vitamin D


The Vitamin D we get from sunlight allows us to absorb the calcium and phosphate that makes our bones healthy and boosts our immune system. Outside of the peak hours of 11am to 3pm, when the sun is at its hottest, spend 15 minutes a day without sunscreen to get your daily dose of Vitamin D.


8. Use nature as your gym


Use Nature as Your Gym


Make the most of your natural surroundings and embrace the opportunity to get out of the gym and back to nature. Add some resistance to your running on a sandy beach, use the jungle as your own jungle gym or take your workouts to the water with surfing or paddle board yoga and discover muscles you didn’t even know you had.


9. Cool down


If you’re exercising in hot conditions, your body’s core temperature will be elevated. In order to recover effectively from a workout in the heat, bringing your core temperature down is a priority and will help to lessen muscle fatigue. Reducing your core temperature can also help you to recover from the mental fatigue of a session sooner.


10. Make day-to-day changes

Make day-to-day changes


Health and fitness is a lifestyle and should be a part of your daily practice no matter where you are in the world. Make small daily changes on your holiday, from taking the stairs rather than the elevator, to swapping an afternoon at the bar for a game of tennis or golf, and reap the rewards when these changes transition to your daily life back at home.

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