Why Should You Choose an Internship

Choose an internship and improve your employability and skill set as you get one step closer towards your dream job. Equally as beneficial to businesses as graduates, internships are no longer associated with horror stories of being chained to the filing cabinet, but viewed as a hugely valuable resource. With opportunities to network and training to a professional standard, your time as an intern would equip you with all the tools you need to succeed. Benefit from working alongside colleagues with a wealth of experience in your chosen career and expand your skill set working on tasks only available through real life projects. Don’t be concerned if you are only able to commit to a few months, with internships available for varying lengths of time, you are sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Mutually Beneficial

No longer destined for endless photocopying and tea making duties, interns are now viewed as an increasingly valuable commodity within businesses. With typical internships ranging from three to twelve months, interns are now receiving training which will allow them to participate in real work projects, often alleviating the workloads of others. As internships are often unpaid, it is to the company’s advantage to provide interns with as much training as possible, to complete a wide variety of tasks. The business benefits as it means more work can be completed, while interns benefit from a CV full of priceless experience and skills.

Flexible durations

One of the most advantageous elements of internships are their flexibility, with durations spanning from a few months, to extending for up to a year. Ideal for those still at university or trying to gain experience in between jobs, you can choose which ones are most suitable to your circumstances and still gain experience. Shorter internships are perfect for providing the opportunity to complete several different ones should you need help deciding which path to take. On the other hand, year-long positions are equally as useful for providing in-depth training and invaluable professional experience.

Networking opportunities

In today’s busy world of social media, blogging and online communication, it has never been more important to get yourself known within your field. While working with a company or business you will meet, or work alongside, important and influential members in your field of interest. As an intern you have the opportunity to make yourself, your skills and interests, known to those who may be interested in them. You might be invited to attend an industry event, which provides the perfect opportunity to network and make connections to move forward on your chosen path.

Improve your Employability

With many companies now hiring internally, completing an internship with a company improves your chances for consideration, should any vacancies arise in your department. It provides you with an understanding of the ethos and aims of the company, as well as how it functions, which will make you a very attractive candidate when hiring. Time spent as an intern also shows you have passion and drive for your chosen career path; attributes which are highly prized by companies. The skills gained while working in a professional environment will provide you with a foundation of experience that cannot be gained from a classroom and will considerably improve your CV.
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